Hunter Test vs Prime Male

Prime Male vs Hunter Test – Which Has Real T-Boosting Power?

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Hunter Test vs Prime Male – Which is the T-booster that can truly help you reclaim your masculinity?

Tough to decide, huh!

With so many T-Boosters flooding the market right now, it’s important to determine which one is the best of the best in Hunter Test vs Prime Male.

In this blog, you’ll find everything you need to pick the best testosterone booster without stressing over hours of extensive research on the products.

Because we have done the work for you.

But first, let us make one thing very clear.

Hypogonadism is a growing problem among men, especially aging men. So, in addition to taking a healthy diet, you need something to boost up the nourishment quotient. 

And that’s where Hunter Test and Prime Male step in. 

These T-Boosters have helped men all around the globe get what they are missing.

And that is renewed vitality, confidence, and personality. 

But you can only buy any one of them. Right? 

And that’s why you’re here. 

So, here’s what you’ll find in this blog today.

We will be pitting Prime Male vs Hunter Test against each other in a tough fight.

And that will not only include their identity as a product but their composition, power, results, and much more!

If you want, you can check out the official websites to find out what makers say about these supplements before jumping into the detailed comparisons.




Let’s jump right in. 


Hunter Test vs Prime Male – What These T-Boosters Promise to Deliver?

We think it to be much more prudent to go through a quick review of Prime Male vs Hunter Test before jumping into the comparisons. 

Hunter Test – The T-Booster for Busy Men Who Look for Quality

Hunter Test

Hunter Test advertises itself as the testosterone supplement for men who want a premium solution.

And who are certainly willing to pay for it (wink, wink).

Well, don’t let the slightly high price tag avert you from buying it. Because Hunter Test serves double the dosage and T-Boost than its competitors.

Further, seeing the buzz it has been creating, you might be surprised to find that it was recently launched in the late 2018. 

There must be something to this supplement to warrant such popularity in such a short time. 

Here are the details of Hunter Test:

  • Manufactured by Roar Ambition
  • Scientifically formulated to deliver pro results
  • Highly dosed ingredients with just the right serving size
  • All-natural herbs and minerals
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Confirms to the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations


Boost Your Drive and Stamina with a Premium T-Boosting Formula


Prime Male – The T-Booster for Aging Men to Restore Health and Well-Being


Prime Male is the kind of testosterone supplement you look for to fix the health issues you face due to low T. 

And mind you these issues are not just limited to loss of muscle mass. Men tend to get depressed and suffer from regular mood swings in the absence of testosterone. 

Something to worry about in the long run.

Prime Male promises to offer a holistic solution for all these issues by combining 12 potent components. 

Men above 30 are in luck as the T-booster is specifically targeted at them. 

In summary, here’s what Prime Male is all about:

  • Manufactured by Roar Ambition
  • Backed by men celebrities for efficacy, energy-boosting, and boosted workouts
  • All-natural formulation without side effects
  • Optimally dosed ingredients
  • Presence of botanical extracts in the ingredients list
  • Anti-aging pill for men


Eliminate Troubling Male Aging Signs and Get Your Zeal Back


Let’s Put Things Straight….

Hunter Test and Prime Male belong to a reliable company offering intense testosterone boost with time-tested ingredients. 

Moreover, these are made specifically for men who are serious about committing to a healthy routine. 

The makers are not just out to get your money. But the products are already trusted by men from different parts of the world.

But to find out the winner, now we’re going to be comparing Prime Male vs Hunter Test on the basis of:

  • Ingredients and its efficacy
  • Unique benefits
  • Side Effects and Safety 
  • Serving Sizes
  • What the users report

So, let’s just start the comparisons with compositions of both these T-supplements.


Hunter Test vs Prime Male – How Do We Rate the Formulation?

Hunter Test vs Prime Male Ingredients

Neither Hunter Test nor Prime Male contains a proprietary blend. This makes it easy for us to judge the compositions and find what makes them stand out.

And our evaluation tells us the fight of Hunter Test vs Prime Male is going to get more intense. 


Because both the supplements contain a fair amount of common ingredients with some exceptions. 

In this section, we’ll be listing the shared as well as the unique ingredients to differentiate both these T-Boosters. 

Let’s get started.

Ingredients Hunter Test and Prime Male Share in Common

While Prime Male stands at a total of 12 ingredients, Hunter Test employs 9 ingredients. 

Some of the shared ones are listed below:

Shared Ingredients

Hunter Test

Prime Male

Vitamin D3



Vitamin K2









D-Aspartic Acid



Asian Ginseng






What These Ingredients Do for Boosting Testosterone?

#1. Vitamin D3

Most of us lack this essential nutrient. And that’s not us blabbering, but it’s a fact proven by research. 

And here’s why you should be concerned if you’re a man and you lack this nutrient.

According to scientific data, Vitamin D3 deficiency and testosterone depletion are directly related to each other.

What’s more? 

Men taking 3332 IU of Vitamin D3 over one year saw their testosterone levels rise by 20%. 

Hunter Test and Prime Male have 5000IU. Imagine what the results could be!

#2. Vitamin K2

This nutrient facilitates the circulation of Vitamin D3 around the bloodstream. 

Apart from its supporting function, it also boosts T on its own by enhancing the activity of certain enzymes inside the testicles.

In an animal study, lab rats fed with Vitamin K2 for 5 weeks showed up to 50% testosterone increase. 

Interestingly, Hunter Test and Prime Male utilize the most absorbable and effective form of Vitamin K2.

#3. Magnesium

Most of the testosterone is bound to a hormone called Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). 

Magnesium lowers the SHBG count to deliver free testosterone in your bloodstream. 

Further, research shows older men with more magnesium also have higher serum testosterone. 

Besides, Magnesium is a crucial nutrient you need for sleep quality and physical endurance. 

While Hunter Test has more magnesium, Prime Male uses Magnesium Citrate that’s the most absorbable form of the nutrient. 

So, the scales are pretty much balanced here.

#4. Zinc

This essential dietary mineral is quite integral to our existence. Likewise, it is needed to stimulate testes to release more testosterone.  

The bad news?

It is not stored in the body and you need regular dietary intake or supplementation to maintain optimum levels. 

Well, supplementation is an easier approach than waiting for days to improve levels through diet. 

Hunter Test and Prime Male contain zinc citrate which is the most bioavailable form of Zinc

#5. D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

This amino acid has a multifaceted role in the production and regulation of testosterone. 

It not only stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone but also enables more production of the testosterone in the testes. 

Both the factors being crucial for optimal T-levels. 

Moreover, Hunter Test Ingredients has a whopping amount of 3000mg of DAA.

But, consider this, Prime Male contains calcium chelate form of DAA which is more absorbable than the conventional form.

#6. Asian Ginseng

This herb has potent properties to cure male impotence. 

Further, it also stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone which is a pre-determinant in more testosterone production. 

Other benefits of the herb include reduced fatigue, more stamina, and improved sleep quality. 

All the more reasons to employ this herb in T-Boosters! 

No wonder Hunter Test and Prime Male have Asian Ginseng in high doses.

#7. Boron

Boron is an estrogen inhibitor and also enhances the levels of free testosterone in the bloodstream. 

In a study, men taking 6mg of Boron daily for 2 months increased free T levels by 29.5%. 

The best part?

Boron also facilitates the absorption of Vitamin D. This further increases testosterone levels. 

Both Hunter Test and Prime Male have Boron chelate – the most potent form. 

We find it surprising how scientifically sound the composition of both these T-Boosters is. 

Moreover, the unique ingredients in the supplements increase their appeal even more. 

Have a look!

Buy Hunter Test

What Hunter Test Has That’s Missing from Prime Male?

We find Hunter Test utilizes two compounds that are totally absent from the formula of Prime Male. 

Here are those ingredients:

#1. Ashwagandha Extract (300 mg)

The Indian herb has proven properties to boost testosterone, performance, and stamina. 

What does this tell us?

It can be used to enhance workouts and make you last longer in the gym. 

#2. Indole-3-Carbinol (200 mg)

This is an estrogen blocker to enhance the levels of free testosterone. The compound is also found in green leafy vegetables. 

So, you might be wondering why not just fill in on the vegetables?

But the thing is you probably won’t be able to eat that many vegetables in a single day. 

Instead, Hunter Test capsules offer the optimum daily dose you need. 

So, you can see both these ingredients offer unique potential for T-Boosting. 

And Hunter test is at the top of its game by including these in the right amounts. 

But let’s not forget the other side of things….

What Prime Male Has That’s Missing from Hunter Test?

Quite a lot, actually. 

Ingredients in Prime Male contains some potent compounds that can substantially enhance the power of the composition.

#1. Vitamin B6 (7.5 mg)

Vitamin B6 is invariably essential for added testosterone boost.

It stimulates androgen receptors to signal testes to release more T in the bloodstream. 

#2. Luteolin (60 mg)

This compound binds to estrogen receptors which helps reduce the production of estrogen.

Not only that but it also stimulates androgens for better T production.

So, it works in two ways! 

#3. Mucuna Pruriens Extract (300 mg)

It has the ability to reduce female hormones in men. Thus, stimulating testosterone levels. 

Plus, it also works at depleting cortisol, the stress hormone. 

Did you know cortisol can destroy testosterone molecules?

Thus, this ingredient has indirect ways to effectively accommodate testosterone secretion.

#4. Nettle Root Extract (160 mg)

The root extract contains beta-sitosterol proven to elevate testosterone levels. 

Further, it also decreases estrogen levels to increase the amounts of serum testosterone. 

#5. Bioperine (10 mg)

Bioperine doesn’t work directly at boosting testosterone. So, how does it help?

It’s basically a bioavailability enhancer helping in the optimal absorption of all the nutrients present in supplements. 

And not just slightly but by almost 20 times!

Buy prime male


Nevertheless, in Hunter Test vs Prime Male ingredients, what’s our final judgment. 


  • Hunter Test has a higher serving of almost every ingredient that’s common between Hunter Test and Prime Male
  • Prime Male has a more absorbable form of some ingredients
  • Hunter Test has ashwagandha, a potent T-releasing herb
  • Prime Male has Vitamin B6, an essential vitamin for better T-health
  • Prime Male has more botanical extracts

So the verdict is…

Hunter Test vs Prime Male Ingredients – Which One Has a Better Composition?

Prime Male Wins

In the battle of compositions, Prime Male wins through and through.

The main reason behind this is the impressive list of Prime Male ingredients. 

While Hunter Test has a better dosage, Prime Male has more bioavailable ingredients. 

More bioavailability means better absorption of ingredients.

So, the effects will obviously be outstanding.

Now, let’s jump into other factors that are probably going to be the most deciding ones for you. 

We’ll start with the benefits and go all the way to cost and value factors. 


Hunter Test vs Prime Male Benefits – What Does the T-Boosters Actually Deliver?

Testosterone supplements are meant to raise T- levels. And we already know that.

But with boosted T comes a lot of other perks. And each T-Booster offers those benefits on the basis of their unique composition.

Here is what we find remarkable about Hunter Test and Prime Male. 

Hunter Test Benefits and Result 

Hunter Test Benefits

Hunter Test utilizes some of the best ingredients we have seen in T-Boosters. 

And as discussed in the previous section, all its substituents have notable benefits. 

Here are some of them:

#1. Enhanced Stamina and Physical Endurance – With the use of Hunter Test, men experience more strength with each passing day and are also able to lift more in the gym.

#2. Improved Mental Health – The formula has the potency to enhance the key mental attributes for more motivation and less mood swings.

#3. Boosts Muscle Building – Some of the key ingredients of Hunter Test activates the body’s anabolic state enabling more lean muscle development.

#4. Regulate Mood – With its physiological and psychological benefits, you’re bound to feel more balanced mentally and emotionally. 

#5. Improves Sleep Quality – Magnesium in Hunter Test is a determining nutrient when it comes to a restful sleep cycle. 

So, Hunter Test not only works at improving physical but also mental attributes that may get affected due to low T. 

How Long Before Hunter Test Starts Working?

Hunter Test starts working as soon as you start taking it. 

Hunter Test Results reveal the initial health improvements become apparent after around 2 weeks. 

However, the makers recommend taking it for 3 months to see the full effects. 

Well, what about Prime Male? Does it match the benefits of Hunter Test?


Stay Sharp in Body and Mind with Hunter Test


Prime Male Benefits and Result 

Prime Male Benefits

Prime Male stands apart from its competitor with a long list of ingredients, some of which are strong herbs. 

Here are the Prime Male Benefits after recommended use:

#1. Sheds Excess Belly Fat – As Prime Male improves T-levels, men experience losing stored body fat. Boosted workouts can also be the reason for this. 

#2. Enhanced Cognitive Functions – With more energy and motivation, men usually feel more driven. And that makes them mentally sharp.

#3. Improved Cardiovascular Health – Prime Male improves heart health by controlling blood pressure and reducing fat build. 

#4. Limits Estrogen Release – This T-Booster has actually many ingredients that can effectively put a stop at extreme estrogen production. Thus, men don’t experience estrogen’s feminizing effects. 

#5. Enhanced Libido – Aging men often feel less sexual impulse. But Prime Male can effectively enhance male potency and sex drive.

Similar to Hunter Test, Prime Male also delivers amazing physical and mental perks. 

Further, these benefits become most apparent in aged men because of noticeable changes.

How Long Before Prime Male Starts Working?

Well, we didn’t find an exact answer to this question on the product’s website. 

Though, we did take a look at its user reviews. And Prime Male Results show most men begin experiencing benefits within 2-3 weeks. 

And after 3 months of use, they noticed extensive health benefits with boosted testosterone.


Get Stronger and Gain New Confidence with Prime Male


So, which T-Booster performs better at what they promise to deliver?

Prime Male vs Hunter Test Benefits – The Final Verdict

It’s a Draw.

Hunter Test and Prime Male perform equally well in this category.

Based on our evaluation of real user feedback and benefits, Hunter Test and Prime Male are equally good at offering the following:

  • Better strength and stamina
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Better workout endurance
  • Weight loss
  • Elevated mood 

Well, we expected this. 

Because these benefits are the result of increased testosterone. And both the supplements work equally well at raising T-count. 

Thus, Hunter Test and Prime Male offer comprehensive mind and body well-being. 

But Here Is Where Things Really Change…

Well, Hunter Test and Prime Male does have some disparities. 

And the next segment puts things in perspective. 


Serving Size and Dosage

Initial investigation indicates both Hunter Test and Prime Male are more or less the same. 

But their serving size and per day dosage set a different tone. 

While both the T-Boosters offer their benefits through per day dosage, things are radically different when we look closely.

Here are the details. 

Hunter Test Dosage – How to Use Hunter Test?

Hunter Test Dosage

Each bottle of Hunter Test contains 180 capsules.

And here is how you’re supposed to take Hunter Test:

  • Take 6 capsules each day
  • Consume 2 capsules 3 times a day
  • Try to take each dose around meals
  • Each capsule should be ingested with a full glass of water

When it comes to Hunter Test, its power lies in the high dosage of each constituent which we have seen in the ingredients section. 

Well, you may think 6 capsules per day is just too much. 

But think again! 

For an aged man who severely lacks male hormones, this provides double the amount of nutrients. 

Let’s see what Prime Male makers say about taking the supplement. 

Prime Male Daily Dosage – How to Take Prime Male?


Every bottle of Prime Male comes with 120 capsules.

Here are the Prime Male Serving on the basis of daily dose:

  • Consume 4 capsules per day
  • Take 1 capsule 4 times a day
  • Each dose is to be taken with a meal or snack
  • Keep a gap of 3 hours between each dose

According to this dose, a full bottle of Prime Male will last you a whole month. 

Well, the Prime Male Dosage Per Day seems more practical in terms of volume. 

But which T-Booster will win this round?

Hunter Test vs Prime Male Dosage – Which Has Optimum T-Boosting Nutrition?

Hunter Test Wins

This one is a no-brainer. Hunter Test takes all the votes. 

The main reason being its highly effective dosage in each serving. This way men find faster results. 

The key logic here is the user gets high amounts of a fixed set of ingredients. So, it can be inferenced that your system doesn’t get loaded with multiple ingredients at once. 

Still, it’s important to determine the safety of both these T-Boosters before even thinking about using them. 

Here is our analysis based on the composition and daily dosage. 


Are There Any Side Effects of Using Hunter Test Or Prime Male?

As completely natural T-Boosters, it seems obvious both testosterone pills are pretty safe to use. 

But the real test of a T-Booster lies in the safety of each of its ingredients. 

Here is what we think about Hunter Test. 

Hunter Test Side Effects and Safety

Hunter Test makers do not hide behind a proprietary blend. Every ingredient is open to research and you can assess yourself if you’re allergic to certain substances. 

In general, there are no side effects of Hunter Test. 

But it does have ashwagandha and some sources suggest it causes mild side effects like headache and stomach upsets.

But one thing to note here is.

All the constituents of Hunter Test are clinically dosed. As a result, users are unlikely to experience any sort of side effects from its use. 

What’s more?

Hunter Test is completely free of any GMOs, artificial colorants, flavors, gluten, or soy. 

After seeing this exceptional safety of the Hunter Test, we just had to check out the safety of the Prime Male formula. 

Here is what we found.


Raise Testosterone Count with Powerful Properties of Ashwagandha


Prime Male Side Effects – Is Prime Male Safe?

Just like Hunter Test, Prime Male also has a completely transparent formula devoid of any artificial substances. 

But as compared to Hunter Test, Prime Male contains more botanical extracts. These can be a potential risk for people who are allergic to certain herbal extracts. 

Thus, it’s always advisable to take a doctor’s advice before you start taking the T-Booster. 

And this becomes all the more important when you’re already on some kind of medication.

This last point is just common sense and applies to Hunter Test as well. 

So, Prime Male is also safe when taken according to instructions. And it’s also free of artificial ingredients derived from unknown sources.


Increase T-Count Naturally with Proven Botanical Extracts 


But then…

Prime Male vs Hunter Test – Which One Is Safer?

Hunter Test Wins

The biggest reason Hunter Test wins this category is its potential in keeping anything remotely artificial away from its composition.

Hunter Test is not only all-natural but it also doesn’t contain any gluten, soy, or colors. And we have not encountered such a clean testo-boosting formula in a long time.

However, we do want to stress that both Hunter Test and Prime Male are safe to use for prolonged periods.

Hunter Test just makes itself known with a different approach to ingredients safety. 

Well, if you’re this far into the blog, we have already covered a lot.

So, before moving forward, we must have a short recap.


Quick Comparison – Our Findings So Far


Testosterone Boosters


Manufacturing Company


Unique Ingredients

Key Benefits


Side Effects

Choose Your Supply

Hunter Test 


Per Bottle

Roar Ambition

Highly Dosed Ingredients

- Ashwagandha extract

- Indole-3-Carbinol

- Lean muscle mass

- Energy and stamina

- Better concentration and focus

- Elated mood

6 capsules per day

No potential side effects

Prime Male


Per Bottle

Roar Ambition

Impressive List of Ingredients

- Vitamin B6

- Luteolin

- Mucuna Pruriens extract

- Nettle root extract

- Bioperine

- Anti-aging

- Enhanced mental functions

- Blocks excess female hormones

- Better sexual health

4 capsules per day

No adverse reactions


What else?

This was our assessment of the testosterone boosters. 

But a product can never be truly judged until we hear what its users have got to say about it. That’s why we have also researched its customer reviews and actual user testimonials. 

Jump to the next section to read all about it. 


Hunter Test vs Prime Male Reviews – How Are Users Liking These T-Boosters?

Users from all around the world are praising Hunter Test and Prime Male quite a bit. 

While Hunter Test is newer in the market, it has succeeded in creating a buzz.

As a result, we find men actually raving about its efficacy and fast results. 

Prime Male is also not far behind. In fact, it has reviews from as old as 70 years old men. 

So, it seems like Prime Male truly caters to the group of men it has been made for. 

First, let’s see what Hunter Test users are saying about it. 

Hunter Test Customer Reviews

I was looking for a testosterone booster to get in shape. The major issue for me was I lacked the motivation to hit the gym. One day I came across Hunter Test and I’m glad I tried it. Now, I literally look forward to hitting the gym. I go on runs now and have more energy than ever. My advice to other guys – Try this supplement for one week and see how you feel.
  • Daniel Mette (Age: 21)

Daniel Mette hunter test testimonial


I bought Hunter Test because I lacked energy and haven’t been feeling too good lately. Using just half of the bottle has brought huge changes to my energy levels and stamina. I was also able to lose eight pounds due to the energy I’ve been feeling. My workouts are upto the mark. I’m truly impressed with this supplement.
  • Dan McCRady (Age: 59)

Dan McCrady Hunter Test Testimonial



Prime Male Customer Reviews 

My goals for using Prime Male were to increase energy levels, lose weight, and enhance my sex drive. I noticed positive results with the supplement after just 2 weeks of use. I’m currently on my third month and the results have been consistently amazing.
  • Maxx (Age: 35)

Maxx Prime Male Testimonial


I ordered 3 bottles of Prime Male and have found some amazing results with its use. My recent report shows increased testosterone levels. I can feel the benefits Prime Male has provided me. I would recommend other men to follow a healthy diet and exercise and give Prime Male some time to get into your body. It does work with consistent use guys.
  • Rob (Age: 57)

Rob Prime Male Testimonial



Seeing these results, one thing is certain!

It’s not easy to pick any one in the comparison of Prime Male vs Hunter Test.

Ultimately it all comes down to value for money. After all, you do want to buy something that has the highest cost-benefit ratio, right?

Hence, check out the buying details to decide which T-Booster offers the most value.

First up, we have Hunter Test. 


Where to Buy Hunter Test – Packages and Pricing

Buy Hunter Test Premium Testosterone Booster directly from its official website!!

Don’t even think about buying it from any third-party stores like Hunter Test GNC or Hunter Test Amazon.

You’ll just be wasting your money as the manufacturer doesn’t allow any third-party sites to sell the supplement. 

Choose Your Package from the available options below.






Price for 1 minute

Your text

1 Month Supply


x1 Bottles

2 Months Supply 


x2 Bottles

Free USA and UK Delivery

4 Months Supply 


x4 Bottles

3x Bottles of Hunter Test+1 Free

Free Worldwide Delivery

Ultimate Package!


Is There Any Money-back Guarantee?

Yes, Hunter Test offers an assured money-back guarantee on ordering a 90 days supply package. 

And as Hunter Test takes around 3 months to show full benefits, it makes sense to order a large pack and get a money-back guarantee as well.

I want to Buy Hunter Test. What Are My Payment Options?

You can make fully secure payments with Mastercard, Visa, Amazon Pay, and PayPal.


Where to Buy Prime Male – Packages and Pricing

Buy Prime Male Testosterone Booster only from the Official Website!!

Please do not go looking for Prime Male in Stores

You won’t find the original product as the legal supplement is only available on the official website. 

Prime Male Amazon is also not the right place to buy the product, remember that to save your money!

Moving on, here are the Package Options to Order Prime Male Online from the Official Website:






1 Month Supply


1x Box of Prime Male

2 Months Supply


2x Boxes of Prime Male

Contains 2 boxes of Prime Male

+ FREE USA & UK Shipping

4 Months Supply


3x Boxes of Prime Male + 1 FREE

Contains 4 boxes of Prime Male

+ FREE Worldwide Shipping

6 Months Supply


4x Boxes of Prime Male + 2 FREE

Contains 6 boxes of Prime Male

+FREE Worldwide Shipping



Is There Any Money-back Guarantee?

Yes, the supplement is covered with 90 days risk-free guarantee. But only when you buy either a 4 months or 6 months supply pack.

We would recommend buying the larger pack to not only save on shipping charges but also get the guarantee. 

I Want to Buy Prime Male. What Are My Payment Options?

Make payments through Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal.

You must buy the one T-supplement that offers the most bang for your buck.


Which T-Booster Offers More Value for Money?

Prime Male Wins

At first glance, there is not much price difference. But consider that the costs multiply as you go higher in the supply package. 

In such a case, Prime Male is not only more affordable but also offers more package options. 

As for the money-back guarantee and shipping charges, both the T-boosters offer almost similar deals. 

Though, you can consider buying Hunter Test if you’ve the budget. 

With that out of the way, this Hunter Test vs Prime Male blog is almost nearing its end.

But before we wrap things up, here is the final overview of strengths and weaknesses.


Hunter Test vs Prime Male – The Pros and Cons


Hunter Test

Prime Male

Optimal servings of ingredients

Unique ingredients and herbs

Free from common allergens

Clinically backed dosage

Suitable for both men and women

Free of artificial flavors

Devoid of added colors or flavors

More absorbable form of D-Aspartic Acid

Has ashwagandha extract

Anti-aging pill for extremely aged men

Money-back guarantee

Money-back guarantee



Hunter Test

Prime Male

Only available on the Official Website

Only available on the Official Website

Slightly expensive than Prime Male

Has gelatin. Not suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Having trouble deciding the best T-Booster for you? Take a look at the short comparison again to make your choice easier!



Hunter Test vs Prime Male – Who’s The Ultimate Winner?

Unarguably, there can be only one winner in the Prime Male vs Hunter Test battle!

Here, we summarize our findings:

  • Ingredients: Prime Male
  • Benefits: Draw
  • Servings: Hunter Test
  • Safety and Side Effects: Hunter Test
  • Cost and Value: Prime Male

Hunter Test Final Score: 3/5

Prime Male Final Score: 3/5

So, after the thorough analysis, we do find both the testosterone boosters ultimately come in at the same positions. 

But what’s the final call?

It depends on your preferences.

Hunter Test and Prime Male have their individual strengths. And the choice should depend on which factors you consider to be the most important for you. 

Do you want the safest T-Booster and have some extra dollars to spare? Go for Hunter Test

On the other hand, if you want an overall value-for-money T-Booster – Go for Prime Male.

Though, both Hunter Test and Prime Male are choked full of essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs to show results. 

And whichever you choose for T-Boosting, you cannot go wrong!

So, which testosterone booster are you going to pick and why?

Drop your comments right below!

And don’t forget to share the blog with other men facing low T if you enjoyed reading it.

Planning to buy either of these T-Boosters? Place your order directly from the Official Site for exclusive offers and savings!




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