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8 Effective Fat Burning Exercises To Lose Weight Insanely Fast

Struggling to lose body fat?

The best way to achieve a leaner and healthier body is to sweat it out!!

Exercising has been the best way to lose fat build up. But what are the best fat burning exercises to get fastest results?

We did the research and hunted down the Best Fat Burning Exercises for Beginners you need to lose fat.

Maintaining a slimmer physique has never been more of a struggle than today. We’re consistently seduced by tasty but unhealthy foods. As a result, people doesn’t seem to have a hold on their diet.

Add to it the sedentary lifestyle most of us become accustomed to by sitting in front of our computers for hours. And you’ve got the perfect formula to weight gain.

So, what can you do?

The only sustainable solution to fat loss is eating healthy and exercising. Yes. There really is no other way to long-term weight loss.

Men and women struggling to get their desired shape should try to include as much physical activity to their daily routines as possible.

But how to do it is the key question here.

Well, the exercises we’re going to be dealing today are easy to incorporate in your routine.

And guess what! Some of them are even fun to do.


Best Fat Burning Exercises to Do at Home

So, what is the secret to fat burn?

The key to losing that stubborn fat is achieving calorie deficit. This basically means to burn more calories than the amount of calories you take daily.

Only then you’ll be able to get a more toned and leaner physique.

People who lose drastic amount of weight will tell you they have been following a proper diet and challenging their body at the same time.

You need to perform certain physical activities to compliment the diet plan. Thus, accelerating the rate of fat burn and weight loss.

As you may already know, some exercises are much more useful at melting fat than others.

Best Body Fat Burning Exercises burn much more calories than you can ever imagine through just doing daily chores.

One Thing to Note: Choose only those exercises that are easy for you to incorporate in your lifestyle. Remember exercising should not be pain or extra chore for you. It should be a fun activity that you actually want to do.

Now, let’s get going and find the Best Exercises for Burning Visceral Fat.


#1. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)


How can we talk about losing fat and not include this in our list.

HIIT is all about intensity and challenging your body, which you need badly to shred fat.

Are you someone who has a busy schedule and don’t get enough time to exercise? Then, this is the best form of exercise for you, my friend.

HIIT involves performing high intensity moves interspersed with short rest periods. You can do these exercises for even 10 minutes a day. Though, those with extra time can go as far as 30 minutes.

A HIIT workout usually consist sprinting, biking, or other body-weight exercises.

Plus, Belly Fat Burning Exercises at Home can be easily done with a home workout video.

If you’ve never done a HIIT workout before, it’s vital to start slow and build up as you build more stamina. Remember you’ve to be patient with your body. Slow and steady wins the race. Always!

Did you know a HIIT session can burn up to 16 calories per minute?

Accordingly, this is one of the best forms of fat burning exercises to shed the highest amount of calories in a relatively short time period.

Pro Tip: Take the help of home workout videos for beginners to get started on a HIIT workout routine.


#2. Jumping Rope


This simple activity has the potential to burn fat at an accelerated rate. Moreover, this is a fairly easy exercise to incorporate in your daily routine.

In fact, jumping rope doesn’t need a lot of your time.

You can even do it for around 10-20 minutes to burn more fat than any other moderate-intensity exercises for the same amount of time.

Jumping rope can burn up to 800 calories in an hour.

That’s some stats to get you going.

What else?

This is a fairly inexpensive way to include exercising in your routine. Just get a jump rope and start practicing in your patio or garden. This makes it one of the best At Home Belly Fat Burning Exercises.

No doubt it’ll be tough at first for someone who is overweight. So, it’s important to get advice on the correct way to do it to avoid injury.

Jumping rope is usually used as a HIIT exercise as well. Well, if you haven’t jumped rope since the second grade, this can be your time to start again and get to your weight loss goals.

Pro Tip: Wear well fitted athletic shoes to maintain the pace and prevent injury. Plus, do not jump on grass or carpet. Rather use a wooden floor or an impact mat made for exercise.


#3. Dancing

women dancing

This is the most fun activity you can do to reduce fat accumulation. Plus, dancers never get obese.

Dancing is extremely beneficial not only for burning fat but also for heart health. Furthermore, dancing is one of the Best Fat Burning Exercises without Equipment. It can literally be done anywhere and anytime unless you don’t do it just after eating.

Here, you use your own bodyweight to lose fat. What can be easier than that?

An hour or two of dancing can burn off hundreds of calories. And as the activity is so fun to do, you’ll not even notice the amount of time you’ve been doing it.

As a result, you may end up dancing for hours. Though, try to start slow as sudden strain can lead to injury and body pain.

One of the most trendy dance exercises to lose fat nowadays is Zumba. There are multiple sources to get inspiration as Zumba has picked up pace in the mainstream media. And people seem to enjoy the physical activity a lot.

You can join a Zumba class or practice Body Fat Burning Workout Zumba by watching videos.

Pro Tip: Drink plenty of water before, during, and after dancing sessions. Wear professionally fitted shoes to distribute load and absorb impact.


#4. Sprinting

Sprinting Fat Burning Exercises

Sprinting is a time efficient version of long-distance running. It involves running for a short distance under a specified time limit.

Sprinting is known as a great metabolism booster. Further, it will take less time out of your schedule. It can be the perfect fit for people who enjoy outdoor running but don’t have the time to go for long runs.

You can easily include 10-minute sprinting sessions in your routine on a per day basis.

Just imagine how many calories you can burn off during these sessions when just 1 minute of sprinting can help you burn 20 calories.

Other benefits of sprinting include:

  • Improved cardiovascular functions
  • Enhanced stamina

Sprinting can burn double the amount of calories than a jogging session.

What’s more is you can do sprinting anywhere, either on a sidewalk or your running machine, both will work.

One of the main factors for speed while doing sprints is maintaining the correct form.

So, take advice from experts if you’re not accustomed to the exercise.

Sprinting usually makes it to the top of our list when it comes to best Ab Fat Burning Exercises.

Pro Tip: Don’t sprint after heavy workouts or two days in a row. Your body needs time to recover.


#5. Burpees Fat Burning Exercises

Burpees Fat Burning Workout

Burpees are one of the best At Home Fat Burning Exercises and the perfect full-body exercise as well.

Why else do you think military forces include it in their routines?

This movement is not only beneficial to burn fat but it can also help condition your body. What this means is you’ll build strength and endurance.

And don’t be mistaken! Performing burpees is not easy. Especially doing them in a row needs sheer determination and will.

Burpees are actually the Best Fat Burning Exercises You Can Do at Home.

Watching TV? Get some burpees done in some extra space. Out on a walk? Do some on a flat ground.

Thus, you can literally fit them anywhere in your routine to burn fat while building intense strength and stamina.

A single burpees session can help you burn up to 15 calories per minute.

And fret not you’re not going to need any equipment to perform these exercises. Just a ground and your willingness to exercise.

Pro Tip: You may get out of breath as your rhythm picks up pace. While this may vary depending on your current fitness level and stamina, try to maintain steady breathing as much as possible.


#6. Push-Ups Fat Burning Exercises


This is the best form of exercise to burn calories while building muscles.

Push-ups are usually considered a strength-building exercise form. But there’s an exception here.

The amount of calories you burn with push-ups depends on the number of push-ups you do and how fast you do them.

Plus, there are many variations of the classic push-ups that can burn fat at a better rate.

As a matter of fact, many people don’t know how to perform a push-up properly. So, you can follow along a video to know how to perform push-ups in the correct way.

There are actually a whole range of videos demonstrating the correct way to work around different variation of push-ups.

Push-ups can easily make it to the list of Fat Burning Exercises without Weights. However, experts recommend adding weights to make each push-up harder.

Further, try to practice more intense variations to cut the maximum amount of calories.

Some thing you can try is putting your hands on a set of dumbbells. This enables a deeper range of motions making the move more challenging.

Pro Tip: If it’s tough for you to perform regular push-ups, start by doing the moves on your knees instead of toes. Gradually move towards the tougher variations as you build strength.


#7. Jump Squats Fat Burning Exercises


Jumps squats are the more intense version of classic squats. This is actually a multi-purpose move.

It can help you build strength and balance while shredding fat from the lower body.

If you’ve been looking for an exercise routine to tone up your body, Jump squats are the perfect pick.

You can also use jump squats to work not only your core but also your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. As a result, you’ll find many fitness enthusiasts include this exercise in their routine to tone up abs and legs.

And as the exercise form works on lower body, it can be extremely useful to burn belly fat.

Or search for a simple Belly Fat Burning Exercises at Home Video to get going on burning your abdominal fat build up.

Just like other exercises on our list, squat jumps are also easy to perform anywhere. That too without any special equipment.

Try to fit in a session of at least 30 squat jumps in your exercise routine. It can help you burn up to 100 calories. Not bad for an easy to perform activity!

Pro Tip: If you’ve never done a single squat before, try to do some sessions of regular squats before moving to jump squats. This will help reinforce correct form and technique of performing the exercise.


#8. Planks Fat Burning Exercises


Doing planks on a per day basis is a highly effective exercise form to tone up your body.

And the key to burn more fat with these exercises is practicing different variations of planks.

You’ll easily find a whole range of videos demonstrating more intense ways to do a plank.

The amount of calories you burn with planks also depend on body weight. So, the more your weight, the more calories you’ll burn.

In general, it can help you burn up to 5 calories per minute.

Other advantages of doing planks are better metabolism and muscle-to-fat-ratio. Planks are actually the Best Fat Burning Exercises for Abs.

This exercise form is known for giving tighter abs while engaging multiple muscles at once.

Looking to build a toner and more attractive looking abs?

Give a try to at least one minute of planking every day. Gradually build up time as you become stronger and can go for more minutes without collapsing on the floor.

Planks also helps improve posture and arm strength. Thus, getting rid of flabby arms is easier with planking.

Pro Tip: It’s imperative to maintain the correct posture while doing planks. So, get advice from a certified trainer to check your form if not familiar with the exercise. Though, avoid it altogether if you’ve an injury.

These were some of the exercises to burn fat fast and easy. Which ones are you going to include in your fitness routine?


What Else You Need to Know?

Losing weight should not be painful.

So, try including only those exercises in your routine that are easy to fit into your lifestyle. Otherwise, performing them will become a boring task.

And nobody wants to do a tedious job each day.

Furthermore, you’ll not be getting any results from these fat burning exercises without careful planning.

If you’ve not been exercising for a long time, take advice from others who do regular workouts.

This may help you avoid any unnecessary injury later on.

Remember the main aim of all these fat burning exercises is to help you achieve calorie deficit. You can also use a fitness tracker to keep a check on your eating habits.

So, are you ready to fire up your metabolism with the best fat burning exercises?

Tell us which ones are you going to include in your workout routine below.


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