Mama June’s Amazing Weight-Loss Transformation! See The Final Results Here!

Mama June’s Amazing Weight-Loss Transformation! See The Final Results Here!

We often spend a lot of time sifting weight loss studies and asking super-toned celebrities about their health secrets. At the end of the day, shedding off the pounds is just as challenging as it is for anyone else.

But now….

Your idea to the weight-loss challenge may be influenced by this weight-loss reality show.


The reality star Mama June has finally revealed her incredible body transformation— and it is worth the wait!

She made the world shocked with her astounding body transformation, after dropping down from 460 pounds to a super-skinny size 4 in just a few months.

But the journey was a difficult one! She had to undergo serious exercise regimen followed by painstaking surgical procedures to lose weight.

No doubt! Mama June managed to shed pounds quickly, but the transformation didn’t happen overnight.

The reality star had been working for years on getting healthy and fit, suffered various setbacks and tackled many obstacles. She also shared her smart food swaps that led to her major weight loss – and they’re pretty smart. So let’s discuss…


What Exactly Mama June Ate to Go From 460 Pounds to Size 4

Mama June says that she had already cut out soda by the time she decided to undergo her weight-loss journey. She says she went “cold turkey,” giving up her usual three to four Mountain Dew Code Reds a day after she was in car accident and was told by a neurologist that she needed to stop drinking cola.

In a recent interview with People magazine, her fitness trainer, Kenya Crooks, shared a few of Mama June’s healthy eating strategies.

She tried out:-

  • Apple chips and grapes
  • Fruit-infused water instead of soda
  • Water with some strawberries and kiwi thrown

Mama June drinks Propel flavored waters when she’s too busy as infusion of fruit with water takes time. These healthier eating habits completely change her lifestyle and helped her achieving her weight-loss goals. But what has helped her in getting staggering body transformation. Let see…


Professional help is always a good thing when it comes to getting healthy-said Mama June

Mama June admitted that she needed a big motivator to finally put the work in to lose weight. After working with a professional trainer, her reasons went beyond getting healthy, in fact she undergone huge transformation.

She had been very supportive through everything, from offering helpful tips to holding her accountable for various lifestyle choices.

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Mama June revealed that walking three to five miles per day played a huge role in her weight loss. She’s committed to working hard to maintain her new weight, and said she never wants to fall back into the unhealthy habits that lead to her fat.

Mama June with professional trainer

Scroll through the gallery to get an in-depth look at June’s transformation

Mama June's weight loss


So amazing!!

Mama June's weight loss


From 460 to 160 pounds, that’s quite the transformation!

Mama June final results

She has been proud of her weight loss and isn’t afraid to show off the results. She’s now loving her own body and posting pics on social media of her slimmed-shaped figure.

This was a brief documentation of June’s transformation journey, hope you must have enjoyed it. We will continue to motivate Mama June in maintaining healthy lifestyle & wish her the very best in her personal and professional life.

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