Kevin Smith Drops 51-Pounds Weight Loss After Massive Heart Attack

Kevin Smith Drops 51-Pounds Weight Loss After Massive Heart Attack

Kevin Smith Shares Photos of His Incredible Weight-Loss Transformation

A newly slimmed Kevin Smith has a lot to celebrate!!

Kevin Smith, the 48-year-old comedian, and director of “Clerks” and other movies is celebrating his 51-pound weight loss after suffering a fatal heart attack in February.

Six months ago, Smith suffered a deadly heart attack that nearly killed him. After canceling an event, he was checked by the doctors who caught a potentially fatal blockage in his artery.

He was instructed by the doctor to lose quite a lot of weight if he wanted to stand a better chance against further complications. Well, it’s been six months and Smith proudly announced his new weight of 205 pounds, down from 256.

Kevin Smith shared a picture of himself looking healthier than ever to Instagram on Sunday.

When I went to my Doctor a week [after the heart attack], she told me “The best thing you can do for yourself now is to lose 50 pounds.” Half a year later, I can report that I followed Doctor’s orders: I started at 256 and now I weigh 205,” Smith captioned the jaw-dropping photo.

Alongside a picture of Smith looking healthier and thinner in a “Fat Man” T-shirt, he added, “This is the lightest I’ve been since high school!”

My hope now is I can slowly lose another 10 with #weightwatchers and get down to my birth weight of 195.”

The Mallrats director also thanked his daughter and doctor as well as Weight Watchers for which he became an ambassador in April.

Smith has now set his sights on a new goal, to lose another 10 pounds and settle at 195.

Check out Smith’s Instagram post below:

This @weightwatchers Ambassador is thrilled to announce that I’VE LOST 51 POUNDS! Six months ago from right now, I was in the hospital recovering from a heart attack I’d had the night before. When I went to my Doctor a week later, she told me “The best thing you can do for yourself now is to lose 50 pounds.” Half a year later, I can report that I followed Doctor’s orders: I started at 256 and now I weigh 205. This is the lightest I’ve been since high school! My hope now is I can slowly lose another 10 with #weightwatchers and get down to my birth weight of 195! But for now, I’m ecstatic to have reached this chunky milestone! I wanna thank #pennjillette for his book #presto, @raycronise for getting me started with his potato famine, and the good folks at #weightwatchers for their app-based program that made it easy to keep track of and control my eating! And I also wanna thank my kid @harleyquinnsmith – the little vegan astronaut who explored this meatless/milkless galaxy ahead of me, leading by example. Since I never wanted to see the inside of a hospital ever again, I simply copied the Kid. So this wasn’t a diet: these results came from a total lifestyle change of eating solely plant-based foods (which is tough because I hate vegetables). But mostly, I wanna thank all of you as well – for the kind and encouraging words along the way. Never underestimate the power of positive feedback: you folks telling me I looked better or healthier helped me stick with it. An encouraging word can really make a difference in someone’s life and your compliments kept me going! And just look where I went! #KevinSmith #WWambassador #WWFreestyle #WWFamily #WWBros #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #WWCommunity #ad *People following the Weight Watchers program can expect to lose 1-2lbs per week.

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Vegan Actor Kevin Smith Credits Incredible Weight Loss to Pen Jillette’s Diet Program

Kevin Smith is very clear that his weight loss success is due to more than just a diet. He claims that changes in his lifestyle schedule have helped him to reach his weight loss goals.

His dedication towards his family inspired him to avoid a second heart attack, resulting in continued success.

The filmmaker gave personal shout-outs to those who inspired and guided him on his weight loss journey including Penn Jilette’s who lost over 100 pounds and wrote the book Presto as well as radical nutrition scientist Ray Cronise, whose potato based mono diet plan helped him to change his physical transformation.

He is also thankful to several people including his teen daughter, harleyquinnsmith who set an example with her own vegan diet along with fans who offered support and encouragement along the way.

Smith has always been open about his weight loss journey. He mentioned that he started losing weight when he switches to a plant-based diet. And four weeks after the heart attack, he had lost 26 lbs.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss Secrets Revealed!

How Did Kevin Smith Lose Weight?

Kevin transformed himself from a hefty man into a lighter guy who is full of life and energy. He started his weight loss journey with the mono diet that allows him to eat only potatoes for the first two weeks and then adding salads and veggie soups over the next three months.

Here are few additional health and weight loss tips that Smith followed to reach a new milestone:

#1. Stop Sugary Food – Avoid sugary drinks in your diet plans and stay standing up! He is never seen sitting down to one place while shooting. Smith is either standing or walking around which helps him to increase metabolic rate. Also, he used to walk as close as five miles per day which help him to shed off the pounds.

#2. Read the Labels – Kevin was very careful about what he is eating and therefore he started reading the labels of the product before he ate anything. He decided to cut down sugar in his food and drinks.

#3. Taking Natural Juice – Smith started juicing at home. He used to take the juices that he would never normally eat. Kevin started improving, felt more energetic than ever. Then, he started to take mix juices of fruits and veggies which is a pure and perfect to keep yourself healthy. He was sure of following natural diet program to lose his weight.

Kevin was determined to live long and stop the sugar from building up in his system. He did succeed in losing pounds, and that is one big success story.

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