Judy Finnigan's weight loss

Judy Finnigan’s Amazing Weight Loss Secret Finally Exposed!

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Judy Finnegan, 69 unveils her slimmed down figure in a pretty floral black tunic top which featured blue and pink flower designs and fitted trousers as she stepped out in London with her husband Richard Madeley, 61.

The former of “This morning” Presenter looks stunning as she flaunts her staggering weight loss during a trip to a wine shop at supermarket Tesco with hubby Richard Madeley who was in the white tee and jeans carrying plastic bags in his hands.

Judy Finnigan's Weight Loss
Trip to a wine shop at supermarket Tesco with hubby Richard Madeley

NO DOUBT! Judy managed to shed pounds quickly but the astounding transformation was not so easy. 

Judy Finnigan’s Weight Loss journey is still a mystery to many.


According to the sources, Judy looks fabulous and really healthy. It seems that she’s has to undergo a serious regimen followed by painstaking procedures to lose weight.

Just a year ago, a different picture of Judy has been taken in which she showed off a slightly fuller figure.

But she was back in tip top shape as the couple was seen walking arm in arm as headed to buy wine bottles and groceries at the weekend.

Richard and Judy’s daughter, Chloe Madeley 30, who works out six times a day is a Personal trainer and a fitness expert.


Speaking to Chloe, about her parents exercise habits, she says that

‘’My dad is fit and healthy, goes for walks and watches what he eats”.

“My Mom has dodgy knees so she has to be with a really good specialist in order to move around and not injure herself any further”.

 As sources mentioned, Chloe said that

“I tried to get them stop eating mounds of white bread and it didn’t go down well at all”

As she was asked if she ever went out to the gym with her parents, Chloe replied,

“I want to. But no, my parents don’t work out with me”


However, it looks like Chloe managed to help her mother to change her lifestyle which makes Judy’s proud of her own weight loss and she isn’t afraid to show off.

Judy Finnigan’s Weight Loss transformation is becoming a talking buzz these days on social media and now she is happily flaunting her impressively toned slim fit body and curved waist.

Now, her fans are desperate to know how she has achieved her incredible results.

Judy Finnigan's Weight Loss
Judy & Richard with Chloe


If we you want to know more about Judy & Richard Read Here!

The couple met in 1982 when they worked on separate programs for Granada Television. At this time, each was in their first marriage.

The pair married in 1986 in Manchester and have two children together, jack and Chloe. They were the first host of This Morning in 1988 but left the show in 2001, moving on to the front early evening show Richard and Judy, which aired on Channel Four. This ended in 2008.


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This was a brief documentation of Judy Finnigan’s Weight Loss journey. We will continue to support Judy Finnigan in maintaining the healthy lifestyle and wish her the very best in her personal and professional life.

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