Sherri Shepherd Shows Off Her Weight Loss ‘If I Can Do It You Can Too’

Sherri Shepherd finally revealed her secrets behind her dramatic weight loss.

It was actually the Keto diet that helped out the actress and former talk show host loose weight.

Sherri Shepherd loosed 25 lbs and that’s really amazing!!

The actress in an interview revealed that she’s lost 25 lbs, on the keto diet, and hasn’t had sugar in over 260 days.

Sherri Shepherd, the actress posted an update on her weight loss journey to Instagram on Saturday, sharing a series of intimate photos, capturing her transformation.


Shepherd, 51, revealed that she has lost around 30 pounds (going from 189 to 159). She besides also shared her waistline measurements – she’s at 35 inches now, down from 47 inches.

Actress wrote,

“I’ve never shared what my body looks like with no clothes on, but now I just wanted to share with you what I looked like 10 months ago and the progress I’ve made since April 2018.”

“I went off #sugar #coldturkey in Mar 2018 and starred #keto appx [sic] June/July 2018. My weight last year I believe was 189… and now I go back and forth between 159-161lbs. My waistline was 47” and it is now 35″,” continued Sherry Shepherd.

Shepherd further added, with this post, she mainly aims at inspiring others.

“[I] just want to encourage you to take one step towards your health… then another… then another…” she wrote. “Small changes everyday (more water… more sleep… exercise… meditation… prayer… forgiveness… less sugar… less carbs…) yield big #results in one year.”

“I am really putting my fat belly out there for ridicule but I am passionate about wanting YOU to feel better… find your purpose and get past fear. I want so much for you to experience #freedom… to get your #joy back… to feel #confidence that you can Conquer the world! If I can do it YOU can too!” she further added.


In December 2018, the actress Sherri Shepherd revealed on her ketogenic diet that she had lost 25 lbs.

As per Sherri statement,

 In her this weight loss keto diet, she mainly focuses on high-fat foods with little to no carbohydrates.

“Getting it in!!! Over 260 days #sugarfree…can’t even begin to describe how #amazing I feel,” Shepherd wrote on Instagram at the time. “Energy, clarity of thought and mind. Focused…patient [with] my son. Hearing from God a lot more clearly. Present.”


For Sherri it was not like she was encountering such variation in her weight for the first time, like going it up and down at such rapid rate, but it was just that she realized she had to make change in 2007, when she got diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Sherri said in 2013,

“If I didn’t have diabetes, I would probably be at the International House of Pancakes eating a stack of pancakes with butter and . “I would probably be 250 pounds. I would not be going to the doctor.”

After her diagnosis, Shepherd “learned how to eat.”


“I learned how to get rid of the white foods — the pasta, cereal, pancakes and like anything loaded with sugar,” she said.

However her health issues still continued, and it was her younger son Jeffrey 13, who inspired her to quit sugar and try the keto diet in 2018.

Sherri Shepherd Weight Loss 2018 Story is really exciting!!

On son Jeffrey contribution in her weight loss, she wrote once on Instagram that:

“As I was eating a Reese’s Cup, Jeffrey asked me who was going to be his bodyguard if I died…and it hit me like a ton of bricks,”. “So much going on…I was trying to numb myself with food so much so that my son was having anxiety attacks.”

This Type 2 Diabetes was actually just like a wake up call for her which made her realized that now it’s the time for her to make some major changes, as this was disease which made her died.

So, as a result since then, Sherri Shepherd, the actress switched to a better diet. She has been working ever since then to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

For Sherri, one key to long-lasting weight loss is commitment.

So, this was all about Sherri Shepherd weight loss.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading the blog and it inspired you or guided you well on weight loss.

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