Immune Defence Reviews

Immune Defence Reviews: Does It Work To Boost Up Immunity Power?

Is It Possible to Boost Immunity with a Food Supplement?

Well, Immune Defence has made it easier for you to raise your body’s defence mechanism against viruses and bacterias.

Immunity gets compromised by many factors.

It can be long-term stress or undue pressure on the nervous system. 

As a result, you may end up feeling tired and that reduces your body’s capacity to fight off pathogens. 

With time, our bodies have become pretty good at fighting off common cold and cough. Though, you will notice people with a weak immune system often take longer to recover. In fact, they are susceptible to catch these infections more frequently. 

While you can’t do much about infections as we’re constantly exposed to different pathogens, Immune Defence is the absolute best way to protect your immunity against damage from these intruders.

Read this Immune Defence Reviews to know what Immune Defence is and how it will protect you.

Or directly head on over to the Official Website to find out what the makers have got to say about Immune Defence!



Immune Defence Reviews: What Is Immune Defence?


Immune Defence is a food supplement to boost and strengthen the body’s immunity system.

The daily dose of vitamins and minerals present in Immune Defence supports your body’s defence mechanism. Thus, enhancing its capacity to overcome infections and their symptoms.

So, you gain the ability to ward off harmful pathogens your body gets exposed to on a consistent basis. 

The supplement comes in the form of lozenges that dissolve quickly on the tongue.

It carries a pleasant taste so that you can easily consume it daily. 

Plus, Immunity Defence can also be taken by teenagers and adults alike.

In fact, it can be taken by anyone above the age of 12. 

Science says Zinc and Vitamin C play a crucial role in the maintenance of the immunity system.

Now, the issue is we usually lack the required amount of these nutrients.

This offers a gateway to harmful pathogens to cross the barriers of our immune system and enter the cells. 

The composition of Immunity Defense takes care of this by providing the body with essential immunity-boosting nutrients in the right dosages. 

The Immune Defence lozenges are formed with Zinc, Vitamin C, A, and E. This enables the body to fight off common cold and usual infections while alleviating its symptoms and duration.

Let’s have a detailed look at the supplement’s working mechanism.

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How Does Immune Defence Works?

How Does Immune Defence Work

Firstly, taking Immune Defence supplement doesn’t mean your body will not get attacked by viruses and bacterias.

It just means that your body will be more capable to suppress the effects and kill off these pathogens.

You can either choose to take this supplement daily to keep your immune system ready at all times.

Or you can take it within 24 hours from the onset of the first symptom of a cold. This will help alleviate the symptoms and severity of the illness.

The lozenges have a soothing aniseed flavor.

As soon as you consume a lozenge, it bathes the back of the throat with zinc ions and vitamin C. 

Thus, enhancing the body’s absorption of these nutrients that are vital for immunity.

Check Out the Following Points to Understand How Exactly Immune Defence Works:

  • Provides an added boost of essential nutrients and heightens the body’s capacity to guard against potential threats 
  • Prepares your body for the flu season by perking up the concentration of immunity-boosting nutrition
  • Alleviates the symptoms of flu and reduces the severity of common cold and cough
  • Cuts the duration of infection and speeds up the recovery process
  • Strengthens the immune system to eliminate any kind of bacteria or virus that may already reside inside the body


Protect Your Whole Family Against Pathogens


The Science Behind Immune Defence

Immune Defence Review

Immune Defence is manufactured and supplied by Swiss Research Labs Ltd. And all their products are backed by rigorous scientific research and literature. 

Moreover, there are studies that show Zinc gluconate, when taken in the form of lozenges, help reduce the timeline of the symptoms of the common cold. 

So, the supplement does have substantial scientific evidence backing its effectiveness. 

Most importantly, it has zinc that plays a myriad of roles when it comes to cell division and DNA replication. 

It is due to this that zinc has a crucial role in many immunological functions. 

Do you know Macrophage, an important cell for proper immune function, is adversely affected by zinc deficiency?

For that reason, Immune Defence contains the right amount of zinc that, when taken according to instructions, will enable the normal development of natural killer cells. 

Besides zinc, this supplement also has other ingredients that provide vitamins and minerals. 

We have two subsystems within the immunity system of our bodies.

One is called innate and the other is adaptive immunity system. 

Vitamin C present in Immune Defence supports the cellular functions of both these immune systems. 

Plus, the nutrient is a strong antioxidant that accumulates in neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) and generates microbial killing. 

Each lozenge in Immune Defence has 2.5mg of Vitamin C and 3.5mg of Elemental Zinc. And you can take up to 4 capsules in a day. Thus, significantly boosting the immune function each day.


Immune Defence Ingredients

Immune Defence Ingredients

Now, let’s take a look at its immunity-boosting nutrient content. 

Well, Immune defence not only has zinc and vitamin C but it also contains other herbs.

These herbs add to the effects of already present vitamin C and Zinc Gluconate.

Here are all the Immune Defence Ingredients and their role in boosting immunity:

#1. Rose Hip Powder

The use of rosehip powder to boost immunity goes way back when many people used it to treat colds. 

The main reason for including it in the formula of Immune Defence is its high concentration of vitamin C. Besides, rosehip is also full of vitamin E, B and other minerals. 

It’s considered rosehip has more vitamin C than citrus fruits.

Unfortunately, rosehip cannot be taken as food. It only comes from a wild rose and is not available naturally in foods.

Thus, a supplement containing it offers easy consumption.

#2. Acerola Powder

Acerola is a cherry plant and has been traditionally used to treat diarrhoea, colds, and coughs. 

In a study conducted to compare the Vitamin C content of three fruits, Acerola was found to have the maximum amount of ascorbic acid and vitamin C. 

Certain studies also suggest acerola is a known antioxidant.

Thus, making it a good option to prevent certain illnesses and free radical damage. 

One of the most notable things about acerola powder is its ability as a natural vitamin C supplement. And when combined with other rich sources of vitamin C, like in Immune Defence, it can be really beneficial to prevent cold and cough. 

#3. Zinc Gluconate

We already know the important role of Zinc in the maintenance of a healthy immune function.

But most people don’t know Zinc is only useful for immunity when taken in the form of Zinc Gluconate. 

Many studies show the effects of this Zinc type in decreasing the episodes of infection. Further, it has been proven to be particularly effective to reduce severe and acute lower respiratory functions. 

Scientific data indicates Zinc deficiency also plays a role in inflammation.

This can elevate immune response as well as cause damage to host tissue.

So, when your body has the required amount of zinc, it can ward off excessive inflammation. 

#4. Oil of Aniseed

This oil is extracted from the seeds of the herb “Pimpinella anisum.”

Aniseed oil has antiseptic properties and has been traditionally used to treat whooping cough.

Animal studies have shown aniseed oil to reduce inflammation. So, it has a role in promoting a healthier body while protecting you from diseases. Moreover, this herb is also high in antioxidants helping reduce oxidative damage as well.

Due to its antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s often used to cure stomach ulcers.

It’s believed aniseed oil can improve many aspects of health.

In the Immune Defence formula, it can help to fight off infections by preventing excess inflammation.

These were some of its active ingredients that play a role indirectly affecting the immune system’s barrier to infectious diseases. 


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Immune Defence Benefits

Due to the use of effective and clinically backed-ingredients, Immune Defence has potent properties to accelerate immunity.

Following Are Some of the Immune Defence Benefits You Can Expect with the Recommended Consumption:

  • Natural Defence During Flu Season – Immune Defence offers an added boost to your immunity system by replenishing body’s stores of zinc and vitamin C. As it’s common to fall ill during flu season, some added nutrition will help you stay resistant to infections.
  • Shorten the Duration of Cold and Coughs – This supplement can help relax the symptoms of cold and flu. You just have to take it as soon as the early signs of illness appear. Thus, it helps to limit the effects of illness.
  • Boosts Immunity in Elderly People Old people are more prone to infections as they lack essential nutrients to prevent it. A daily dosage of Immune Defence will keep their nutrition on point. Hence, this will help in preventing cold and flu. 
  • Easy Consumption Immune defence supplementation offers a feasible and easier solution to boost immunity. You can store it anywhere and it’s also easy to consume on the go as it gets dissolved in the mouth.
  • Packed Full of Proven Ingredients The best part about Immune Defence is its inclusion of only those compounds that are clinically tested to be effective. It has a precise list of ingredients without anything nasty. So, it also won’t cause side effects. 


Immune Defence Reviews: Dosage and Side Effects

Immune Defence Dosage

Immune Defence supplementation is only for those who are above 12 years.

So, it’s quite safe for adults and teenagers. 

Following Are the Immune Defence Dosage Instructions By the Manufacturer:

  • Take 1 lozenge every two hours when required or when suffering from an infection
  • Take up to 4 lozenges daily for ongoing immune support
  • Do not take more than 4 lozenges in a day
  • Consume within 24 hours of the first sign of cold and cough for quick recovery

Nevertheless, you have the option to take it either when you start feeling sick or daily to keep your system strong.

As for side effects, even daily use of Immune Defence is quite safe. The main reason is its inclusion of only natural ingredients at required dosages. 

As excessive zinc is also not good for your body, the makers have capped its concentration under the safe levels. 

Still, Take the Following Precautions to Avoid Any Potential Immune Defence Side Effects:

  • Do not exceed the daily recommended dose of 4 lozenges
  • Consult your doctor before taking the supplement if you’re pregnant or lactating
  • Do not give this supplement to those under 12 years of age
  • Ask a healthcare professional before taking Immune Defence if you’re already on any other medications
TAKE NOTE: Overdosing can cause abdominal pain, nausea, or anaemia. Plus, excessive dosage can affect copper absorption resulting in a copper deficiency. So, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for consumption.

Now, let’s have a quick go through of the specific strengths and weaknesses of the immunity supplement.


Enhance Immunity Against Virus Attack with Immune Defence


Immune Defence Pros 

  • Use of only safe and natural ingredients in clinically recommended daily dosage to improve the body’s defences against common infections.
  • Suitable and effective for a wide age group exceeding the age of 12 
  • Manufactured and supplied by a trustworthy and reliable company that specializes in the production of health products
  • Made of only natural vitamins, minerals, and plant extracted herbs
  • Can be safely consumed by vegetarians and vegans
  • No potential side effects when taken in recommended amounts 
  • Easy consumption in the form of lozenges
  • Available in multiple combo packs to suit different needs and consumer groups
  • Huge savings on direct purchase of different bottle sizes
  • No extra shipping and handling charges
  • 100 days money-back guarantee policy


Immune Defence Cons

  • Only available to purchase from the Official Website
  • Can’t be taken by those on antibiotics or drugs such as Tetracyclines


Where to Buy Immune Defence [Packages and Pricing]

You can buy Immune Defence directly from its Official Website –!

Moreover, Immune Defence Packages are available in different sizes.

Pick one that is compatible with your needs and budget. 

Here are the package options for buying Immune Defence:






Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

Price for 1 minute

Basic Pack


Retail: $54.95


Savings: $10.00

Price Per Day: $1.50

Fast & Free Shipping

Family Pack


Retail: $164.85


Savings: $50.00

Price Per Day: $1.28

Fast & Free Shipping

Family Pack Plus


Retail: $274.75


Savings: $100.00

Price Per Day: $1.17

Fast & Free Shipping



Immune Defence Price is quite affordable considering the savings you get with your purchase. Plus, the manufacturer also offers the facility of free worldwide shipping. 

And in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you always have the option to get assured returns. 

Buying from the official site offers a no-risk 100 days money-back guarantee whereby you can return the unused bottle within 100 days of receiving the package. 

But remember this guarantee is only applicable when you buy more than one month’s supply package. 

NOTE: We highly recommend you to go for any of the family packs. It’s not only more cost-effective but you also get many months’ supply at once.

For more details on the shipping and return policy, you can directly get in touch with the manufacturer.

Else check out the FAQ section at the end of this blog to clear common doubts related to Immune Defence.


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Now, let’s understand how your immune system works to comprehend the long-term effects of Immune Defence supplementation.


How Does the Immune System Work? 

Immune System

Your immune system has a crucial role to play.

It protects your body from the harmful substances you come in contact with almost every day. 

So, it’s quite understandable that, without a properly functioning immune system, you’re likely to get seriously ill. 

The Main Functions of the Body’s Immune System Are:

  • To fight and remove harmful bacteria, parasites, fungi, and viruses from the body
  • Preventing disease-causing changes in the body
  • To neutralize illness-causing germs 
The immune system gets automatically activated whenever a parasite enters your body and attaches to immune cells. Proteins on the surface of bacteria or fungi get in contact with the special receptors on the immune cells. 

Thus, the whole process of fighting off these germs gets initiated in-vivo.

Moreover, there can be two scenarios. 

One in which the body encounters the germs for the first time and then tries to fight it off.

In this case, it stores information about the germ and how to kill it.

This way there are better chances of you getting over the illness if the same pathogens attack your body again.

On the other hand, the body already knows how to kill germs that enter through the skin or digestive systems.

This brings us to the functioning of adaptive and innate immunity systems. 

Innate and Adaptive Immune Systems

Innate and Adaptive Immune System

The main difference between innate and adaptive immune systems are the differences in their working mechanisms. 

However, until and unless these two work together harmoniously, it’s very difficult for the body to recover from illnesses. 

On one hand, the innate immune system is the first line of defence against any pathogen that the body encounters.

For this reason, it’s also called non-specific defence as it doesn’t involve any memory of the pathogens. 

The Innate System Comprises:

  • Anatomical barriers, such as skin and acidity of stomach secretions
  • Phagocytic cells, such as monocytes, macrophages, and neutrophils

These are key white blood cells that engulf and kill any germs or microorganisms harmful for the body.

But when it comes to adaptive immunity, things are radically different. 

Adaptive immunity is also called specific immunity as it’s an acquired or learned immunity function. 

As opposed to innate immunity, adaptive immune systems involve “immunologic memory.” 

This basically means your system works faster at fighting off these germs the second time they enter your body based on the recorded memory of antigens.

Adaptive Immunity works at stimulating the production of antibodies to target specific pathogens and kill them off. 

Further, Adaptive Immunity Mainly Includes:

  • B lymphocytes (B cells), and 
  • T lymphocytes (T cells).

These cells attack and neutralize foreign pathogens and sometimes even kill infected cells.

Well, it’s an intricate balance between innate and adaptive immunity that protects your body from diseases.

But how does Immune Defence supplement factor into all this?

Let’s find out.


Role of Immune Defence in Boosting Innate and Adaptive Immune Systems


Here, we’re going to explain the role of vitamin C and Zinc present in Immune Defence in enhancing the innate and adaptive immune systems. 

How Vitamin C Helps with Innate and Adaptive Immune Systems?

  • Stimulates production of white blood cells, such as neutrophils, lymphocytes, and phagocytes
  • Helps with cellular motility and phagocytosis (the process by which phagocytes kill foreign pathogens)
  • Encourages the function of white blood cells that kill bacteria and viruses  
  • Increases serum levels of antibodies
  • Prevents oxidative damage in white blood cells
  • Enhances the natural activity of killer cells in the immune system

What Is the Role of Zinc in Innate and Adaptive Immune Systems?

  • Enhances the phagocytic activity of neutrophils and macrophages
  • Encourages the immune-cell ability to produce oxidants to kill pathogens
  • Affects lymphocyte number and functions, particularly T lymphocytes
  • Limits oxidative stress and excess inflammation
  • Prevents damage of cells involved in the functioning of innate immunity

As you can see, both Vitamin C and Zinc are crucial in maintaining the inner balance between innate and adaptive immune subsystems. 

NOTE: Most adults, especially the older population, lack these micronutrients in their dietary intake. That’s why experts recommend supplementing for these nutrients as even a marginal decrease can severely affect the immunity response.

This is where Immune Defence supplementation will prove useful to you.

The dosage is designed to meet daily required amounts of nutrition.

Thus, assisting the body in regulating immunity function.

Before leaving, do have a look at these commonly asked questions about Immune Defence to get answers to your queries.


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

#1. Who Should Use Immune Defence?

The daily supplementation can be used by anyone who is above the age of 12.

Adults who feel they have a compromised immune system should definitely try Immune Defence.

Further, elderly people more prone to Zinc deficiency and illness can also use it.

The supplement can help provide the immune-boosting compounds to enhance the body’s resistance to viruses and bacterias.

#2. Will Immune Defence Offer Protection from the CoronaVirus?

There is no scientific data to suggest that the supplement will offer protection from the Coronavirus.

Nonetheless, its optimal dose of zinc and essential vitamins will surely help ward off viruses and germs.

Plus, it will make your immune system better prepared to fight infections.

For better protection against coronavirus, try washing your hands often, use a tissue to cover your mouth when you sneeze, and practice social distancing.

#3. Who Is the Manufacturer of Immune Defence?

The manufacturer and supplier of Immune Defence is Swiss Research Labs Ltd.

The company specializes in creating health and wellness products backed by scientific literature.

#4. Where is Immune Defence Manufactured?

The supplement’s manufacturing facilities are present in the UK.

They have been producing health food supplements for over 40 years.

And all the products comply with the strict regulations of health safety and hygiene.

#5. How Does Immune Defence Work?

The Immune Defence lozenges dissolve quickly on the tongue providing the body with an instant boost of zinc and vitamins. 

When taken at the onset of an illness, it can alleviate the severity of the symptoms and help in speedy recovery.

Or it can also help make the immunity system strong over time when taken according to a daily dosage.

#6. Does Immune Defence Have Any Side Effects?

No, the supplement doesn’t have any potential adverse reactions.

But that is only when you take it according to the recommended dosage. 

Exceeding the per day dose of 4 lozenges can cause health complications like nausea, lethargy, and anaemia. 

#7. How Long Will Immune Defence Take to Work?

It is meant to strengthen the immune system over time.

Boosting immunity is not a one-time fix.

You need to take good care of your overall health and dietary intake to keep immune function at its best. 

Additionally, daily use of the supplement will offer ongoing immune support.

Whereas, taking a lozenge on falling ill will reduce the severity of the symptoms.

#8. Can Pregnant Women Use It?

Immune Defence is quite safe to take at the recommended dose.

According to present data, the daily advised intake of zinc for pregnant ladies is 14-15mg.

Even if you take 4 lozenges of Immune Defence in a day, it will total up to be the only 14.4mg of zinc. 

However, the manufacturer recommends consulting with a doctor.

Your personal medical history may define your eligibility to consume the supplement.

#9. Is Immune Defence Suitable for Those with a Medical Condition?

Check with your doctor or a general practitioner to ascertain if taking Immune Defence will be suitable for you.

Plus, don’t take the supplement if you’re already on antibiotics or drugs such as Tetracyclines.

#10. What About the Delivery? How did Long Will It Take?

The manufacturer offers Worldwide Delivery.

The delivery time will vary depending on the country you’re ordering from. 

UK: 1 working day (all orders placed before 1 pm BST Mon-Thurs)

US: 3-7 days

Europe: 3-10 working days

Canada/Australia/Rest of the World: 5-15 working days

All orders placed by you will be dispatched within 24-48 hours.


Immune Defence Reviews: Will Immune Defence Help Strengthen Immunity in the Long-Run?

Based on the current scientific data, Immune Defence does help with strengthening the immunity primarily because of its Vitamin C and Zinc content. 

Further, it’s helpful to a large section of society. Those who have weak immune systems can also use it for prolonged protection.

And those who want to eliminate the symptoms of infections can also use it for recovery.

Thus, Immune Defence is a multi-purpose product when it comes to enhancing immunity.

And the taste and easy consumption of the lozenges help get the most out of its usage.

Further, the manufacturer also offers two big family packs which you can buy at discounted prices. 

Finally, we hope you found the Immune Defence Reviews article useful in your understanding of the supplement.

Tell us what you think of this supplement in the comments box below.Buy Immune Defence

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