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Have You Pinpointed Your New Year Resolution?

With a New Year just around the corner, we are getting latest updates about the New Fitness Trends for 2018. It seems like New Year 2018 is going to be a fit and perfect year for all to wipe the slate clean and start fresh on your fitness and health journey. Well! You need a motivation and true guidelines to achieve long term fitness goal.

Technology and digital world has made fitness affordable and accessible as well as potentially giving us confidence by providing feedback about our activity. The digital age has well and truly collided with fitness.

Kick Start Your Health and Fitness Goals

Changing your Mindset is essential for sustainable fitness and weight loss journey and this article shows you positive mindset tools & techniques to tackle and get your body into shape!!!

Here are Top 10 Fitness Trends for 2018 That Will Motivate You To Get Off The Couch

  • Low-Intensity Interval Training (LIIT)
  • Upgraded Wearable Tech
  • Fitness Apps
  • Live streaming classes are picking up
  • Smarter recovery for mind and body
  • Virtual Reality Workouts
  • Functional Fitness
  • Self-Limiting Exercise
  • Nutrition Apps
  • Individual Personal Training
  1. Low-Intensity Interval Training (LIIT)

We all know about High intensity interval training (HIIT) due to its effectiveness and less-time consuming perks.

It is a combination of quick and intense bursts of exercises followed by short, active and recovery periods in which you have to enjoy a hard work out.

fitness trend for 2018

Now, it’s time for its counterpart- LIIT i.e. Low-Intensity Interval Training that provides the same benefits but, as the name suggests, is low in intensity.

Though the workout is going to burn the same amount of calories but will take max to 30-40 minutes extra. In short, LIIT has a combination of workouts similar to HIIT but with lesser intensity.

  1. Upgraded Wearable Tech

Wearable Tech Devices such as Fitness Tracker, Smart watches, heart rate monitors, GPS tracking devices, smart eye glasses (designed to show maps and track activity) can be used to track health activity including heart rate, step deduction, pulse rate and many more.

Now, Tech industry is booming with the smallest fitness gadget which was rated top fitness trends of 2018 that will help you to take your performance to the next level.

fitness trend for 2018

Motiv is an effective device which is used to keep a track of your daily physical activity. But there is a question, how it is different from other wearable gadgets?

First of all, it might be the only fitness gadget you would want to wear all the time. This small ring cost for $200 is launched in September 2017 is a perfect combination of fashion and function and seems to beat the other fitness gadgets in the market.

  1. Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps such as ACTIVEx, Fitbit, Sworkit, Map My, PEAR Personal Coach, Digifit iCardio, DailyBurn and FitStar can boost your diet and workouts to a new level. These fitness apps can perform various functions such as:

  • It allow the user to set fitness goals.
  • It help us to track calorie intake.
  • It allows us to gather workout ideas.

fitness trend for 2018

Maintaining fitness level requires daily habits and lifestyle changes in the right direction that can be used as a platform to promote healthy behavior change with personalized workouts, fitness advice and nutrition plans.

Fitness Apps also offer individualized exercise programs, personal training options, group training experiences and interval training.

  1. Live streaming classes are picking up

Now a days, live streaming classes are becoming very popular and we are expecting it to become mainstream before the end of next year.

Live streaming classes is growing popular among professionals because it gives you chance to interact with more people across the world.

fitness trend for 2018

It is convenient and effective in other contexts, such as: product and services promotions, live announcements, online classes, church services, and wildlife broadcasting.

For live streaming service, all you need is a computer or a phone with an internet connection and a good content delivery network (CDN) to achieve high quality video.

For this you don’t even need a website of your own. There will be online fitness platforms which would offer all kinds of fitness workouts.

  1. Smarter recovery for mind and body

Cryotherapy and infrared saunas aren’t new, but this season they have definitely improved. These therapies allow your body to get rid of toxins and beautify “from the inside out”.

fitness trend for 2018

The Benefits of Cryotherapy and infrared saunas are as follows:

  • It helps in the improvements of skin quality.
  • It helps to improve blood sugar regulation (insulin sensitivity).
  • It also allow reduction in pain and inflammation.
  • Increase longevity.
  • Improves  sleep.
  • Improved the ability to adapt to stress and strengthening of the autonomic nervous system.

These two modalities work incredibly well together! We recommend using the infrared sauna first for 30 to 40 minutes prior to cryotherapy.

  1. Virtual Reality Workouts

There are lot of technologies out there promising to make exercise better and fun. Finally, we have cracked the code.

This year, high-end virtual reality headsets such as HTC Vive, Drunkn Bar Fight, Holofit and Oculus Rift have finally hit the market, putting immersive multimedia in the hands of consumers.

fitness trend for 2018

Virtual reality is a rapidly expanding field that represents fitness as a tiny fraction of the VR effort. Virtual reality workouts are becoming reality.

The introduction of Virtual Reality fitness workouts means you can experience the best fitness level, travel the world and compete in global events without ever leaving your living room.

  1. Functional Fitness

Functional fitness refers to a trend toward using strength training to improve balance and ease of daily living.

Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and help you do real-life activities safely and efficiently.

fitness trend for 2018

If properly applied this type of training can make everyday activities easier, reduce your risk of injury and improve your quality of life.

If you’re new to lifting weights and not sure where to begin – try this workout routine. In my opinion, a functional exercise challenges balance and coordination while simultaneously improving strength and range of motion.

  1. Self-Limiting Exercise

Self- Limiting exercise allows you to connect activity and movement which help you to push your limits and produce greater physical awareness.

The exercise requires mindfulness so that you are aware of movement, alignment, balance as well as control. As well as these types of exercises requires high amount of energy.

fitness trend for 2018

This exercise is a complete combination of such kind of exercises which are almost impossible without correct posture and form such as: single-leg deadlift, goblet lunge and pull-ups.

The aim of self-limiting exercises is to combat the negative effects of poor movement patterns by improving the foundations of good Skelton & muscular health

  1. Nutrition Apps

Nutrition Apps such as: Calorie Counter & Food Diary, Carbs Control, HealthyOut, Food Intolerance and many more help users to plan healthy needs and also allow to take control of your overall health through better eating.

fitness trend for 2018

As we know Healthy nutrition’s and a proper balanced diet are very important to maintain a bodily function. These Nutrition Apps Can perform various function such as:

  • It help us to count calorie intake
  • It also keep a record of your carbohydrates consumption.
  • It help in identifying food intolerance and also track your water intake
  1. Individual Personal Training

Fitness offers package classes so that you can work with someone who knows your fitness needs. Due to busy lifestyle people do not have time to consult the physical trainer so they look for an online trainer.

It is also considered as top rated Fitness Trends in the 2018 to consult an online trainers.

fitness trend for 2018

Personal training is highly effective way for people of all ages and at all levels to improve your health and fitness.

Instead of just following a routine, you need to adjust speed and intensity of the training by using different activities and exercises to match your fitness level.

If you REALLY want to jump-start your workout, individual personal training is just what you need! You are free to work at your own pace with undivided attention of your instructor.


With our lives getting busier and everything being more available through clicks, the act of engaging in proper physical activities has reduced to a considerable extent. While the fitness industry is not staying behind in bringing the best forward, it is the need for people to wake up and get going with their fit sides.

Go with the aforementioned Latest Fitness Trends for 2018 to stay healthy and fit in years to come.

Hopefully, after reading this you must have got much BETTER IDEA of what fitness techniques and tools you should rely on for 2018! So, keep in touch and stay updated !

Explore… Try…. SweatEnjoy!

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