Mariah Carey Debuts Her IMPRESSIVE New Look after Weight Loss

Mariah Carey Weight Loss

Mariah Carey’s Debuts DRAMATIC Weight Loss Transformation After Losing 25 Pounds!

Mariah Carey’s, The 48-year old singer/songwriter looked STUNNING in her black tight dress that highlighted her slim waist as she held hands with toyboy Bryan Tanaka for a dinner date. She teamed it with a pair of peep-toe black heels, which accentuated her slim legs.

Mariah Carey Weight Loss


The Star flaunted her newly TONED BODY and looks so happy and confident. She also poses for the cover of the spring 2018 issue of V magazine and well she looked REALLY very Sexy in her several saucy snaps. Mariah has lost almost about 25 pounds in three months and looks so happy and confident.

According to a source, Mariah got gastric sleeve surgery last year, which shrinks the size of the stomach.

A source told that “Mariah feels extremely INSECURE about her weight. She has also gone through weight fluctuation which makes her extremely upset.”

Mariah Carey Weight Loss

According to a source, “She truly feels that her weight loss surgery paid off because she is at her happiest when she is thin.”

In the last five years, Mariah had STRUGGLED a lot to shed the pounds. She is a popular star and had a huge career. She is been going through BIG changes that always affects her weight, both gain, and loss.

How Did Mariah Carey Lose 25 Pounds?

Mariah Carey Weight Loss

It is reported that she underwent a weight-loss surgery i.e. gastric sleeve surgery. In this surgery, a part of the stomach is removed so that the stomach doesn’t have much space to hold these extra foods.

As a result, you will eat less and therefore lose the EXTRA FLAB. Unless your extra weight become life-threatening or you’re over 100 lbs, you cannot undergo this surgery.

So, In that case, Mariah Carey did not qualify for the surgery. And she has not confirmed about these rumors. Therefore it’s all speculation that she got the surgery done and only made an appearance in December 2017 to show off her STUNNING FIGURE.

How did Mariah Carey get in SHAPE so quickly? Read on to find out!

Healthy Secret Out!

Mariah Carey Weight Loss

If you really want to know the secrets about Mariah Carey PERFECT FIGURE, then today is your lucky day! The US Star recently opened her secrets about her dramatic weight loss, shocking all of us with her painfully specific diet.

We have got some juicy details and few secrets that will help you out to get the INCREDIBLE BEACH BODY in short period of time!

#1. The Biggest SECRET is that she actually dieted for 3 months to shed the unwanted pounds. She has started exercising and doing WORKOUTS 3-4 TIMES PER WEEK combining cardio with resistance training.

Carey had undergone a cesarean section due to which exercise wasn’t part of her regime. She has started dieting EXTREMELY as she was unable to add exercise back to her schedule.  Mariah loves water workouts so she also started working out in the ocean to help lose her baby weight.

#2. Carey met with a health nutritionist to decide how many calories she should be eating per day. She started to follow her diet plan and stuck to a 1500 CALORIE DIET.

Carey made sure to eat LIGHTER MEALS every few hours which means less starch, less bread, less high GI foods and switch to more low GI foods such as baked clams, fish, vegetable soups and fruits such as blueberries and strawberries.

#3. Mariah Carey didn’t skimp on protein. She has added HIGH-QUALITY PROTEIN for losing weight to her diet plan. Protein is very essential if you really want to lose weight, as it curbs hunger pangs, fuels the body, increases metabolism and is also used as a natural energy booster.

Adding protein with carbohydrate-rich foods can actually SAVE calories, creating the calorie deficit needed to lose weight by satiating the body and maintaining fullness.

The Final Conclusion

Mariah Carey Weight Loss

Well, Mariah Carey confidence is soaring high and is very happy about her appearance now. She is now at a very good place in her life and doing well with her health.

So, surgery or not, We love Mariah Carey irrespective of what size she is. And we hope she continues being on a healthy diet and keeps singing and dancing. Good luck Mariah!

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