“Britain’s Got Talent” Judge Simon Cowell Opens Up About His 20 Pound Weight Loss

The “Britain’s Got Talent” Judge Simon Cowell has let everyone in wonder with the recent transformation. He credits his vegan diet to get 20 pounds off his body.

The ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge decreed to make a conversion after a health scare, he faced in late 2017.

Simon Cowell has been a common household name since the very first season of American Idol in 2002. So far, he has continued his role as a judge among reality shows.

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He has rocked the British TV popular shows like Pop Idol, The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent.  Besides that, he has been seen in American TV’s “The X Factor”, “American Idol” and “America’s Got Talent”.


His career is still on high and strong being the judge of the topnotch reality shows. Like every other being, Simon’s health has ups and down in terms of health in his decades-long career.

However, recently the 59-year-old Simon Cowell has surprised his fans with his noticeable fitness.

He decided to transform his whole lifestyle after he fell from the stairs in October 2017. The reason was low blood pressure; the health issues shook him completely.

It was his friend doctor who suggested him to bring about a change for better in the way of his living. Now, here we can see the results!

Simon Cowell Weight Loss Transformation!!

Simon Cowell Weight Loss

In a recent question-answer session, the America TV Star revealed that in the process of getting healthier he indeed lost 20 pounds.

He feels “much better” after shedding weight ahead of his 60th birthday in this October, he told the extra host Terri Seymour (his ex-girlfriend, by the way).

“I decided to bring about the change after I passed out and fell down the stairs at my residence, I think in late 2017,” he said further.

Sometimes, we receive a prompt that we’re not unshakable, and this was undoubtedly mine. It was a huge shock for me,” the BGT judge told The Sun.

“Everyone thought I fall unconscious because I had low blood pressure. That encouraged me to really take good care of my health to sort that out. After all, I am a pop and have more accountability than ever.” He continued further.

Cowell appears fantastic these days which have made the social media go crazy about it. Well, he has continued to rock with some work on his end.

But the question is how exactly did he do it? Let’s Check Out!!

Actually, He credits the following eating changes to his weight loss feat.

Here Are The Peak Things About Simon Cowell Weight Loss Journey!

#1: He Ditched His Go-To Comfort Foods

Cowell revealed his love for the comfort food to The Sun. “that’s what I’ve been eating my entire life. I love jam tarts, spaghetti Bolognese and yes hamburgers.”

He still quivers for these especially hamburgers! But health comes first and he has cut down these junkies off his plate.

#2: He’s Becoming Vegan

He has gone vegan… this has brought tremendous change in this lifestyle. Cowell said that he eats now plentiful of vegetable, to work on the vegan way of living.

The talent show judge also admits, being not completely there. “Well, I can have fish, but this year I will make sure to go the whole way,” he further told to The Sun.

#3: He Underwent Food Allergy Testing

He also underwent testing for Food allergies and intolerances. It can cause a lot of issues for people which include bloating, gas, and digestive problems, in case the allergy isn’t severe.

Cowell went through the test and found issues with certain eatables.

“I went to meet this guy who’s well known for his work. He got me to do some blood work, and he prohibited red meat, dairy, sugar, bread or gluten, from my diet” Cowell told Extra.

#4: He Stopped Eating Certain Foods

Cowell’s dietary overhaul wasn’t just limited to veggies and green, he ditched dairy, wheat, and sugar.

“I cut off a lot of foodstuffs that I shouldn’t have been eating all the way long.  Primarily meat, dairy, wheat, sugar—these were the four major things which were my initial cut down,” the music show Judge told The Sun.

Cowell said his outdo has been great “way easier than he had thought.” He gives his own example; his preference has now shifted to almond milk yogurt instead of the regular yogurt he used to have. Whether it is tea he prefers almond milk in it.

#5: He’s Choosy About His Fruits

He still loves fruits and enjoys having some, but he has become picky about it and avoids one with high-sugar options.

“I can eat specific fruits but not certainly all fruits” he continues further The Sun. “I am careful about them as some have more sugar than a Coke Can.”

“Also, I make sure the fruits I am having are fresh, as more ripen fruits have higher sugar content.”

#6: He Got His Family On-Board

The lifestyle change has drastically yield improvement in his personal life. His girlfriend Lauren Silverman has been understanding and supportive of his dietary changes.

“If I’m sitting here with a bowl of vegetables just in front of me, she’s not gonna sit there and have a pizza in front of me,” he told The Sun.

That would be so cruel. She’s kind of been the same way as me.”

Simon Cowell Looks Good After His Incredible 20-Pound Weight Loss, And Social Media Got His Secret Trending!

Lets Check Out What Fans Has Got to Say About Simon Cowell Weight Loss.

Here see what his fans have to say about his extraordinary transformation which he is flaunting these days.

This was all about Simon Cowell Weight Loss; his incredible overhaul have surprised everyone. So, it’s your turn to transform your life with our science-backed health, fitness, and nutritional daily news.

Stay updated to the fitness world with us!

Don’t forget to share your opinion about Simon Cowell weight loss in the comment section below!

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