13 Ultimate Health Benefits of Power Yoga For Your Body & Mind

13 Ultimate Health Benefits of Power Yoga For Your Body & Mind

health benefits of power yoga

Yoga is not a recently discovered health practice. Its roots can be found in Ancient India, about 5000 years ago. Yoga is comprised of physical, mental, and spiritual practices which have numerous health benefits.

Yoga is a traditional form of exercises that accompany different poses to promote a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays stress and unhealthy living styles are at a peak. Yoga in this situation has emerged as savior and gained the required popularity.

There are several diverse forms of Yoga like Asthanga, Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga etc. however, with the need, certain high-speed diverse form of yoga emerged. This new modernized form of yoga was called Power Yoga.

Obesity, stress and depression have emerged as one of the global problems in the 21st century. However, yoga is a solution to all of the above-mentioned issues. Power Yoga has emerged as a key solution to weight loss with its intensity exercises. Power Yoga Workouts won’t only help you burn calorie, but lessen everyday stress.

The buzz of Power Yoga is tremendous, to know everything about this modernized style practice read the blog.

What Is Power Yoga?

health benefits of power yoga

The term was first of all coined in the early’90s. It is a modified form of Asthanga Yoga having quicker moves. The form of yoga is often described as vigorous, fitness-based physical activities.

Power Yoga comprises physical, mental, and spiritual aids of yoga with high-intensity, calorie-burning practice. The classic form of yoga has balanced physical, mental, and spiritual advantages. However, the enhanced style stresses more on physical wellness.

There are lots of factors which diversify modern Power Yoga from the classic one. In the next section, we have discussed the concern.

What Makes Power Yoga Different Form Traditional Yoga?

health benefits of power yoga

Power Yoga is an unconventional style of Yoga which stresses more on physical wellness. However, the classic style keeps a balance over physical, mental, and spiritual aids. This leading to the overall wellness of the body.

The updated form of Yoga stresses over on the physical strengthening through movement. This also helps in mental strength and increasing willpower. Whereas yoga is more about increasing flexibility and relaxation with different poses and stretching.

This style took away the rigidity of following the same routine of exercise every session. Changes and modification were brought to increase excitement and motivation. This brought up the new style of yoga term as Power Yoga.

Different Gurus have their own methodology; some follow the same routine of pose while some changes. Although everyone taking to the several benefits one can get with Yoga

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Power Yoga For Your Body

Yoga carries numerous advantages which lead to physical and mental wellness. Power Yoga is the intensified form of yoga which is more concentrated on strengthening.

However, this style is not very much distinct with the classic style but has own sets of benefits. Some of which are mentioned below:

#1. Augmented Stamina

Stamina can be termed as endurance which is the ability to endure energy. Regular and consistent practice of Power Yoga can elevate your stamina. This is possible because of the flow of the movements yet intense.

#2. Strengthened Muscles

Power Yoga is specially designed physical activity which effectively works toward strengthening your muscles. It has high-intensity advanced movement and poses. Apart from that, Power Yoga is a full body workout. The focus not laid solely on a single limb rather all.

#3. Weight Loss

Power Yoga for weight loss can help you lose weight too. Due to the fast movements and aerobic exercise calories burn faster. Additionally, muscle training and strengthening can lessen fat mass. Apart from these, Power Yoga effectively enhances metabolism which again works in calorie burning. This is how this new style of yoga stresses over weight loss.

#4. Boosts Your Immune System

Yoga lowers the stress hormones which inflict disorder on the immune system. It also stimulates the lymphatic system in order to get toxins out of your body. This practice evokes our mind about our food intake. Again, this leading to an enhance your immune system.

#5. Increases Your Flexibility

The practice accompanies of different poses and stretches which increases the stimulation in the body. This leads to a relatively increased flexibility. This means easing the movement of muscles and joints. Elevated flexibility reduces the risk of injury and your life becomes easy.

#6. You Can Sleep Better

As you know that Power Yoga is intense, it works of all part of your body. Every limb stretched and strengthened leading while practicing. Meanwhile, the in and out breathes are in harmony which relaxes and focuses your mind. All of these leading to better night sleep.

#7. Reduces IBS & Improves Other Digestive Disorders

Power Yoga restores the optimum health of the digestive system. The poses compress and massage the organ which increases the stimulation of the digestive organs. These effectively enhance the function of the system and often relieve digestive disorders.

#8. Eliminates Toxins

The practice of yoga involves stretching, pushing, pulling, compressing, twisting, building heat and elevating oxygen impelling in the whole body. Each of these activities eliminates waste product helping in detoxifying.

#9. Reduces Stress

Regular yoga sessions can help you with your stress and anxiety. Yoga encourages exercise, mindfulness, self-care and meditation which relieve your mind which eventually reduces stress. You learn to use the most powerful stress-relieving tool your breath to manage the stress and anxiety.

#10. Improves Posture

As mentioned earlier, yoga is all about poses. From the very first day, you can experience this. From your first pose, yoga teaches you to correctly align your body from head to toes. The most important thing is you learn how good posture feels like. It helps us to introduce these good alignments off the mat to our real life.

#12. Helps in Focusing

Yoga on a physical level stresses on how long we can maintain a challenging posture. It teaches us to use our drishti i.e. our view or gaze to increase our focus. While practicing, drishti helps to concentrate our consciousness of our body so that we can balance. This implies to our life too, when we focus on our goals, we automatically avoid distraction and achieve it.

#12. Takes to a Healthier lifestyle

Majority of people go for yoga for a trimmed figure. It doesn’t only improve your external appearance but improves your health. Yoga takes you to healthy lifestyles, you start skipping everything which is not good for you.

#13. Makes You Happy!

There numerous advantages of yoga but this is the best one. Regular yoga session will bring positivity in your life which acceptance and gratitude. It takes you to a new journey of life through serenity and happiness.

The Bottom Line

Power Yoga is not just a way of getting fit and healthy. It takes you to a healthy lifestyle, a way of new living. With yoga, you receive a vibe of positivist which reduces the stress and anxiety in your life. This takes you to happiness and brings contentment to you.

Power Yoga has not just remained to weight loss, it has numerous advantages. However, the only way you can discern these benefits is to unroll your mat and initiate today.

If you have any insights, questions or comments regarding power yoga, please share them in our Comment box below mentioned.

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