is black tea good for weight loss

Black Tea for Weight Loss: 6 Benefits + Best Time to Drink Your Cup

Who would have thought weight loss can be as simple as brewing a cup of black tea?

In recent years, weight loss enthusiasts are overwhelmed with numerous weight loss programs. And most of them include rigorous dieting, workouts, and a complete lifestyle change. 

But one method that has been hiding in the shelves in small bags all this while was tea for weight loss. 

While weight loss has become critical in maintaining a healthy body, it’s no more a challenge. 

And what’s better than our good old black tea for weight loss? However, keeping the hype aside is black tea good for weight loss?

Well, when it comes to weight loss, green tea might be the king, or is it?

Not much to surprise, soon researchers began to examine other types of tea for weight loss too.

And it took no time for black tea to come up with weight loss benefits and rule the heart of weight loss enthusiasts.

The new findings suggested that with their ability to alter gut bacteria, black teas have effective weight loss properties and one can use it in their weight loss diet.

Black tea has its own mechanism to process weight loss, and it comes with certain dos and don’ts too!

So, let’s see how actually is black tea good for weight loss


How is Black Tea Good for Weight Loss?

Black tea for weight loss

Almost everyone loves tea which makes it the most consumed beverage around the world.

It originates in East Asia and like many other teas, it is also extracted from the shrub of Camellia Sinensis.

And as compared to other beverages like green tea, oolong tea, and white tea, it is more oxidized and has a strong flavor and reddish color. 

Moreover, in the current scenario, most people are preferring healthy detox teas like cinnamon tea, herbal tea, green tea, and black tea. 

And out of all these, the most enjoyable one happens to be black tea. 

Adding to this, black tea has rich and strong flavors and has already become a popular name in the world of weight loss. 

To elaborate, black tea is the most oxidized variant and, if moderately consumed, its antioxidants can help regulate cholesterol levels and assist in weight loss. 

So, if you’ve been thinking is black tea good for weight loss, the word is out! It is actually one of the best additions you can make to up your weight loss game. 

Notably, as per research done by UCLA researchers, a study done on mice demonstrated that black tea may promote weight loss and other health benefits by changing bacteria in the gut.

Most importantly, black tea contains 2-4% of caffeine which helps in breaking down stubborn fat and boosts the basal metabolic rate. 

That is to say, it helps in weight loss by breaking down fat and increasing the metabolism by giving you instant energy. 

  • Black tea contains polyphenols that repair and detoxify the cell-damaging radicals.
  • Its fermentation reduces antioxidants like catechins, tea flavins, and polyphenols that help our body with weight loss.
  • It contains a high amount of caffeine that stimulates the body to burn belly fat.

Unsurprisingly, black tea has quickly become a tummy fat-reducing tea.


6 Black Tea Benefits for Weight Loss

Expect these weight loss benefits with your daily cup of black tea:

  1. Positive changes in the gut bacteria
  2. Fewer calorie intake
  3. Better fat ditribution
  4. Decrease in triglyceride Levels
  5. Better metabolism
  6. Controlled sugar cravings

The main reason for all these pros of black tea is the two essential components of black tea, which are caffeine and antioxidants. 

Not to mention, it is also loaded with vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and a plant-based antioxidant called Flavonoids. 

So, naturally, it boosts antioxidant levels and keeps you looking young. Not only this, it improves heart health, boosts immunity and energy levels, and helps burn belly fat.

Here are the reasons why you must include black tea in your weight loss diet:

#1. Changes Gut Bacteria

As found in a study published in the European Journal Of Nutrition, black tea contributes to weight loss and good health with the help of specific mechanisms through the gut microbiome.

Moreover, the study also demonstrated that black tea reduced gut bacteria associated with obesity and increased the gut bacteria associated with the growth of lean muscle mass.


#2. Fewer Calories As compared to Other Beverages

Calories are directly proportional to weight. So, in order to lose those extra pounds, you have to control the number of calories you intake. 

A wiser way to do this is by replacing high-calorie drinks like alcohol with comparatively low-calorie drinks like black tea. 

It is naturally a calorie-free beverage that can lead you to better weight loss.


#3. Improves Body Weight and Fat Distribution

Black tea is loaded with flavonoids which is a polyphenol. This mechanism helps regulate body weight and fat distribution.

According to a study published in the medical journal Food & Function, a double-blind study for 6 months was done on 111 men and women who regularly drank tea. 

It was divided into two groups in which one group drank black tea and the other drank a placebo. 

And as compared to those who drank a placebo, the black tea group demonstrated inhibited weight gain and reduction in waist circumference.


#4. Decreases the Triglyceride Levels

The flavonoids present in black tea can not only hold back inflammation-induced obesity but also lower visceral fat and triglyceride levels. 


#5. Increases Metabolism

Undoubtedly, black tea is very well capable of boosting your stamina and energy level. 

To elaborate, black tea leaves are exposed to the sun and enable oxidation, which, in turn, is responsible for the rise in metabolic activity. 

This process, as a result, makes the body super energetic, leading to weight loss.


#6. Reduces Sugar Cravings

Fortunately, black tea is now available in numerous exotic flavors and can help you tame your sugar cravings. 

When consumed regularly, black tea can help you reduce sugar cravings and take control of your calorie intake as well. 


So, is drinking black tea good for weight loss?

Hell yeah!!

Weight loss is no cakewalk and one needs to be disciplined in order to conquer their body weight goals.

Haven’t you guessed yet what I am talking about?

Well, to put it straight, I’m talking about the best time to drink black tea for weight loss.


When to Drink Black Tea for Weight Loss?

Black tea is the best type of tea, and the right time to consume it to lose weight is 30 minutes after breakfast and lunch. 

Since it improves digestion, it’ll undoubtedly help you lose extra weight too. 

But for that, you need to know how to make black tea.


How to Make Black Tea for Weight Loss?

How to Make Black Tea for Weight Loss

Here is how you can quickly make a cup of black tea for your weight loss diet.

#1. Black Tea Bags

  • Take a black tea bag of your favorite brand.
  • Boil a Cup of water.
  • Dip the tea bag in a hot cup of water and leave it for 3 minutes.
  • Remove the teabag, add some honey, stir it nicely, and you are good to go!

#2. Black Tea Leaves

  • Boil a cup of water in a teapot.
  • Add some black tea leaves and cover them with the lid.
  • After 2-3 minutes, strain the leaves and enjoy it with your favorite sweetener. 

These were the two basic ways to make black tea. Now, to enhance the flavors, you can follow the following tips:

  • Use filtered tap water instead of distilled water.
  • Steep the tea for at least 2-5 minutes.
  • You can add a little sugar or jaggery to enhance its health benefits.
  • You can add ingredients like ginger and lemon juice to enhance the taste and accelerate the weight loss process.

So, is black tea with lemon good for weight loss was in your search box? Then, know that the answer is yes. 

It not only adds to the taste but also amplifies the fat-burning process.

Moreover, considering the fact that black is acidic in nature, it’s important to keep in mind the quantity you consume along with the best time to drink black tea.


How Many Cups of Black Tea a Day to Lose Weight?

I am sure “is black tea helpful for weight loss” is no longer a query for you. 

We have discussed enough to convince you that Black tea is good for weight loss.

However, what you need to keep in mind is the quantity of its consumption.

In general, you can drink several cups of black tea in a day. But because of its high caffeine content, you must limit it to 3 cups only. 

Notably, if consumed more than 5 cups, it may cause stomach discomfort. 

So, if you have to look for a natural way to lose weight, black tea is as effective as green tea. 

But having said that, let’s dig a little deeper and run a showdown between green and black tea to find out what is the best tea to drink for weight loss.


Green Tea vs Black Tea for Weight Loss

Both the teas come from the leaves of the same plant. But what makes them different is the processing of the tea. 

That is to say, black tea leaves are most processed as compared to green tea leaves; hence, their nutritional content is different. 

Let’s look at the following factors to understand the difference:

#1. Origin

Black tea – Camellia Sinensis

Green tea – Camellia Sinensis

#2. Processing

Black tea – Fermented and oxidized

Green tea – Fermented

#3. Antioxidant

Black tea – Yes, but less than green tea

Green tea – Yes

#4. Caffeine

Black tea – 40-100mg per cup

Green tea – 8-30mg per cup

#5. Acidic

Black tea – High

Green tea – Less

#6. Taste

Black tea – Strong and very bitter

Green tea – Mild and less bitter

#7. Best With

Black tea – With/without milk with few drops of lemon

Green tea – Without milk

Although green tea and black tea both have infinite health benefits, green tea has more antioxidants and black tea has more caffeine, both of which are needed for weight loss. 

So, now if you are wondering which is better for weight loss, it’s upon you to make the choice depending upon the taste and your caffeine tolerance. 


Concluding Thoughts

Black tea for weight loss is a real thing, and every time you sip a cup of it, you get closer to your weight loss goals. 

I agree it’s slightly bitter at first, but once you develop a taste for it and make it your habit, black tea will become a permanent companion in your weight loss journey. 

But don’t expect drastic changes in just a teacup. It’s a natural way and will take some time to show visible changes.

However, for better and expected results, you can incorporate it into your daily routine with a healthy diet, exercise, and proper rest.

So, worry not!

With black tea, weight loss is your cup of tea!



Here’s everything else you need to know if you’ve been wanting to include black tea in your weight loss diet.

#1. What happens if you drink black tea every day?

High quantities of black tea can cause negative effects on health due to the high caffeine content in it. The side effects can vary from mild to severe.

This includes headache, nervousness, vomiting, irritability, and irregular heartbeat.


#2. Is black tea with milk good for you?

Adding milk may cut down the potent antioxidants present in black tea. 

Studies suggest that adding milk to tea may inhibit the active components and delay the benefits. However, you can add it to enhance the taste.


#3. Can black tea burn belly fat?

Black tea is jam-packed with nutrients, antioxidants, and caffeine that reduce inflammation and improve health.

Its natural high caffeine content makes it ideal for burning belly fat and losing weight.


#4. What does black tea do to your body?

Black tea has innumerable health benefits. Not only is black tea good for weight loss, but it is also good for your heart and digestive system.


#5. What are the disadvantages of black tea?

Black tea can worsen anxiety disorders, worsen anemia in people with iron deficiency, slows blood clotting, and, due to high caffeine, it can cause irregular heartbeats as well.


#6. Does black tea remove toxins from the body?

The plant-based antioxidants and other phytonutrients help black tea in removing toxins from the body and push the healing process. It fights skin problems and blemishes and helps delay aging. 

So, with this, we’ve come to the end of today’s blog. Hopefully, the above information was of much help to you. We would love to hear back in the comments section down below.

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