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Vegan/Vegeterian Diet – Benefits, Routine & Guide

vegan Diet

Recent Findings reveals that Strict Diet Plan is no more a most proven way to lose weight. Continuous Strict Diet Plan imbalances body energy. Jump into the world of Vegetarian Diet. It maintains the equilibrium between Energy and BMI.

What is Vegetarian/Vegan Diet?

Vegan dieters basically consume honey, milk and plant-derived food. But Vegetarian Dieters Only eat plant-derived food in their meal. They don’t consume any animal products like meat, eggs, and not even honey or milk. This is the basic difference between Vegan Diet and Vegetarian Diet.

Recent Studies by researchers reveals that those individuals who consume Vegan/Vegetarian diet consume a low amount of fat and maintains their BMI effortlessly. This is the reason people prefer Vegan Diet For Weight Loss to maintain the ideal weight.

Do you believe non-veg is a source of heavy protein?

Don’t get trapped and follow the myth that Non-Veg like Chicken, Fish or Egg contains essential nutrients that are required for the body.

Veg Diet includes all required proteins and calories that are needed to keep you healthy. Non-Veg Diet generates more calories in the body than required. As we know, our body needs a limit amount of calories and rest unused calories get deposited as a fat, resulting in obesity.

Advantage of Vegetarian Diet

  • Generates required amount of calories only and maintains ideal BMI
  • Maintains Normal BP
  • Helps in Digestion
  • Keep You Fresh & Energetic
  • Lowers Down Cholesterol Level

So, do you think it is really working for you?

Well, just go for it with simple steps

Following a Vegan/Vegetarian diet for weight loss may be hard for those who are hardcore non-vegetarian, but you will definitely enjoy it if you will try it. Although Vegetarian diet is a 1 to 3 months diet plans. But it’s better to start for one week in the beginning. The early effects on your body can be observed in the first week of vegan diet plan.

Foods To Include In Vegan/Vegetarian Diet


#1. Nuts & Seeds: It appears to be fatty food, but it contains vital body fat that is essential for the energy. It includes required fiber, proteins, and minerals for the body. Seeds like Walnuts, Sunflower Seeds, Flaxseeds, Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, and Sesame Seeds reduce cholesterol and keep your heart healthy. It also strengthens your bones and brain functionalities.

#2. Dark Green Leafy Vegetables:  Dark Green Vegetables are the rich source of vitamins, nutrition, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and proteins. It cuts down the extra fat of your body.

#3. Beans & Soya Products:  Beans & Soya product contains much amount of protein and other nutrition. Include Kidney Beans, Baked Beans Soya Beans etc. in your daily food regimen to maintain body energy.

#4. Fruits: How can we ignore fruits In vegetarian meal?  They are the essential part of a veg meal. These are the rich source of fibers and also contain minerals and vitamins. It helps in digestion and increases body energy level and keeps you refreshed.

#5. Cereals & Grains: It Include Semolina, Wheat Bread, Muesli, Brown Rice, Oats in your diet. These are the rich source of iron and zinc that increases body energy.

Vegan/Vegetarian Diet Plan – Charts & Routine

A Vegan/Vegetarian diet is essential to be followed strictly. Go through the routine, stated below.

#In The Morning:  Start your morning with a glass of Luke warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey. It helps you to get rid of harmful toxins and also suppress your appetite.

#Morning Snacks: Eat a handful of Walnuts or Almonds as morning snacks. Also, take Tea/Black Coffee/ or a glass of juice. This helps in suppressing your appetite and keeps your refreshed.

#Breakfast: Include Wheat Bran/Corn/Oats/Cornflakes, Brown Bread or fruit salads and sprouts in breakfast. You can take also Vegetables/Poha/Idlis/Upma/ with fruits.

#Lunch: Say No To Oil. Take chapattis without ghee or oil with Salads, Vegetable, Curry, Pulse, and Curd in Lunch. Brown rice without starch is also a better choice to go for.

#Evening Snack: Eat fruits like Cucumber/Apple/Sprouts/Carrot/Nuts. You can take some biscuits along with it.

#Dinner: Eat chapattis with no oil and if you prefer rice then go for brown rice. Always remember the quantity of dinner must be less than the quantity of lunch.

#Before Going To Bed:  You can take an apple at night or any other fruit before going to bed.

[Note: The difference between is just; vegan dieters as in vegetarian diet routine milk is avoided.]

vegetarian diet

The major difference between Vegan and Vegetarian diet is that vegan dieters need to take one glass of warm skimmed milk in a day or before going to bed.

Now the most important tip: Take at least 4 to 6 liters of water daily. It is essential in vegan/vegetarian diet for weight loss plan.

Some Important Points To Ponder:

If you really want to remain healthy with the Vegan/Vegetarian Diet, You must go with the Tips Stated Below:

  • Never starve
  • Avoid eating too much at a time,
  • Take light meal after regular time interval
  • Walk and Exercise For At least 30 minutes Daily
  • Drink Adequate Amount of Water & Stay Hydrated
  • Never Skip Meals
  • Keep a distance From Junk Foods & Bakery Products

Follow above mentioned vegan diet weight loss tips and stay healthy.

Vegan Diet for Weight Loss in Practice:  Individuals who are free they can strictly follow this weight loss plan but those who don’t get enough time from their busy schedule are unable to follow this strict weight loss plan.

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Yet, you are wasting your time in thinking. Don’t lose time just lose weight.

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