TestoFuel vs Hunter Test T-Booster [In-Depth Comparison & Review]

TestoFuel vs Hunter Test – Which is the Best at Boosting Testosterone Level Naturally?

Finding it hard to pick the best testosterone booster between TestoFuel and Hunter Test?

Here, we aim to dissect both these T-Boosters. Read on to find out which one wins the TestoFuel vs Hunter Test battle.

Both the testosterone pills have been creating a lot of buzz in the T-supplement industry. Hence, the need to compare them.

TestoFuel and Hunter Test serve the same purpose of boosting testosterone count naturally.

However, there are some aspects through which we can establish difference between both of these.

TestoFuel is a long-standing testosterone booster claiming to boost T-release through an optimally dosed formula. It combines top natural components backed by scientific data to produce major change in muscle growth and masculinity.
On the other hand, we have Hunter Test, a fairly new T-Booster but seems equally effective at boosting T-count through a highly dosed formula.




Well, the potent benefits of both these boosters make it pretty tough to pick a single one. Though, you can’t use both of them.


So, let’s dive right into the comparison to see which of the supplement wins the first spot in Hunter Test vs TestoFuel.


TestoFuel vs Hunter Test – Manufacturer’s Authority

The main aspect in choosing any supplement is the authority of its maker in the market. You know a T-Booster is good when it’s from a leading supplement company.

Well, you don’t have much to think about here as both TestoFuel and Hunter Test are from Roar Ambition. The health supplement brand that is behind many of the successful names in the supplement industry.

Roar Ambition manufactures products for fitness enthusiasts, gym people, and athletes.

Plus, all their supplements are based on exhaustive research into the nutritional data for enhanced health benefits.

Then how exactly are these T-Boosters different?

You’ll be surprised to know that, in spite of being from the same company, the makers have employed unique aspects behind the formulation of these supplements.


TestoFuel vs Hunter Test – Quick Comparative Chart!

Both these T-Boosters have been a favorite among bodybuilders and athletes for boosting testosterone-induced performance.

This makes TestoFuel and Hunter Test highly desirable among men with low T-levels.

The best part?

Hunter Test and TestoFuel are completely natural and are trusted names.

Even so, there are chances both the supplements may be suitable for different people based on unique requirements.

So, which one offers better value for your money in Hunter Test vs TestoFuel?

Here, we’re comparing both the supplements to find out what makes one better than the other.

TestoFuel vs Hunter Test Comparison Table

This TestoFuel vs Hunter Test table should assist you in picking the right T-Booster for you.





Key Benefits

Key Ingredients



Result Duration

Choose Your Supply


$ 65.00

Price per bottle

• Boost lean muscle mass

• Enhanced libido

• Fast workout recovery

• More energy

• D-Aspartic Acid

• Oyster Extract

• Vitamin D3

4 capsules per day

No side effects

2 Months

Hunter Test

$ 75.00

price per bottle

• Better focus and concentration

• Train harder in the gym

• Improved performance and stamina

• D-Aspartic Acid

• Vitamin D3

• Ashwagandha extract

6 capsules per day

No adverse reactions

3 Months


In the next sections, we’ll be pitting both these T-Boosters against each other based on the below-mentioned factors.

Pick Between TestoFuel and Hunter Test Based On:

  • Ingredients
  • Benefits
  • Side effects and safety
  • Customer reviews

TestoFuel vs Hunter Test – Ingredients

As we previously mentioned, both TestoFuel and Hunter Test are 100% natural.

While this makes your choice tougher, the best part is you’re at minimal risk of getting any sort of side effects from either of them.

Furthermore, we find TestoFuel and Hunter Test contain some common ingredients. Though, they also have some components that are unique to them.

TestoFuel Ingredients – Updated Formula

TestoFuel combines some of the most potent naturally-derived herbs and minerals to create massive change in testosterone release.

Further, its high dosage of zinc really makes it stand out in terms of muscle growth.

The testosterone booster brand employs an up-to-date formula by using the latest research. Plus, the manufacturer is completely transparent when it comes to revealing the formulation.

The optimally dosed ingredients works like a charm when it comes to boosting the male hormone and the ability to put on lean muscle tissue.

Key ingredients in its formula are:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Vitamin D3
  • Oyster Extract
  • Ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin K2
  • Zinc

Get Intense Muscle Growth with TestoFuel


Hunter Test Ingredients – Highly Dosed Formula

Hunter Test makes itself known in the crowd of testosterone supplements through its high dosage of each ingredient.

The makers have used a clean and premium formulation to offer all the benefits. That too without using anything artificial.

Well, it doesn’t even have any artificial colors or flavors. Moreover, the supplement uses nine notable ingredients clinically dosed to offer amazing testosterone-boosting benefits.

Hunter Test has the following ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin K2
  • Asian Ginseng
  • Ashwagandha
  • Boron Chelate
  • Zinc
  • Indole-3-Carbinol
  • Magnesium

Reignite Your Masculinity with Hunter Test


Well, did you notice the difference between the compositions of both the testosterone supplements?

To tell you the truth, we find both have effective formulations. Each of the ingredient we listed above has benefits, whether direct or indirect, in boosting T-levels.

In the next section, we’ll see the similar and different components of the supplements.

Plus, we’ll see the benefits of each one of them. And if there are any scientific data supporting the claims or not.


TestoFuel vs Hunter Test – Similar Ingredients



One thing which should be certain from the listing of the ingredients is there are some components that are common between the supplements.

Below we’ll see those compounds and how they benefit testosterone release.

#1. D-Aspartic Acid

This is one of the most commonly found components in testosterone boosters.

Apparently, the use of this amino acid has strong reasons backed by scientific data.

While TestoFuel has 2300mg of the compound, Hunter Test has 3000mg. This shows a better dosage in the Hunter Test formula.

D-Aspartic acid has been shown to boost testosterone by 42% after just 12 days of supplementation. The study was carried out on men between the ages of 27-37.

#2. Vitamin D3

Scientific studies have found a close relationship between depleted testosterone release and low Vitamin D levels.

This clearly indicates the importance of getting this nutrient in proper dosage to boost testosterone count.

Both TestoFuel and Hunter Test contain 5000 IU of this vitamin.

This amount is enough to fulfill the need for daily vitamin D dosage. Thus, aiding testosterone release in men.

#3. Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 helps indirectly in testosterone production. The vitamin complements vitamin D3 in releasing testosterone.

It basically helps vitamin D3 to flow more freely around the body. In one study, taking vitamin K2 for 5 weeks boosted testosterone count for about 70%.

TestoFuel has 18mcg of Vitamin K2. On the other hand, Hunter Test has 150mcg of the vitamin.

#4. Zinc

This dietary mineral needs no introduction. Zinc plays a key role in building masculinity. Plus, the mineral has a crucial part in building muscle mass.

Scientific data shows supplementing zinc in men with low zinc helps in better testosterone secretion.

Further, supplementing the mineral is also beneficial for workout recovery. This indicates its role in repairing muscles to accelerate muscle growth.

Better lean muscle mass means improvement in testosterone synthesis.

The amount of zinc in TestoFuel is 10mg while Hunter Test has 30mg.

#5. Magnesium

This nutrient has a key role in enhancing physical endurance and metabolism. And magnesium also helps in inducing sleep.

Magnesium has been shown to boost testosterone release in short-tern human studies.

Plus, it clearly assists muscle growth and recovery which also helps in testosterone synthesis.

TestoFuel and Hunter Test both have 200mg of magnesium in their composition.


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TestoFuel vs Hunter Test – Unique Ingredients

As you can see, both the T-Boosters have quite a lot of ingredients in common. However, there are some components that are exclusive to both of them.

The point of distinction between both T-Boosters have very much to do in selecting the one that has the most potent substance.

Oyster Extract In TestoFuel

The logic behind including oyster extract in the TestoFuel formula clearly lies in heightening zinc content. And we’ve already discussed what zinc can do for testosterone release.

TestoFuel contains 100mg of Oyster extract in its composition.

With the high zinc content, Oyster extract plays a key role in men’s reproductive function. Further, it also inhibits the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Ashwagandha in Hunter Test

This Indian herb has some amazing benefits when it comes to enhancing performance. In fact, it also has its role in reducing stress and fatigue.

Thus, it aids in boosting strength and power both inside and outside the gym.

By assisting muscle strength and recovery, ashwagandha can also help with testosterone synthesis.

Hunter Test uses this potent herb in the high dosage of 300mg.

This should be enough to trigger better testosterone release and overall better health.

So, this was all about the composition of both these testosterone boosters. As you can see, both the supplements have their own pros and cons. This makes them both stand out individually.


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TestoFuel vs Hunter Test – Benefits

One of the most important criteria before choosing a testosterone supplement is its benefits.

Otherwise, why would you invest your hard-earned money on buying the T-Booster?

One common benefit between TestoFuel and Hunter Test is of course increasing the body’s testosterone naturally. But with boosted testosterone comes many other benefits as well.

And TestoFuel and Hunter Test are designed in a way to boost testosterone through overall nourishment.

In the next sections, we’ll be taking a look at some of the benefits both these T-Boosters offer you with consistent use.

TestoFuel Benefits – Why Should You Choose TestoFuel?

TestoFuel makers truly believe testosterone has the power to offer multitude of benefits for a man’s body.

Accordingly, the supplement offers all the benefits you can expect with boosted testosterone release.

TestoFuel works like an anabolic steroid without really being one. This ensures you get all the advantages without having the side effects of a typical steroid.

You can expect the following benefits with TestoFuel:

  • Enhanced muscle size and strength
  • Regeneration of new muscle fibres after workouts
  • Reduces body fat percentage to reveal a toned physique
  • Elevates mood and help you stay energized
  • Enhance libido and sex drive

Achieve Higher Levels of Testosterone with TestoFuel

Hunter Test Benefits – Why Should You Choose Hunter Test?

Hunter Test works for men of all age groups who are above 18. Below 18, you don’t really need to boost testosterone release as you already have the required levels.

Coming back to the Hunter Test benefits, the formula is pretty focused on offering exceptional benefits to reignite your masculinity.

Further, what makes Hunter Test stand out is its formula that is devoid of gluten, soy, and GMO.

The makers claim it’s the cleanest T-Booster you can find in the market currently.

Take a look at Hunter Test benefits to see if it really works:

  • Improves fitness level through improving strength and performance
  • Better mental focus and concentration
  • Amplifies lean muscle growth to deliver the physique you desire
  • Boosts male virility
  • Banish tiredness and irritability

Besides, Hunter Test is an incredible supplement with energy and mood elevating components.

Through perked up vitality, you can expect more energy to perform intense workouts as well. This will further help in better secretion of the male hormones.

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So, what do you think which of the T-supplement has an edge over the other.

So far, we can see both TestoFuel and Hunter Test give each other a tough fight when it comes to efficacy.

But are these T-Boosters completely safe to use? Let’s find out.


Side Effects and Safety

Whenever people search for a testosterone supplement, their main concern is whether the supplement is safe to use.

That’s the reason experts always recommend choosing natural supplements in order to prevent any lethal side effects.

However, some people are allergic to certain substances. And these allergies can very well be from herbal or botanical extracts too.

As a result, check both the supplements for ingredients that you may be allergic to.

TestoFuel Safety

The entirely natural composition of the supplement makes any sort of side effects a rare occurrence. However, there are some herbal substances in it that may cause headache and bloating.

While these are not major side effects, always consult a doctor if the symptoms persist for a long duration.

TestoFuel Dosage requires you to take 4 pills per day.

So, you should really check you’re not allergic to any of the substances in it.

In general, the natural and scientifically backed formulation has less probability to cause any side effects.

One thing to keep in mind though in the case of TestoFuel is its oyster extract. Those allergic to seafood may find it difficult to take the supplement on a regular basis.

Hunter Test Safety

Hunter Test has the least chance to cause any sort of side effects. The reason we say this is because of its formulation that’s free of any synthetic components.

According to Hunter Test Dosage, you need to take 6 pills per day.

Its makers have kept the dosage at a high level as the formula is clear-cut.

To sum it up, some Hunter Test herbal extracts may cause nausea. Avoid this by consulting your doctor beforehand.

Both these testosterone supplements are made under a strict and controlled setting.

So, none of the booster will cause any side effects when taken according to the instructions.

But what the users say about TestoFuel and Hunter Test?

Any T-Booster’s ultimate test is what the users say after using the supplement.

For finding out real reviews, we’ll have to take a look into customer reviews of TestoFuel and Hunter Test.


Real Customer Reviews – TestoFuel vs Hunter Test Results

Both the supplements have been gathering a lot of attention from people across the world.

In fact, TestoFuel and Hunter Test have some amazing responses from customers when it comes to boosting masculinity.

Based on the current customer responses, expect better physical and mental health when you go for either of these T-Boosters.

TestoFuel Customer Reviews

Did you know the bodybuilding celebrity, Robby Robinson recommends TestoFuel.

Besides, many other guys willing to achieve a better physique and stamina commend the supplement for its effects.

 Take a look at some of the testimonials to see the results for yourself.

“I’ve been using TestoFuel for 3 months now and the results have been amazing. I’ve gained mass on my arms and chest and I’m more ripped than I’ve even been before taking TestoFuel. I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to build muscle mass and to have great time inside the gym”

  • Brenon Bodkins

Brenon Bodkins TestoFuel Testimonial

“I was a little apprehensive on ordering the supplement as I doubted it contains testosterone. But I came to know that TestoFuel doesn’t contain any hormone. Rather it helps your body release its own testosterone. I’ve seen amazing results with its use and have a better physique with less body fat. I recommend TestoFuel wholeheartedly.”

  • Kashif Ali

Kashif Ali TestoFuel Testimonial

These reviews justify the high popularity of the supplement. Plus, we see the main benefits users encounter with the use of TestoFuel is strength, muscle mass, and less body fat.



Hunter Test Customer Reviews

In spite of being a newer product than TestoFuel, Hunter Test has already attracted a lot of attention.

Men with low T seem pretty motivated to try Hunter Test due to its clean formula free of any artificial components.

Here are a few of its testimonials:

“I bought Hunter Test after noticing a huge lack of energy. Needless to say, I lacked energy for simple tasks. After using Hunter Test on a consistent basis, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels. I’ll highly recommend Hunter Test to any guy who has been lacking the stamina.”

  • Dan McCRady

Dan McCRady Hunter Test Testimonial

“As a man over 40, I’ve noticed a stark decline in my energy and stamina. However, things have been different after using Hunter Test. Now, I can lift heavier weights and feel stronger during workouts.”

  • Mark Kilbride

Mark Kilbride Hunter Test Testimonial


The most commendable thing is all these users were in the age group of 40 to 50.



Pros and Cons

This section will deal with TestoFuel and Hunter Test pros and cons in brief. This will help you decide which of the testosterone boosters offer better value.

As evident from the Hunter Test vs TestoFuel comparison so far, both the supplements have unique aspects.

Weighting the pros and cons of TestoFuel and Hunter Test will help you decide which one suits you more.

TestoFuel Pros

  • All-natural herbs and minerals
  • Contains high amount of zinc to boost masculinity
  • High concentration of Vitamin D3 for inducing testosterone release over time
  • Wide recognition of the brand name
  • More affordable due to costing less than Hunter Test

TestoFuel Cons

  • May not be suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it contains gelatin
  • Only available for purchase through the official website

Hunter Test Pros

  • High dosage of scientifically backed ingredients
  • Uses optimal amounts of key testosterone-boosting herbs
  • Free from synthetic colors, colorants, and any other common allergens
  • Large serving doses for faster results

Hunter Test Cons

  • Only available on the Official Website
  • Slightly expensive than TestoFuel

So, which one do you think wins the race in TestoFuel vs Hunter Test?

Whichever you choose, you should know where to buy them.


Where to Buy TestoFuel and Hunter Test?

Both TestoFuel and Hunter Test are available to buy from the official websites.

When comparing the prices of both the T-Boosters, we find Hunter Test to be a little more expensive than TestoFuel.

Ultimately, it is not about the price but the value you see in the supplement. Anyone would be willing to pay a little extra if the supplement can really work for them.

With that said, let’s have a look at the TestoFuel vs Hunter Test Pack so you can choose the one for you.

TestoFuel Packages:






Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

1 Month Supply


1x box of TestoFuel

2 Months Supply


2x boxes of TestoFuel

Free delivery - USA and UK

4 Months Supply


3x boxes of TestoFuel

1 free box of TestoFuel

Free worldwide delivery

2 Free e-books: Nutrition & Workout Guides

6 Months Supply


4x boxes of TestoFuel

2 free boxes of TestoFuel

Free worldwide delivery

2 free e-books: Nutrition & Workout guides



Hunter Test Packages:


1 Month’s Supply


x1 Bottles

1 Month’s Supply


x1 Bottles

2 Month’s Supply


x2 Bottles


USA and UK Delivery

 4 Month’s Supply


x4 Bottles


USA and UK Delivery

3x Bottles of Hunter Test+1 Free

Ultimate Package


You can pick any of the package based on your own preference. Both the supplements carry money-back guarantee.

Nevertheless, the above TestoFuel vs Hunter Test price comparison shows Hunter Test to be slightly more expensive than TestoFuel.

The higher price of Hunter Test may be due to a highly dosed formula that obviously requires the use of more materials.

Whichever T-Booster you choose will depend on your own discretion as both the T-Boosters have amazing benefits.

Well, TestoFuel may be more suitable for everyday men with limited budget.

In the case of Hunter Test, expending a little extra may bring you greater and faster results if the formulation suits you more.

Keeping aside the price factor, Hunter Test does seem to present a better dosed formula for T-Boosting.

However, considering the benefits of TestoFuel, it is a value-for-money supplement at a reasonable price range.



In Conclusion – TestoFuel vs Hunter Test [The Ultimate T-Booster]

TestoFuel and Hunter Test are close competitors in the truest sense. Both of them are almost same in many aspects.

Three main points of distinction between both the T-Boosters are the ingredients, dosage, and the price point.

Let’s see how these factors can affect your decision between TestoFuel and Hunter Test.

#1. Ingredients

When it comes to the composition, TestoFuel and Hunter Test give each other a tough fight.

While both are naturally derived, the dosage vary greatly. Furthermore, some of the compounds are only present in either of the T-Boosters.

While TestoFuel has oyster extract and fenugreek, Hunter Test stands apart with its high dosage of certain herbs like ashwagandha.

To conclude, we rate both the T-Boosters equally in terms of composition.

But if you don’t mind the high serving size and price point, you may choose to go for Hunter Test.

#2. Dosage

The dosage of both the supplements vary widely. While TestoFuel requires you to take 4 capsules every day, Hunter Test has the dosage of 6 capsules.

As everyone may not be comfortable with the high serving size, here TestoFuel may be more preferable for you.

Additionally, consider asking your doctor which serving size will be a better fit for you personally.

#3. Price

Hunter Test is clearly more costly when compared to TestoFuel. Nonetheless, the amount of money you’re willing to pay for a T-Booster will depend on your own budget.

We would recommend TestoFuel to everyday people who are limited on budget. Hunter Test is also a good option in case you don’t mind a higher price point.

Whichever you buy, both the T-Boosters will offer you results. TestoFuel vs Hunter Test shows you can go for any one of them based on your own preference for the benefits.

So, which one are you going to vote for in Hunter Test vs TestoFuel?

Tell us about your choice in the comments segment below. And don’t forget to share this article with others looking for a good T-Booster.




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