gain muscle mass while staying lean

15 Ways to Gain Muscle While Staying Lean ǀ Tips to Get Big

Gain Muscle Mass While Staying Lean!!

Most of you want to gain rock hard muscles mass while staying lean. However, the hardest part is maintaining the muscle-fat ratio. It’s unfortunate that our bodies tend to put on fat more easily than losing it.

As a result, it becomes pretty tough to put on muscle mass while staying lean. Obviously, the first step to achieve such a body would be to lose fat build-up. But there are many more things you can do to burn fat without losing muscles.

Today’s blog deals with some of these tips and tricks you need to incorporate in your life. These 15 diet and fitness tips will help you shed those extra pounds while maintaining the muscle mass ratio.


15 Ways to Gain Muscle Mass While Staying Lean 

Wondering how to gain lean muscle mass?

Check out the below-mentioned points to get a detailed look at the best natural resources available to boost your body’s muscle-building potential. These unique ideas will let you know how to build muscle and stay lean at the same time.

#1: Small Caloric Surplus

Many people think they need to stuff their bodies with food all day to put on muscle mass. However, this cannot be farther from the truth. The right Lean Bulk Diet is the one where you don’t eat that many calories that it starts to show up as fat storage.

caloric surplus

The synthesizing of muscle tissues take place at a slow rate. According to stats, an average man gains .25 to 5 pounds of muscle mass while a woman gains .12 to .25 per week.

So, eating more calories than required to fulfill this process will only result in more fat storage.

#2: Follow Flexible Dieting

Flexible dieting is based on the premise of “calories in, calories out.” What this means is you can eat without counting calories at each meal as long as you don’t exceed the daily calorie limit. So, you can easily enjoy a birthday cake or even ice cream. But do keep in mind that flexible dieting doesn’t equal eating junk all day.

flexible dieting

You can include whole food sources loaded with macro-nutrients and other foods that are actually beneficial for your overall health. As a matter of fact, this dieting method has been proven more effective than traditional dieting.

#3: Incorporate Cardio in Your Routine

Anyone who needs to burn fat should think about including cardio exercises in their workout plan. What this form of exercise does is it burns fat at an accelerated rate.

incorporate cardio

Moreover, this also helps your appetite by aiding metabolism speed and digestion process. A number of fitness enthusiasts praise this exercise form for enhancing endurance and fat burning.

#4: Weight Lifting

You cannot really think of putting on muscle tissue without lifting heavyweights. As much as your body needs cardio to burn fat, it also needs weights to signal the body to a demand for lean muscle.

weight lifting

Though, you shouldn’t go overboard if you’ve not done weight lifting before. You can actually injure yourself in the process. Try small progressions in weightlifting routine and lift heavier weights as time goes by. You can also consult a personal trainer if you’ve no idea where to begin with.

#5: Compound Lifts

These exercises are perfect for targeting multiple muscle groups. Compound lifts stimulate more than just one muscle group.

compound lifts

Apart from helping in building muscle mass, it also helps in building more strength. These lifts also help in the release of testosterone and human growth hormone in the body. Ultimately, this exercise form stimulates all fiber types and enable the body to build muscle mass.

#6: Avoid Binging

While occasional binging is not a cause for concern, developing a regular habit out of it can really damage your health. Binging is becoming a real bad habit of many people who go on extreme diets. That’s the reason we recommend you to follow a diet plan where you can eat everything in moderation.

avoid binging

Moreover, binging is not only associated with physical downfalls but it also has a bad effect on mental state. Individuals going on binge diets fall into the habit of feeling depressed and become guild-ridden with time. This eventually can cause more damage in the long run.

#7: Minimize Alcohol Consumption

A high alcohol intake can seriously damage the muscle-building potential of your body. While it’s ok to have one to two glasses of alcohol each week, any more than this can affect the overall health. The main reason behind this is the extra calories in the form of sugar.

reduce alcohol consumption

Moreover, alcohol tends to dehydrate you which can lead to loss of strength. Less stamina and strength will eventually cause you to feel more tired and fatigued. Hence, it’ll not only impact current energy levels but will also minimize your ability to follow your workout plan.

#8: HIIT Training

HIIT helps people in gaining muscle. It involves short bursts of high-intensity work. The activities may involve car pushes, battle ropes, or 400-meter sprints. The whole point is to take the intensity of the exercises up a notch.

HIIT trainings

Several studies show working hard is the key to boost metabolism, increase body endurance, and lose more fat. HIIT training can be very effective at getting shredded. Meanwhile, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) that involves bodyweight will also tone muscles.

Kettlebells and dumbbells are some of the exercises you can try including in your routine.

#9: Increase Workout Volume

Scheduling a daily workout routine is the key to put on muscle tissues. What you can do is keep track of your workout routines and measure your progress. You can try including more reps, frequency, or sets to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Increase Workout Volume

You do need to be cautious here as you don’t want to increase the intensity suddenly and cause more damage. Try adding sets or reps slowly and steadily till you get to your goal.

#10: Aim to Break Your Records

What we mean by this is try pushing your body to its limits. If you currently do 100 squats, try going up to 150 then 200 and so on. Always remember your body needs to adapt to build lean muscles.

break your workout record

Otherwise, staying in your comfort zone will not give you much results. It’s when you break those records you start seeing results. While it may take some time, you can reach your goals if you work towards it according to a set plan.

#11: Intra-Workout Drinks

How many times does it happen when you feel breathless and out of energy mid-workout? For a regular gym goer, this is familiar. However, using an intra-workout drink can offer you the added boost you need.

intra workout drink

These shakes are quite useful to add in some calories to go the extra mile while working out. Moreover, you can prepare your own concoctions of these drinks. But if you don’t have any prior knowledge of how this works, do consider consulting a nutritionist.

#12: Mini-Cuts

Trying a mini-cut diet is basically a hypocaloric dieting phase. Here, the primary goal is to lose fat and weight. Following this diet plan usually helps in burning off added fat from your bulk.

mini cuts

A mini-cut can be of a duration of two to six weeks. Any more than that is typically a regular calorie cut. Further, mini cuts usually allow you to burn off added fat from the extra bulk rather easily.

You can try going aggressive too. For instance, if your current calorie intake is 2500 calories, you can try dropping it to 1,500 for the duration of mini-cut diet plan.

#13: Reverse Diet

This term is quite popular among bodybuilding and weightlifting communities. It describes a period where you slowly increase the calories back to maintenance level after a period of calorie restricted diet.

reverse dieting

The term slow is key here. You don’t want to increase your calorie intake all of a sudden. This kind of dieting plan allows the body to adjust to each new calorie level. Thus, building back your metabolic capacity slowly after the fat loss phase.

What you can do is try adding macros slowly with each passing week. Reverse dieting is generally a more preferable option than intense dieting sessions which send your body in a hunger overdrive.

#14: Use Creatine

Creatine is one of the tried and tested muscle supplement in the market today. The supplement has been shown to increase muscle size and strength.


The way this supplement works is by increasing the intracellular water retention in muscle, which ultimately leads to more strength. Thus, aiding the process of muscle growth.

Creatine powder, tablets, energy bars are easily accessible at drug stores without a prescription. Though, Creatine is also present in protein-rich foods such as fish and meat.

#15: Take Carbs Around Your Workouts

Perhaps the most useful tip is to consume carbs before or after workouts. This actually ensures better use of the carbs you consume. Taking carbs before workout usually offers extra energy to go through the whole session.

carb during workout

On the other hand, taking carbs after workouts helps in recovery and muscle repair. Intra workout shakes also contain carbs to help in getting in more calories during a workout.


So, these were some of the pro tips to safely gain lean muscle mass and achieve the muscular body you’ve always dreamed of.

You can combine these according to your wish to see what works best for you to Build Muscle Naturally. Moreover, incorporating just some of the tips mentioned here will have a huge impact on your overall health.

We hope you found the article useful.

Did you try any of these tips before and what was your experience? Tell us all about it in the comments segment below.


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