Introducing Marine Muscle | All-American Legal Alternatives to Steroids

Marine Muscle Reviews | All-American Legal Alternatives to Steroids

Marine Muscle was born out of frustration with the struggles people in American face with transforming their bodies. Our disgust with the multitude of ineffective poor-quality supplements that plagues the market in the United States today. Most of these products are not made in America.

Marine Muscle is about to change the way you use supplements forever. Because, The Product is made within United States exclusively for Americans.

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  1. About Marine Muscle
  2. Why choose Marine Muscle?
  3. Marine Muscle Ingredients
  4. Marine Muscle Reviews & Real Results
  5. A Complete Range of Products
  6. Stack, Gain & Save
  7. FAQS

 About Marine Muscle

What is, in Fact, Marine Muscle? Who is behind the supplement?

Marine Muscle steroid alternatives are premium nutrition and muscle-building supplement manufactured by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED. Being a dynamic market leader and innovator, he has been developing and supplying high-quality legal alternatives to steroids for more than a decade.

With a proven track-record of researching, developing, and creating legal steroid alternatives designed to help your body perform at its best, we understand the importance of excellence. This is the reason all of our products are developed in technologically advanced facilities approved by the FDA.


Marine Muscle Steroid Alternatives are made in the USA and are exclusively available to Americans. Marine Muscle products are 100% legal and are highly-effective alternatives to steroids like Dianabol, Anadrol, Deca-Durabolin, Clenbuterol, Anavar, Winstrol, and Trenbolone.

Here you will find the most potent products on the market you can buy without side effects or a prescription. Each Marine Muscle legal alternative to steroids is specially formulated with high-doses of cutting-edge ingredients for extreme results.

 Why Marine Muscle?

Why choose Marine Muscle?

Marine Muscle’s legal alternatives to steroids are specially formulated from high-grade ingredients. In fact, our quality control procedures ensure each product is tested for purity and potency.

The result is a range of superior nutrition and dietary products designed to help you perform at the very highest levels.

10 Reasons You Should Add Marine Muscle Steroid Alternatives to Your Supplement Regime:

  • Rapid growth in STRENGTH
  • Increased FOCUS and DRIVE
  • Dramatic increase in PROTEIN SYNTHESIS
  • Superior level of ENERGY, VITALITY & ENDURANCE
  • SAFE and 100% LEGAL steroid Alternative
  • NO NEGATIVE Side Effects
  • REAL RESULTS in as little as 30 DAYS!!
  • FREE Shipping (U.S. and CANADA) by USPS

These powerful features of Marine Muscle products help you transform your body and improve your physique. This is the reason it is the most potent alternatives to anabolic steroids you will find in the market.



Six Essential Ingredients: The MISSING LINK

Our extensive research and more than a decade formulating precision-engineered 6 essential ingredients missing from other products and brands in the market. When properly dosed and formulated, these ingredients are the missing link to massive muscle gains, strength, fat loss, size, stamina, and more.

Most people train hard and work out 5 to 6 days every week, consuming a staggering amount of protein, eating a healthy diet but are often encountered WITH LITTLE RESULTS.

The science behind consistently bulking up faster, cutting quick, and getting stronger require you go above and beyond the useless supplement available in the market. Only real and proven anabolic steroids trigger your body’s anabolic and thermogenic processes.

It’s very important to check and know about the ingredients of the Product you are about to use.


  • Pure Tribulus Terrestris: The mechanism of Pure Tribulus Terrestris increases the sperm count resulting in better muscle gain & strength. After several clinical types of research, it has been proved that the working of Pure Tribulus Terrestris is very different from the traditional anabolic steroids. That is why it is the safest form of herbal/anabolic extract to this day for muscle


  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): Talking about DHEA, it is a well-known clinically proven drug to speed up the metabolism and the bone density or strengthening the joints. According to some examiners, DHEA increases the libido level, but not proven yet. However, Marine Muscle and their research team are working on the dose of DHEA in each of their supplements.


  • Fenugreek: One of the ancient substance used by our ancestors as a multipurpose medicine. Clinical researches about Fenugreek shows that it can help in reducing the cholesterol level which is the main cause of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia


  • Pregnenolone: Pregnenolone, or pregn-5-en-3β-ol-20-one, is an endogenous steroid and precursor/metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of most of the steroid hormones, including the progestogens, androgens, estrogens, glucocorticoids, and mineralocorticoids. It’s clinically effective for fatigue, memory and increases sexual performance.


  • Alpha –Lipoic Acid: Lipoic acid, also known as α-lipoic acid and alpha lipoic acid and thioctic acid is an organosulfur compound derived from octanoic acid. ALA is essential for aerobic metabolism. Lipoic Acid is well known for improving blood flow around the body.


  • Pure Turmeric Extract: Turmeric is a wide used herb which has numerous benefits. Turmeric extract is made from organic Curcuma longa root and contains potent antioxidants known as curcuminoids that nutritionally support the cardiovascular system, colon, liver, prostate, and more. Clinically it is effective, for joint pain, muscular fatigue, and other problem and also works in interstitial bowel syndrome (IBS).


Marine Muscle has selected every ingredient according to its precise effects and under a safety realm. Every batch of Marine Muscle steroid alternatives is made in state-of-the-art, technologically advanced facilities approved by the FDA.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION – Ingredients of Marine Muscle products like Devil Dog, Alpha, Colonel, Gunner, Enduro, Trooper, Winger, Sergeant, Drill Mater.

Click on the Product images to see their ingredients, how to use & precautions.

 Reviews & Real Results

Real and Rapid Results

Every batch of Marine Muscle steroid alternatives is made in technologically advanced facilities approved by the FDA. Rest assured, you’re getting premium anabolic legal alternative to steroids scientifically formulated with pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

These ingredients are carefully selected to give you better, faster results unlike anything else on the market. Nothing comes close.

Bulk Faster, Cut Quicker, Get Stronger!

Some people get ahead quicker than the rest.  They get bigger, leaner, and stronger much faster than 80% of the population. They are 100% loyal, dedicated, and committed to improving and advancing their bodies to the highest rank. These warriors know they must improvise, adapt, and overcome. Marine Muscle’s legal alternatives to steroids make that possible!

 Range of Products


Here is the list of Marine Muscle Products with their effects and specialty. Each product of Marine Muscle have been named according to their functionality.

  1. Alpha- Supports lean muscles, improve vascular moments while cutting
  2. Enduro- Enhance your stamina and strength level remarkably
  3. Gunner- Increases overall growth of your body, fat burn, and stores energy into your muscles
  4. Trooper- Stimulates the secretion of Testosterone, enhance libido and performance
  5. Colonel- For a quick body transformation, it is an extreme fat burner!
  6. Drill Master- For the pro lifters, it gives maximum strength, growth to the muscles with high level of stamina
  7. Winger Increase body temperature, burns fats for energy and stamina
  8. Sergeant- For those who have man boobs, this one will targets the specific fats around your chest and hip
  9. Devil Dog- Muscle enhancing aid, stimulates muscle growth and boost up the stamina

You can select any of the above-listed product according to the desired body transformation

If you take my advice…They have created really great stacks available on Bulking, Cutting, and Strength!

To see the stack products Scroll Down!


The Product List of Marine Muscle has been divided into three major Stacks for better results.


Bulking Products

Bulking is an essential part of any bodybuilding, fitness, and training regimen where your major goals are to boost muscle mass, weight, and strength.  To achieve this requires correct training, nutrition, and supplementation.

Marine Muscle has scientifically formulated and designed specific supplements to maximize:

  • Muscle Size
  • Strength Gains
  • Body Weight

Marine Muscle’s bulking products are the most potent, legally available alternatives to muscle-building steroids in the United States.  If you’re ready to achieve monster-sized results, check out Marine Muscle’s bulking products now:

Bulking Range

Bulking Products

Get big fast with Marine Muscle’s premium bulking stack

 bulking stack

Cutting Products

Cutting is a crucial phase of just about every fitness, training, and bodybuilding program. After bulking up and packing on pounds of massive muscle, it’s time to shred visceral body fat.

This visceral body fat holds you back from a well-defined killer physique. Marine Muscle has carefully engineered cutting-edge supplements to:

  • Ignite powerful thermogenic effects
  • Shred Subcutaneous Body Fat 
  • Keep your hard-earned muscles in an anabolic state

The cutting products of Marine Muscle are the most hardcore, highly potent, fat-burning steroid alternatives available in the United States. And they are safe, side-effect free, and 100% legal. If you are ready to get lean, ripped, and burn away unwanted fat faster, check out Marine Muscle’s cutting products now:

Cutting Range

Cutting Products

Get ripped quickly with Marine Muscle’s premium Cutting Stack

cutting stack - add to cart

Strength Product

Look at any physical activity that benefits from increased strength, and you’ll find that to truly benefit from strength, you also need stamina. Yes, increased level of stamina provides the ability to exert strength for an extended period of time without fatigue.

Strength and stamina improve performance during long, high-intensity training sessions and also help accelerate muscle gains, size and definition.

Marine Muscle has developed advanced, next-generation supplements to maximize:

  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Performance
  • Muscle Gains

Our products are the most potent, effective and stamina building steroid alternatives legally available in the United States. Each product is a side-effect free and legal alternative to an anabolic steroid. If you’re ready to reign supreme in the gym or on the field, check out our strength and stamina products now:

Strength Range

Strength Product

Become freakishly strong with Marine Muscle’s Strength Stack

strength stack - add to cart

 Stack for Better Result


Get Bigger Gains and Save Money with Marine Muscle “Stacks”

Our Stacks are for people who take their training seriously!

Marine Muscle has created Stacks with our most popular and powerful legal alternative to steroids for whatever you need, from bulking up to shredding fat. If you want to turn your body into a lean, mean fighting machine, these are the Stacks for you!

To get the best results, Marine Muscle recommends an 8-week cycle in conjunction with disciplined diet and exercise. We also recommend you take 1.5 weeks off between cycles.

All products sold must be used according to the individual guidelines on the products and combined with a disciplined exercise and diet program.



FAQs – Questions Asked about Marine Muscle

Q#1: Are Marine Muscle Products Legal?

Of course! All Marine Muscle products are safe and 100% legal alternatives to hardcore anabolic steroids. Our products are not actually steroids. We carefully source all the ingredients to make sure you get the maximum results from the most powerful legally available steroid alternatives in the USA!

Please Note: this is an American brand for Americans – You will not be able to buy Marine Muscle products in the UK or Europe.


Q#2: Do I Need A Prescription To Buy Marine Muscle Products?

No prescription is needed to order our products, which are highly effective alternatives to anabolic steroids. These are the most potent non-prescription legal alternatives to steroids available in the USA!

Q#3: Do Marine Muscle Products Have Any Side Effects?

Marine Muscle is dedicated to providing you hardcore products that mimic real anabolic steroids and produce results with no side effects. We spend a great deal of time researching the best ingredients to use, and then sourcing them from the best suppliers.

Q#4: What Ingredients Does Marine Muscle Use?

A complete list of ingredients for our products can be found on the individual product pages. Marine Muscle’s powerful anabolic steroid alternatives only contain ingredients that are 100% safe and legal within the USA, and our products are made to the highest standards.

Q#5: Will Marine Muscle Products Show Up In A Sports Drug Test?

Sports doping tests have become stricter over the years, although some sports are stricter than others. As a result, some of the ingredients used in Marine Muscle products may show up in a drug test. If you participate in a sport where you may be drug tested, we strongly recommend that you seek expert advice from your coach, doctor, or official sports body. A complete list of ingredients can be found on each product page.

Q#6: How Do I Use Marine Muscle Products?

Each product page describes what the product is for, and how it should be used. It lists recommended usage amounts, along with other information to maximise your gains and achieve your goals.

Q#7: When Will I See Results?

When combined with a disciplined program of diet and exercise, Marine Muscle products will help you achieve great results within 3 to 4 weeks. The more dedicated and focused you are, the better the results. By following the product usage guidelines, a proper diet, and a regular exercise program, your hard work and discipline will pay off. Within a month, you will feel stronger, more energetic, and see big gains towards achieving the body you want.

Q#8: How Much Is Shipping?

We provide FREE SHIPPING within the USA and Canada. All packages are discreetly marked, in order to ensure your privacy.

Q#9: How Can I Make Payment?

You can pay online using Visa, MasterCard, and Amex. Our checkout system is quick, safe and secure, using 256-bit encryption. Your details are kept safe at all times!

There is no sales tax on our products and no hidden extras.

Q#10: What Is Your Refund Policy?

If you decide that a better body is not for you and you wish to return an order, please contact us at We offer refunds on unopened items up to 7 days after they are ordered.


To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the “Track” button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email, you should have received. Track Order Page.


In case, you need to contact Marine Muscle headquarters with a question or to provide us awesome feedback about Marine Muscle products Visit Here: Contact Us Page

So, this was all about marine muscle supplements. Now, if you are a bit short of time and want to skip some story, you can dive in straight into our Review Video featuring all marine muscle supplements.

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