Jenna Jameson Shows Off 80-Pound Weight Loss | See Before & After Pics

Whosoever says, losing weight isn’t possible without a gym should meet Jenna Jameson.

The model and entrepreneur, earlier this week, took to Instagram and shared before-and-after pictures of her 80-pound weight loss.

The former adult star at the same time shared some of her unique personal tips onto getting healthy and back in shape.

She said,

Exercise is starting to pay off. Yes it’s true!! I’ve lost the weight I wanted, but I want to be feel toned. I am completely aware of the fact that at my age, it isn’t easy, as I’m almost 45”. Honestly speaking, I despise the gym. I feel self-conscious and anxious while being there. I thus told myself to strengthen myself by hiking my Batel (My daughter), walking as much as possible and running stairs. And it’s working.

She continued on her weight loss, “This progression proves you don’t have to spend hours in a gym…get out, move your body and live life!!!! #keto #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #fitmom #ketodiet #ketotransformation #healthylifestyle #heal #fitnessmotivation.


Jenna Jameson further in the comment section admitted that, “Her latest before and after pic spanned over six months”.

And for all those asking,

YES, the actress is yet following Keto diet along with an occasional sweet from the Good Chocolate.

Jenna Jameson has herself agreed that she has lost around 80 pounds of post-baby weight using the keto diet.

Keto diet really helps a lot in weight loss.

To know about Keto recipes which burn fat quickly, refer: Keto Recipes for Weight Loss

On November 5, 2018, Jenna, the mom of three revealed that she had far surpassed her goal.

Health Enigma reviews her progress in pictures, and rounds up all of the diet tips from attempting the Keto diet to focusing on mental health to cut out white foods. All these tips really helped out the 5-foot-7 star shed major pounds.

Jenna Jameson Tips on Weight Loss

Jenna Jameson said, the below mentioned tiny tricks really helped her out a lot losing 80 pounds on the Keto diet…

Keep Checking Progress


On Wednesday, December 19, Jenna Jameson once again wowed her Instagram followers with her weight loss pics!! This time, she posted three photos of her back over her entire weight loss journey.

“How cool are these progress shots? I am obsessed with seeing my healthy habits take action!”, she wrote.

Actress further added,

“The first image is of time when I began my quest at 200 lbs, the second was close to goal weight at 127 and the last is at finally my happy place 120. “

She credit intermittent fasting for her skin tightening.

She wrote, “once again I can’t stress how important taking progress picture is! It genuinely helps my motivation immensely.”

Shop the Outer Grocery Aisles


For a #mondaymotivation post on December 17, 2018, Jameson shared one another amazing set of before and after photos. Sharing diet tips with her insta followers, actress revealed a few more ways of shedding 80-plus pounds:

“Purged my kitchen of all processed foods. I don’t feed my family processed food. I barely EVER eat out. I accept that slow progress is PROGRESS. I take the progress pictures to keep myself motivated. I only shop the perimeter at the market.”

She further added:

“Most importantly, I treat myself with love and patience.”

Comparing Skin Before and After


Yes, its true that keto diet has helped Jameson a whopping drop 80-plus pounds. However, it’s also the fact that her new size isn’t the only physical benefit she received.

She on December 12, 2018 posted,

I’ve never talked about how changing my diet has impacted the inflammation in my body. Its not only my face which has changed from weight loss. But eating entire foods and next to zero processed foods has contributed a lot in my skin enhancement.

Actress further added,

“Less puffiness, we all can go for that!“ Another plus? “My joints now don’t ache anymore.

Updating Daily Menu


On December 3, 2018, Jameson revealed the new daily menu she used to follows on Keto:

“I wake up at 8 am and have a cup of coffee and sugar free Italian sweet creamer,” actress wrote on Instagram. “At 11 a.m., I moves onto breakfast. In breakfast, I use to have hard boiled eggs prepared already in my fridge. So I peel there, cut a full avocado, add it together and then sprinkle with ‘everything but the bagel seasoning.’’ After that “At 2 p.m., I cook a steak in a pan with avocado oil and then have it over arugula.” “At 4, I have snacks on about a cup of cottage cheese.” Then after, “At 5, I prepare salmon in the oven with lemon butter and dill. I usually like to pair it with asparagus or broccoli.”. After all this, she said, she fasts from 6 p.m. to 11 a.m. the next day, keeping herself hydrated with plenty of water and having tea whenever she desires.

Mind your mental health


“Let’s talk self-doubt and healthy thinking,” actress wrote on September 9. “According to me, my body has decided this is my ideal weight, 125. My unhealthy mind keeps thinking, I need to be 110. I very quietly say ‘not today, demon’ I just won’t cave  to those voices which tell me I need to be a size 0 to get loved.”  

Jenna further revealed,

Now she had turned her complete focus to self love:

“When I look in the mirror now, I see health and happiness, and that alone is now my fuel to continue this lifestyle.”

While majority of the Jenna’s followers supported her weight loss, some were also there who criticize here for that. At time when one of her follower suggested she “stay off the drug,” Jenna as expected,  chooses to fire back.

“I’m sober and in recovery. See, sobriety gives a person patience and gratefulness”, she responded. “I hope you find peace, so that you don’t feel the need to attack a stranger for no reason.”

Overall, Jenna Jameson, being a complete positive person, is focused onto all the positive comments she has received from fans and followers.

Beside all this, one most important thing is that the actress is savoring time with her daughter, which makes the holidays extra special.

“Happy Thanksgiving from the Bitton family! My life is continuously delivering causes to be grateful,” Jenna posted on Instagram. “Thank you God for the strength to turn up everything around!”

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