TestoGen vs Hunter Test

Hunter Test vs TestoGen – Comparative Review of Best T-Boosters

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TestoGen vs Hunter Test – the clash of two testosterone supplements with a major league in the T-Boosting industry.

Which one you should be investing in? 

Here, in this blog, we’ll differentiate and put these T-Boosters against each other to find out which one is the best.

TestoGen, being a long-standing supplement, has garnered the trust of a number of men from different countries.  On the other hand, we have Hunter Test Premium Testosterone Booster that’s relatively new but is creating a buzz nonetheless.

Furthermore, both TestoGen and Hunter Test have proven to work for men with hypogonadism (testosterone deficiency) within 2-3 months’ time. 

Naturally, it becomes tough to decide between them. 

So, TestoGen vs Hunter Test presents a battle that’s between two of the best-rated T-Boosters. To find which one will be the best choice for you, we’ll be going through an in-depth comparative analysis.  

But before we kick start the comparison, let’s have a look at a short review of the two T-Boosters to see where they stand individually. 


TestoGen vs Hunter Test Booster Reviews – A Short Summary

Well, both these supplements do offer more or less the same benefits when it comes to men’s health. That’s actually the source of confusion in choosing between the two.

But here’s the catch… 

On close examination, there are certain factors that put these two in separate leagues. 

So, in order to understand what both of these testosterone supplements offer, let’s first get a short summary of the two.

TestoGen – The T-Booster for Mind and Body Wellness

TestoGen promises overall health and fitness benefits through testosterone boosting. As per our research, the supplement has a more holistic approach and uses components directly from nature. 

Further, its blend is based on the current scientific literature eliminating commonly used ineffective ingredients you may find in T-Boosters. 


TestoGen Reviews bring forth some amazing testimonials from men of all age groups. And that’s what we really like about TestoGen that it can literally be used by younger as well as older men and still be able to produce the same effective results. 


  • Uses all-natural proven ingredients, such as D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), Magnesium, Zinc, and Vitamin D3
  • Makes use of notable ancient herbs with medicinal properties, for instance, fenugreek and nettle leaf extract
  • An updated formula with more absorbable composition to enhance the assimilation of nutrients
  • Increases stamina and muscle mass while alleviating the tiredness and fatigue of long workout sessions
  • Enhances mental focus and concentration for tedious tasks and banish irritability

Well, doesn’t TestoGen seem like the perfect testosterone boosting solution you could hope for?

That’s especially considering the range of fake products currently in the market. 

Well, before getting your hopes up, it would be prudent to have a look at both sides of the coin. So, here’s a description of Hunter Test. 



Hunter Test – The Premium Testosterone Boosting Solution for Men 

What do you think the notion “premium” signifies here?

Well, it certainly means the T-Booster has got something special that none of the other T-Boosters have, right?

Hunter Test

In spite of being the newer product in the comparison of Hunter Test vs TestoGen, Hunter Test does have the makings of reaching the top of the ladder in the T-Boosting industry. 

And here’s why we say that…

So far, in our research of the best testosterone boosters, we haven’t found a cleaner and potent combination of ingredients. 

Hunter Test encompasses some aspects that make it stand out from the rest of its competition. 

Its formula may be limited in the use of ingredients but the formulation is more than enough to trigger the body into an anabolic state. 


  • The predominant focus of the composition is to amplify muscle mass, energy, and performance
  • Is advertised as a premium solution as the formula is designed for a long-lasting lifestyle change 
  • Uses ingredients in pretty high doses that are more than any of its competitors in the market
  • The supplement is driven towards men with a busier lifestyle looking for a cutting-edge booster for guaranteed results 
  • One of the cleanest T-Booster devoid of artificial colors, flavors, GMOs, gluten, and soy



So, Hunter Test does give a tough fight to TestoGen!

And not to mention, TestoGen vs Hunter Test can pretty much signify the battle of a household name vs a new attractive option. 

So, here’s what we’ll do for an unbiased comparison. 

We’ll judge these T-Boosters based on their compositions, how they work, and what the actual users are saying. 

To begin with, let’s get started with the Hunter Test vs TestoGen Ingredients comparison.


TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Where Does the Formulation Stand?

The ingredients used in a testosterone booster are of utmost importance. Well, what separates a good T-Booster from a hyped one is the overall make-up and the evidence backing it up. 

So, what’s a common thread in Hunter Test vs TestoGen when it comes to formulation?

No proprietary blends!

A products’ quality speaks for itself when the makers are completely transparent about its formulation. 

So to speak, you can examine each and every ingredient used in the supplement right on the bottle. 

Fortunately, TestoGen and Hunter Test have got this sorted out. 

Here is what we know about the ingredients in terms of similarities and differences. 

What Do TestoGen and Hunter Test Share in Common?

There are some ingredients you’ll commonly find in T-Boosters for men. The dosage may be different but they are present in some form or the other. 

When it comes to comparing Hunter Test vs TestoGen, the same applies and we can find the following used in the formula. 


#1. D-Aspartic Acid 

Clinically proven amino acid regulator stimulating the production of testosterone boosting hormones 


Hunter Test
2352 mg

3000 mg


#2. Magnesium

Boosts endurance and sleep quality for testosterone production


Hunter Test

200 mg

200 mg


#3. Vitamin D3

Lifts free testosterone levels in the bloodstream and prevents conversion of the male hormone into estrogen


Hunter Test
50 mcg

5000IU (125 mcg)


#4. Zinc

Responsible for healthy testosterone regulation, male fertility, and other important bodily functions


Hunter Test
10 mg

30 mg


#5. Boron

Significant increase in free testosterone while decreasing the concentration of the female hormone, estrogen


Hunter Test
8 mg

10 mg


#6. Asian Ginseng

Rich source of ginsenosides responsible for boosting testosterone. Plus, it prevents fatigue and enhances sleep quality


Hunter Test
40 mg

300 mg

Furthermore, all these ingredients have clinical data backing their effectiveness. So, you’re not getting a bunch of nonsensical ingredients just thrown in together.  Rather, the formulation has proven to work for men and the herbs have been in use for centuries. 

As evident, Hunter Test packs a more powerful punch of all these ingredients with a higher dose. 

So, while on the surface, the formulation seems similar, there can be a lot of difference in efficiency. 

As Hunter Test carries more amounts of all these compounds, it’s safe to say it may show results more rapidly. 

Though, we cannot say this for certain until we examine the differences in Hunter Test vs TestoGen composition as well. 

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TestoGen vs Hunter Test – The Unique Ingredients 

TestoGen and Hunter Test do differ when it comes to some ingredients. These differences set the tone for a whole range of benefits that are only available on using either of the T-Boosters.

Let’s just jump right in to find out how these ingredients give an edge to the T-Boosters. 

TestoGen Ingredients – What Separates It from Hunter Test?

TestoGen ingredients

TestoGen has a total of 11 potent minerals and vitamins including some strong herbs. Furthermore, the Ingredients in TestoGen are carefully sourced and used optimally to produce outstanding results. 

Here are the ingredients present in TestoGen but not in Hunter Test:

#1. Nettle leaf extract (40 mg)– The role of this herb is indirect in helping to increase the levels of testosterone in the bloodstream. Nettle leaf binds to SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). Thus, leaving the testosterone free to circulate in your body through the bloodstream.

#2. Fenugreek extract (40 mg)Fenugreek seeds have long been regarded as a safe way to boost stamina, strength, and vitality. Thus, its use in TestoGen makes sense. Plus, its antioxidant properties also inhibit the effect of free radicals for better testosterone health. 

#3. Vitamin K1 (20 mcg) – Vitamin K1 supports the absorption of Vitamin D that’s already present in the formula. Thus, increasing the effectiveness of the composition. 

#4. Vitamin B6 (20 mcg) – The nutrient helps boost up energy and banish the sluggishness you may feel due to lack of testosterone. Further, it also maintains testosterone levels and keeps estrogen under control. 

#5. Bioperine (5mg) – The main role of Bioperine in the TestoGen formula is to increase the bioavailability of all the other ingredients. Thus, warranting better absorption and faster results. 

Considering the high effectiveness of these ingredients, we can really say that Testogen does work. 

Perhaps the biggest factor is the inclusion of Bioperine that helps in nutrient absorption and can be responsible for quick results. 

Now, let’s see what you get with Hunter Test in the TestoGen vs Hunter Test ingredients comparison. 


Learn More About TestoGen Potent Ingredients 


Hunter Test Ingredients  – The Exclusive Constituents Separating It from TestoGen

Hunter Test Ingredients

Well, Hunter Test applies a simpler approach and limits the number of ingredients to just 9 in total. 

Out of these nine components, we only find vitamins and herbs. There is no use of any allergens making the formula apt for men prone to sensitivities. 

Here are the three main research-backed ingredients Hunter Test has:

#1. Vitamin K2 (150 mcg) – Vitamin K2 has a supporting role in the formula of Hunter Test in that it helps Vitamin D3 to flow more freely around the body. 

#2. Ashwagandha (300 mg) – Well, this herb truly has a multi-dimensional role in men’s health. Apart from boosting testosterone, the herb also helps to increase athletic performance. Thus, helping to enhance gym sessions that are crucial in the maintenance of good testosterone levels. 

#3. Indole-3-Carbinol (200 mg)  – The dietary compound helps control the production of estrogen and limits its effects on mascuine traits. This naturally means your body will be in a better position to produce more testosterone. 

Out of these three, the rarest and reliable ingredient when it comes to T-Boosting is ashwagandha. 

So, it’s a good thing that Hunter Test has included this herb at such a high dosage. 


Find Out More About How Hunter Test Ingredients Work


Hunter Test vs TestoGen – Which One Has Got the Best Formulation?

Each of these T-Boosters has something unique to offer that the other one misses out on. 

In the case of TestoGen, it’s Bioperine that catches our attention as it increases the efficacy of the entire formula. 

Better absorption of nutrients, whichever dose it may be present in, can lead to better results over time with regular use.

On the other hand, Hunter Test has ashwagandha that we rarely find among T-Boosting ingredients. But it’s proven to work according to scientific literature. 

Plus, the dosage of each of the Hunter Test Ingredients is much more than what TestoGen uses. 

So, we are awarding this round to Hunter Test because of:

  • Highly dosed ingredients
  • Use of ashwagandha along with T-Boosting minerals 

Well, now let’s check out how these boosters work to produce results to understand which one is more reliable in TestoGen vs Hunter Test. 

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TestoGen vs Hunter Test – How These T-Boosters Work?

When it comes to a testosterone booster, it’s really important to consider the working mechanism before choosing to buy one. 

That’s because all the T-Boosters work in different ways to produce results. Needless to say, you need to choose the one that suits your goals. 

So, in this section, we take a thorough look into what TestoGen and Hunter Test offer and how they work. 

How Does TestoGen Work?

TestoGen simply packs the power to offer a better physique as well as a sharper mind. 

In fact, TestoGen Real Reviews note the supplement to be highly effective for aged men in restoring their energy levels and muscle mass. 

how does testogen work

Precisely, here is what you can expect from TestoGen:

#1. More Stamina and Better Performance 

TestoGen naturally perks up the energy and performance of men inside and outside the gym. As a result, men feel more energized and ready to take on the day without feeling the rush of tiredness. 

#2. Less Irritability and Mood Swings 

With better testosterone levels comes all the benefits associated with it. And one of the most common one is feeling a better sense of well-being all day. This keeps men positive and active and reduces the release of stress hormones.

#3. More Lean Muscle Gain

TestoGen drives your body into an anabolic state. In fact, many TestoGen Results have proved there are men who actually get better muscle tone and get ripped after using the pills. 

#4. Weight Loss Benefits 

One of the most impressive TestoGen Benefits is the loss of body fat. Yes, it’s not a fat burner but it still helps alleviate your worries around belly fat gain and body weight. 

Well, with these four functions, TestoGen helps men feel more active and energetic. Moving on, here is a detailed look into how Hunter Test works. 


Get Sharper, Stronger, and Bigger Muscle Size 


How Does Hunter Test Work?

Contrary to TestoGen, Hunter Test has based its effectiveness on the potency of the dosage and serving size. 

When comparing TestoGen vs Hunter Test Reviews, Hunter Test has its own properties making it stand out. 

hunter test benefits

Here is everything you need to understand about Hunter Test working mechanism:

#1. Enhanced Fitness Level 

As Hunter Test premium ingredients work at boosting up testosterone production, your body gets into a state where it has more fuel to workout and be more active.

#2. Faster Muscle Recovery

Hunter Test ingredients also work at helping your muscle recuperate from long tiring workout sessions. This means you’ll be able to stack on lean mass pretty easily. 

#3. Better Pumps in Workouts

Hunter Test formula is primarily focused on enhancing energy and physical endurance. This translates to more productive workouts and more pumps also mean more muscle gain. 

#4. Prevents Overproduction of Estrogen

Hunter Test has specific compounds to block the production of the female hormone, estrogen. 

According to Hunter Test Reviews, men begin having more testosterone in their blood reports. Well, putting a tight cap on estrogen release could be a major reason behind that. 

So, these are the ways through which Hunter Test promises amazing benefits for masculinity and male health.

But is there anything that only Hunter Test offers and TestoGen fails to offer?


Both are equally result-oriented T-Boosters.


Accelerate Muscle Growth and Power Up Your Workouts 


Hunter Test vs TestoGen – Which One Holds the Most Testosterone Boosting Powers?

Probably both!

That’s because TestoGen and Hunter Test may have somewhat different compositions but the benefits are more or less the same. And they both primarily offer all these advantages by boosting testosterone.

So, the deciding factor will probably be the serving size which we will be discussing in the later parts of the blog. 

For now, in terms of a sound working mechanism, both TestoGen and Hunter Test are weighted equally. 

So, now that we have found out how Testogen and Hunter Test works, it’s time to find out what the users experienced. 

In the next section, we’ll have a look at TestoGen and Hunter Test Results.

Let’s check out the actual results right from the real users.


TestoGen Before and After Results 

Well, TestoGen results are positive if we consider the reviews from men experiencing low energy and stamina.

Let’s have a look at TestoGen before and after pics to judge what physical changes users have witnessed.

TestoGen Before and After Pictures 



Well, from the above images, the most common changes users witness has to be fat loss and enhancement in muscle mass. 

On surveying these users, there were no cases of Negative Side Effects of TestoGen and all of them tolerated the formula pretty well. 

And here’s what these users say after using the T-supplement.

TestoGen Customer Reviews 

Name: Nolan

Result: Gained 7lbs of muscle tissue 

I started using TestoGen in the hopes of gaining some muscle mass. I’ve previously used other T-Boosters but none were able to offer results. But after starting to use TestoGen, I started experiencing more strength, lost fat and gained a bit more muscle which I was originally aiming for.

Name: Mohammed 

Result: Lost weight and gained energy

After having to work day in and day out, I began gaining a few inches around the belly and was mostly tired all the time. TestoGen really helped to lose that extra weight and gain back the confidence I used to have.

So, this TestoGen Before and After Results clearly show The T-Booster delivers what it promises. And the absence of any major side effects is another positive aspect. 

Moving on, we should also take a good look at what Hunter Test users experience for an unbiased comparison of TestoGen vs Hunter Test Results.

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Hunter Test Before and After Results 

Because of Hunter Test Booster being a newer supplement, there aren’t that many reviews.

Though, the users who did try Hunter Test commend the supplement for its performance-enhancing powers. 

Most of the men using the pills comment that the T-Booster helps them keep the energy levels for workouts. 

Plus, after using Hunter Test, they also seem to have fast recovery and have bumped up the no. of gym sessions per week. 

Here are some before and after pics showing the major Hunter Test Benefits.

Hunter Test Before and After Pictures 

Óscar Segovia hunter test testimonial

Oliver Burgess Hunter Test Testimonial

Hunter Test Customer Reviews 

Name: Óscar Segovia

Result: Cut 5 kilos weight and gained clean muscle mass

I wanted to use Hunter Test to increase testosterone in a safe and natural way. And I achieved much more than that. I cut body fat and appear much more shredded than ever before. People ask me what I’ve been doing. Well, something I didn’t expect was the boost in workouts. My bench press has gone from 115 to 130 kilos.

Name: Oliver Burgess

Result: More energy and improved training sessions

I’ve used up about 1 bottle of Hunter Test and the results have truly been amazing. I gained energy and that helped a lot inside the gym. I highly recommend this product to men over 30 looking to power up their workouts. Plus, it’s made of 100% natural ingredients and is completely safe to use.

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TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Which One Offers the Most Potent Results?

Well, we would certainly recommend choosing the one that meets your long-term fitness goals. 

Additionally, one other factor that always factors in is the pricing of these supplements. Most men want a solution that is as much result oriented as it is cost-effective. 

So, let’s see which one offers you the most value for your money in Hunter Test vs TestoGen comparison. 


TestoGen vs Hunter Test Price and Value 

It’s imperative to evaluate how much value buying a supplement brings to you. In the case of Hunter Test vs TestoGen, there is a fairly wider gap in pricing. 

So, it’s important you pick the one that fulfills your purpose and doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket at the same time. 

Let’s see which T-Booster is the most cost-effective in TestoGen vs Hunter Test.

Where to Buy TestoGen and Pricing

TestoGen is available to buy from its official website.

And the package options are available in three variants. So, you can order the one that meets your requirements. 

You get the following advantages of buying TestoGen:

  • Free worldwide shipping
  • 100 days money-back guarantee on more than 1 month supply
  • Multi-buy savings 

TestoGen Price and Package 

TestoGen One Month Supply


120 capsules
Retail: $69.99

Savings: $10.00

Fast & Free Shipping



TestoGen 3 Months Supply


360 capsules
Retail: $209.97

Savings: $89.98

Fast & Free Shipping



TestoGen 5 Months Supply


600 Capsules
Retail: $349.95

Savings: $169.96

Fast & Free Shipping


Where to Buy Hunter Test and Pricing

You can only buy Hunter Test on its official website!!

Like TestoGen, Hunter Test is also available in three package options.

Here are the offers on buying this T-Booster:

  • Worldwide delivery
  • Free USA and UK shipping on 2 months supply
  • Shipping in any part of the world at no extra cost on the biggest pack
  • 90 days money-back guarantee on 3 or more month’s supply

Hunter Test Price and Packages 





Price for 1 minute

Your text

1 Month Supply


x1 Bottles

2 Months Supply 


x2 Bottles

Free USA and UK Delivery

4 Months Supply 


x4 Bottles

3x Bottles of Hunter Test+1 Free

Free Worldwide Delivery

Ultimate Package!


Hunter Test vs TestoGen – Which One Offers the Most Value for Your Money?

Well, this one clearly goes to TestoGen. 

Hunter Test does carry a higher price tag. Plus, you’re not getting free shipping options on every pack of Hunter Test. 

So, if the price is a deciding factor for you, TestoGen is a much safer bet. 

With that, we have come to the end of this TestoGen vs Hunter Test comparison. 

Did you make your choice? 

Here are our suggestions to help you out.


TestoGen vs Hunter Test – Final Remarks and Suggestions 

Well, based on the thorough Hunter Test vs TestoGen Reviews, both these T-Boosters have their own edge in the T-Boosting market. 

Based on the above comparison, here’s what we find:

In terms of composition and ingredients, Hunter Test is the clear winner.

However, TestoGen is a more cost-effective option to invest in because of the free shipping offers and attractive money-back guarantee. 

So, the final decision rests on what your goals are with using a T-Booster.

TestoGen primarily is a T-Booster made for men who are looking for mind and body wellness. 

Whereas, Hunter Test will offer you a competitive edge in terms of everyday performance and vitality. 

Our recommendation would be to pick the one that suits your long-term fitness goals and budget. 

Precisely put…

Choose TestoGen if you want to improve muscle mass, stamina, and overall well-being.



Pick Hunter Test if you have a busy lifestyle and want to perform better both inside and outside the gym.



We hope this short final summary of TestoGen vs Hunter Test helped you pick the right T-Booster for you!

If not, we’ve additional resources for you right below!

Have a look at these top 5 FAQs asked by our readers in relation to Hunter Test vs TestoGen. This may help you make your final pick.


TestoGen vs Hunter Test | Frequently Asked Questions

This section should help clear your doubts about any queries you may have left regarding TestoGen and Hunter Test.

#1. Are There Any Side Effects from Using TestoGen and Hunter Test?


But only when you follow the dosage instructions. 

Let’s deal with the supplements one by one. 

TestoGen Side Effects

TestoGen has rare cases of side effects because:

  • First, the composition is entirely natural 
  • Second, the ingredients are clinically dosed. 

Still, some men might find certain herbs in TestoGen don’t suit them. In that case, you’ve to stop the usage as this could lead to an allergic reaction. 

You also have the option to consult a doctor before using TestoGen in case you’re wary about the herbs in it. 

Hunter Test Side Effects 

Like Testogen, there are rare cases of Hunter Test side effects. The only incidence when there can be some reactions is either overdosing or having an allergy to some of its ingredients. 

Furthermore, Hunter Test has used pretty high doses.

So, if you’re a new supplement user, it would do you good to ask your doctor before using the supplement. 

#2. What Is the Dosage Instructions of TestoGen and Hunter Test?

Well, both these supplements follow a similar pattern of per day intake. 

But there are apparent differences when we compared TestoGen vs Hunter Test Dosage.

Here are the instructions on How to Use TestoGen and Hunter Test. 

TestoGen Dosage:

  • Take 4 capsules per day
  • Best Time to Take TestoGen capsules is about 20 minutes before breakfast
  • TestoGen Daily Dosage instructions are for both workout and non-workout days

Hunter Test Dosage:

  • Take 6 capsules per day
  • Consume the dosage at equal intervals or hour gaps 
  • Take enough water for proper absorption of highly dosed ingredients 

So, it’s quite apparent Hunter Test’s serving size far exceeds the TestoGen’s intake when comparing Hunter Test vs TestoGen Dose

Accordingly, you may be better off choosing the one you’re most comfortable taking on a regular basis.

#3. How Much Time Will It Take for These Testosterone Boosters to Work?

It depends!

Many men begin seeing results as early as within 2-3 weeks. On the other hand, there are other men who face difficulty in getting substantial results. 

This is primarily because of the differences in lifestyle. 

It goes without saying the users practicing healthy eating and workout habits will see faster results. 

However, here is what the manufacturer says about the result duration. 

How Long Should I Take TestoGen to see results?

There should be signs of improvement in energy, stamina, and vitality within a week. Though, muscle development will take about 4-6 weeks to show up. 



How Long Will It Take Hunter Test to Work?

Hunter Test Testosterone Booster should also offer improvements within 2-3 weeks. Though, to get maximum benefits out of its use, the makers recommend using it for about 3 months. 



#4. Do I Need to Cycle TestoGen and Hunter Test?

Well, here’s where we find a difference in Hunter Test vs TestoGen. 

While one recommends cycling, the other one does not have any such restrictions on use. 

TestoGen makers recommend taking a break from the supplement every few weeks in order to ensure your body works without the supplement as well. 

Come to think of it, this doesn’t sound bad. In fact, it’s good to take a break from supplements every now and then to give your body some time out.

Nevertheless, TestoGen recommends a workout period of 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off with the supplementation.

Whereas, you don’t have to cycle Hunter Test. 

#5. Do TestoGen and Hunter Test have banned ingredients or synthetic steroids?


Neither TestoGen nor Hunter Test contains any banned ingredients or substances. Both supplements are 100% legal and contain only natural herbs and minerals. 

Well, that’s it for this TestoGen vs Hunter Test comparative blog!

Which one do you think will help you get closer to your goals and will enhance the manhood you’ve been lacking?

Leave your comments below to let us know which one you end up choosing.

Or leave any more queries you have that’s not addressed in the blog!

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