Shaughna Phillips Weight Loss

Shaughna Phillips Reveals Shocking Weight Loss Transformation

The Love Islander has showed off her amazing body transformation in a series of before-and-after clicks. Read on to know how she managed to transform her look with consistent effort.

Ever since the announcement of the winter line up of Love Island, fans have been raving about the weight loss transformation of Shaughna Phillips. However, it turns out the young participant was not like this forever.

She actually worked hard over the years to get a slimmer and fitter body. Reportedly, she revealed her amazing weight loss results before entering the Villa.

In one of her Instagram posts, she shares her side-by-side photos from 2016, 2017, and 2019. Needless to say, fans loved her enthusiasm about fitness and praised her for the hard work.

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Consistency, not perfection

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She captioned the click: “Consistency, not perfection”. With this started a stream of comments from people who were enthused with her change and felt incredibly inspired.

One of her fans wrote: “Omg I am currently trying to lose weight how did u do this” alongside a heart faced emoji.

While someone else commented: “Total respect for putting this up, shows the kind of person you are!

People were also seen wishing her well on her weight loss journey.

In fact, one of the most startling revelations is the sudden increase in her fan following after her entry in the ITV2 show. Shaughna Phillips Instagram handle clearly shows she gained up to 10K followers since the show’s announcement.

Moreover, her realistic weight loss results seem to add to her popularity as the new member of the Love Island villa.

With her Instagram share, lots of followers have rushed in to know the secret of her transformative weight loss.


Shaughna Phillips Four Stone Weight Loss Secret

In one of the recent episodes of Love Island, Shaughna divulged she has lost up to four stone.

She says, “I lost four stone, so back then I was addicted to going to the gym, I loved it.”

Well, her new body frame clearly shows she has worked hard to achieve it. And based on her statement, she regularly hits the gym to maintain her shape.

While a gym obsession may not be good for some people, Shaughna has made it work for herself pretty well.

In fact, she confesses going to the gym regularly is one of the main reasons behind her body transformation.

A throwback picture of her before entering the villa shows how chubbier she used to be.

This click carries the caption: “If I was doing this for you then I have nothing left to prove, this for me though”

This picture clearly indicates a curvier Shaughna when we compare it with her latest clicks.

Unfortunately, her intense weight loss also left her with extra skin for which she had to go through surgery.


Shaughna Phillips Surgery Post Weight Loss

The reality TV star is not only in the news for her incredible weight loss. But she also made headlines for her surgery. According to sources, she had to undergo agonizing surgery to get rid of the spare skin post losing her weight.

Talking about her surgical procedure, she says:

“I had my boobs uplifted – not implants, but had them shoved up – and that was due to the weight loss”

Apart from that, the star also had fillers in her lips and laughter lines. What’s commendable is in spite of the trying times, she has been consistent with her fitness routine.

Shaughna Phillips Love Island stint has won her many fans owing to her witty attitude and openness. Further, people are considering her weight loss as goals due to her realistic results.

Besides her weight loss, she also makes news for her humble and down-to-earth attitude.

 Shaughna is my favorite girl so far. She’s just honest, raw, OTT & funny! #LoveIsland. ” A fan commented.

The new TV star does seem a lot fitter and happier with her new body. Plus, she inspires others to follow her footsteps.

Well, there are some effective ways to achieve the same body transformation as same as Shaughna. Shaughna Phillips is also fond of going to the gym and doing workouts for weight loss and maintain a fit body.


Best Weight Loss Gym Workouts

The most common advice you will hear to lose weight will always be a good diet plan and exercise program. And for good reasons. There are actually many exercises that you can utilize to get sustainable weight loss results.

Just like our newly famed TV star Shaughna, gym workouts seem to work pretty well for many other weight loss aspirants.

The most common gym workouts you can try to lose weight include:

  • Elliptical trainer
  • The Captain’s chair leg raise
  • Exercise ball crunch
  • Reverse crunch
  • Vertical leg crunch
  • The Captain’s chair leg raise
  • Jumping rope

Apart from these gym exercises, you can also use every day running and walking as a useful tool to lose weight. And when combined with a healthy diet plan, these exercises prove to be of immense help to get toned.

Best Weight Loss Gym Workout

Well, we’ve previously heard of the intense workouts celebrities go through to achieve a better frame for their roles. But in Shaughna’s case, the biggest factor is losing weight with regular efforts.

This kind of workout routine not only seems more realistic but also offers long-lasting results, which are quite apparent when we look at Shaughna’s pictures.

Furthermore, reports suggest the star is increasingly becoming a favorite among people. Her non-glamorous background as a democratic service advisor also seems to draw her to the limelight.

The Takeaway from Shaughna Phillips Weight Loss

The Love Island contestant has proved it’s possible to achieve weight loss if you’re consistent and determined. The biggest factor in her weight loss journey seems to be her enthusiasm for health and fitness as she admitted to being a gym person.

Undeniably, Shaughna Phillips Fat burning methods do work pretty well for her. And the best thing is she is inspiring many other people as well to stay motivated even if waiting for the results seem hard.

Well, she achieved her results within a course of many years, didn’t she? This speaks a lot about her determination and perseverance. Setting an example with her weight loss, Shaughna has earned many followers who aspire to have the same grit as her.

What do you think is the secret behind the newly famed TV star’s motivation? Drop your comments below to let us know what you think of her amazing weight loss.


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