Top 10 Practical Ways to Lose Weight This Summer! Try right now!

Top 10 Practical Ways to Lose Weight This Summer! Try right now!

Want To Get Beach Ready? We’ve Got Some No-Fail Tips for You to Tone Up!

Try Before You Hit the Beach!

The summer is around the corner, right? The time is now to get yourself ready for the beach to enjoy nice warm weather. But after the over-indulgent winter it’s no surprise that ‘to lose weight’ is one of the most common resolutions.

Most peoples tackle the goal with a new gym membership and some starve themselves on a wacky fad diets. It seems simple enough, but it’s a largely useless proposition without a plan.

Fear not!

One of Australia’s leading dietitians, Susie Burrell, has some easy diet tips to help you get a great body shape in just few weeks. With these quick ‘strip back’ keep herself healthy. and tricks, it can be easy for anyone to shed pounds this summer.

 “The secret of getting ahead is getting started“- said Mark twain

So here we go with…

Quick and Easy Summer Weight Loss Tips

  1. Drink Much More Water as the Temperature Rises
  2. Eat Less as Heat Suppresses Your Appetite
  3. Keep an Eye on Calories & Choose Your Carbs with Care
  4. Junk the Juice
  5. Stick With Soup and Salads
  6. Finish Each Meal with a Green Tea
  7. Start your Weight Loss Kick with a Mini Detox
  8. Schedule your Fat-Burning Summer Workouts
  9. Change your coffee order
  10. Don’t skimp on sleep

Now lets take a closer look!

Simple yet Powerful Summer Weight Loss Tips Can Make Awesome Changes in your Body


Tip#1: Drink Much More Water as the Temperature Rises

Numerous studies have shown the importance of water when it comes to losing weight. Summer necessitates drinking more water, especially before every meal. This leads to lower food consumption and a feeling of satiety in your body.

Not only weight loss, drinking moderate amount of water in summer carries several other health benefits too.

Here are some of them:

  • Combats dehydration
  • Improves mental health
  • Deals digestive problems
  • Makes heart healthy[/one_second]
  • Imparts beauty
  • Imparts energy in body
  • Cures cramps and sprains
  • Protects against various diseases[/one_second]

Your level of activity is one of the biggest factor indicating the amount of water you should drink each day. It is advisable to drink to 12-15 glasses of fluids including water, tea, buttermilk, soup, etc.

Drink Much More Water as the Temperature Rises


Tip#2: Eat Less as Heat Suppresses Your Appetite

Yes! Scientist believe that the heat tames your insatiable appetite. People don’t have appetite for a largely heavy meals, especially after running errands in the heat!

A recent study reported that the people who worked out in a hot environment ate lesser than those who exercised in a cooler one. So don’t end up eating heavy meals instead have some lollies and ice-creams.

Here are top 10 foods to eat in summer:

  • Yogurt
  • Celery and Fennel
  • Cantaloupe and Honey Dew
  • Blackberries and Raspberries
  • Apples, Figs, and Pears[/one_second]
  • Salads with Dark, Leafy Greens
  • Strawberries and Blueberries
  • Nuts
  • Avocados
  • Salmon[/one_second]

Summer weight loss tips-Eat Less as Heat Suppresses Your Appetite


Tip#3: Keep an Eye on Calories & Choose Your Carbs with Care

Say good bye to smoothies, sweetened teas, sweetened specialty coffee drinks and sodas which add nothing calories. Prefer to have highly refined carbohydrates such as jumbo oats, brown basmati rice, and stone-ground whole meal bread.

This will spike your blood sugar level and encourage pancreas to produce insulin which facilitates the accumulation of fat.

Here are 5 reasons to eat low-carb diet in summer:

  • You need them for energy
  • It Can Keep You from Overindulging
  • It Stabilize Your Hormones and Keep Your Metabolism Humming
  • It’ll Help You Stay Hydrated
  • They’re Important for Muscle Recovery

Summer weight loss tips-Keep an Eye on Calories & Choose Your Carbs with Care


Tip#4: Junk the Juice

Hydrating your body in summer is extremely important! Quench your thirst with healthy summer drinks. Fruit juice works great in hydrating your body and makes your drink tastier and healthier.

It is a high-nutrient version of its source and is rich in antioxidants, glucose, magnesium, calcium and potassium in addition with various health boosting benefits. So don’t forget to take juice, if you want to enjoy the summer.

Here are 5 health-boosting benefits of drinking juice in summer:

  • Helps with High blood pressure
  • Helps in reducing Cholesterol levels
  • Helps to cure Throat Infections
  • Helps to gain a healthy skin
  • Helps to maintain healthy teeth

Summer weight loss tips-junk with juice


Tip#5: Stick With Soup and Salads

Taking soup before the meal, you can lower your overall calorie intake by up to 20% compared to a meal without soup.

According to research from Penn State University, Soup, is a great appetite suppressant as it consists of a hunger-busting combination of liquids and solids.

Alternatively, swap your daily lunchtime sandwich with quick green salads… this will lower your calorie intake. There are plenty of salads that can help you slim down this summer. Some of them are wild rice salad, grilled lamb salad, hearty detox salad, etc.

Summer weight loss tips-Stick With Soup and Salads


Tip#6: Finish Each Meal with a Green Tea

Do not sit down or take strenuous exercise immediately after you finish your meal. Prefer to have Green Tea as it contains powerful polyphenols and caffeine in it which actually works to cut belly fat in every little bit counts.

It is quite beneficial to drink green tea after 30 – 45 minutes of finishing your meal. Dr. OZ has well explained Green Tea top features and its amazing weight loss aids in his TV show.

What Dr.Oz says about Green Tea?

He points out that this tea is rich in antioxidants, that it contains important nutrients, that it has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-ageing abilities and so much more…

Here are 10 Proven Health Benefits of Green Tea:

  • Prevents Cancer
  • Promotes Better Brain Health
  • Keeps a Check on Diabetes
  • Improves Cardiovascular Health
  • Manages Stress, Anxiety & Depression[/one_second]
  • Burns Fat & lose Weight
  • Enhances Energy and Endurance
  • Maintains Good Oral Hygiene
  • Boost Immune System
  • Gets Glowing Skin[/one_second]

Summer weight loss tips-Finish Each Meal with a Green Tea


Tip#7: Start your Weight Loss Kick with a Mini Detox

Due to the polluted environment, we consume a lot of toxins through air, food and water every day. The toxins get deposited in our body with increasing amount of pesticides, additives, chemicals and preservatives in foods and drink.

Excess toxins are one of the common reasons for rapid weight gain, therefore a seasonal detox is effective in removal of toxins from your body. Try eating fruits with high in liquid-content as they helps the body wash out toxins.

Foods To Avoid while following Detox Diet Plan:

  • Avoid consuming high-fat content foods like cheese, cream, butter, margarine and high calorific value-added foods like milk and eggs
  • Avoid taking foods that contain wheat like biscuit, bread, cakes, pies, cereal etc.
  • Don’t eat chocolates, jam, sugar, sweets and snacks
  • Stop taking alcohol and soft drinks
  • Don’t consume pickles

Summer weight loss tips-Start your Weight Loss Kick with a Mini Detox


Tip#8: Schedule your Fat-Burning Summer Workouts

A beautiful sunny day is the ultimate motivation to go outside and play, but the exercise and summer heat can be a risky combination.

Summer workout such as beach volleyball, stand up paddle surfing and kayaking will keep you cool and fit. In fact, you’ll burn around 208 calories an hour as you balance your way to flat abs.

Summer weight loss tips-Schedule your Fat-Burning Summer Workouts


Tip#9: Change your Coffee order

While coffee itself is no bad thing, it is the sugar which often add to a calorie trap. Now don’t just think of fancy iced coffee! Swap your usual latte for black coffee, green tea and herb tea for next six months.

Yes! This is the coolest perks of summertime and actually works to cut extra carvings. It can also boost your physical performance and the anti-oxidants contained prepares your body in fighting germs and infections.

Summer weight loss tips-Change your Coffee order


Tip#10: Don’t skimp on sleep

Sleep plays an important role in your physical and mental health. When you don’t sleep enough, your cortisol levels rises and the stress hormone ultimately results in fat gain.

Not only this, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Prolong sleep deficiency is associated to an increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Summer weight loss tips-Don’t skimp on sleep

Your desire to lose weight before an upcoming vacation often becomes a last-minute sprint to the finish line. So don’t think more, lighten up your diet this summer with these refreshing tips and tricks. Because small changes often make big impact!


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