Collagen Isn't Just For Your Face but For a Healthy Diet

8 Reasons Collagen Isn’t Just For Your Face but For a Healthy Life

Collagen Is Much More Than The Superficial Perks! Start Giving Little More Credit!

When we hear the word collagen, wrinkle fillers and anti-aging creams immediately come to our mind.

In fact, lots of women associate collagen just with fillers that reduce wrinkles, fine lines and gives younger look.

No doubt! Collagen is good for your face but it’s also good for other parts of your body as well such as hair, skin, nails, joints, tendons and lean muscle.

Woo! Collagen also acts as an anti-inflammatory for arthritis and osteoporosis. It not only slows down the signs of aging, but also plays a major role in your weight loss, endurance and even the way you sleep.

Who wouldn’t like it?

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Now, we will discuss 8 ways collagen can boost your health. First let me tell you why collagen is important for your health

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Why Collagen Should Be on Your Radar?

Here is something to know even if your skin has awesome texture.

Literally, collagen keeps your organs, tissues and muscles at the right place as it is abundantly found in our bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Collagen supports all of these moving parts inside our body so that things don’t fall apart.

natural collagen

According to Medical News Today, “Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and is the substance that holds the body together.”

When collagen is mixed with elastin, a protein is formed in connective tissue which acts as a strengthener to give tissue firmness.

Collagen has been a staple in beauty regimes for so long…but unfortunately, we don’t have an endless supply of this collagen in our support system.


Collagen level naturally declines as we grow older. Here are few reasons:

#1: We Stop Producing both Collagen and Elastin

This is fairly a natural step in the aging process of the life. Other factors like our lifestyle habits, unhealthy diet, and exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays can greatly affect your collagen level.

Moreover, refined carbs, highly processed foods and sugar all contribute to depleting collagen levels.

Summary: When you practice healthy eating, avoid too much sun exposure, get enough sleep and exercise. This will actually help your health and collagen level to boost.


#2: We damage collagen

We usually damage the amount of collagen between the pollution floating around in our environment. Logging too many hours of fun in the sun depletes collagen level you currently have.

Some unhealthy activities like smoking and exposure to toxic chemicals can destroy your collagen levels even further.

Summary: To prevent this, limit your exposure to these harmful actions and include more antioxidant rich foods in your diet.


#3: Autoimmune Disorders Can Also Wreak Havoc

Disease such as autoimmune disorders can also ruin collagen level in the body. Basically, these conditions actually trigger antibodies that go after collagen.

Summary: If you or someone you know is suffering from an autoimmune disease, start supplementing with collagen. This will make sense to the treatment plan and will take it a step further.


Start Adding Collagen To Your Healthy Diet! Here Are Top 8 Benefits!

To understand collagen’s importance, let’s learn about the seven health benefits you’re likely to notice when you start adding more of it to your healthy diet.

#1: Better Digestion and a Healthier Gut

Our modern diet is significantly lacking collagen, as a result we suffer from various digestive issues like IBS, ulcerative colitis or leaky gut.

You just need to add collagen to your diet, this will help heal your gut by:

  • Breaking down proteins & soothing the lines of your intestines
  • Healing damaged cell walls & infusing them with amino acids

Collagen also keep the things to a better move in the digestive tract with more absorption of water.

Better Digestion and a Healthier Gut- collagen benefits


#2: It’s good for Your Skin

When collagen level in your skin drops, the skin begin to look dull, wrinkled and saggy.

Collagen is an ultimate anti-aging product to get rid of drier skin and pronounced lines and wrinkles. For healthier and younger looking skin, collagen:

  • Restores skin cells
  • Improveselasticity
  • Regulatesskin moisture level
  • Make skin smoothand supple

Collagen also helps to keep your skin buoyant and reduces the intake of cellulite.

collagen is good for Your Skin- collagen benefits

#3: Stronger Bone/Joints

Your body require ten grams of glycine per day for the basic metabolic activities. Glycine plays a vital role in the formation of collagen which in turn promotes the growth and function of joints, tendons and ligaments.

Not only this, collagen is essential for forming connective tissue that keeps your joint strong and flexible. Supplementing yourself with collagen will also improve your body resilience.

 collagen for strong bones- collagen benefits

#4: Collagen Promotes Hair and Nail Growth

Hair and nails mostly contains keratin, a fibrous protein which requires amino acids to grow. This is the reason many people take collagen to achieve healthier, stronger hair and nails.

If your body doesn’t get the amino acids it requires, it can cause weak, brittle and slow-growing hair and nails.

 collagen promotes your nail growth - collagen benefits

#5: Weight Loss

Collagen is a great source of protein and consuming more protein will help you limit overall intake of food. Protein stimulates a feeling of satisfaction and fullness which ultimately boosts weight loss.

Studies have shown that collagen peptides consumed at breakfast are 40% more satiating than other proteins like whey or soy. This practice is also linked to a 20% reduction of food intake at lunch.

Collagen encourages weight loss in various other ways.

  • High levels of collagen can boost metabolism and burn more calories
  • Collagen helps in muscle development which in turn shed few pounds.

collagen encourages weight loss - collagen benefits

#6: Promotes Restful Sleep

Glycine is rich in collagen and is known to endorse a restful sleep which in turn reduces the feelings of stress. Studies have shown that taking glycine before bedtime improves the quality of sleep.

Take the recommended dosage of it an hour before you go to bed, this will reduce your daytime drowsiness too.

collagen promotes restful sleep - collagen benefits

#7: Boost Athletic Performance

The amino acid glycine and proline found in natural collagen help:

  • Repair tissue
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Shorten recovery time after an exercise
  • Boost healing power of sports-related injuries

Researchers have found that athletes can experience a reduction of risk for ligament, tendon and muscle injuries by supplementing with collagen peptides.

The contents of Collagen also helps to improve athletic performance and supports in restoring and upholding the muscle mass.

 collagen Boost Athletic Performance - collagen benefits

#8: Hormone Balance

Proteins can help you restore the hormonal balance of the body. Adding collagen to your diet can serve with the same results.

Collagen also helps to sharpen your memory during waking hours. Prefer to take a long walk and add collagen to your healthy diet.

restore the hormonal balance

So far the connection seems promising! Nevertheless you must know some of its side-effects

Here are some most common Side Effect of collagen:

  • Lingering taste in the mouth
  • Decreased appetite

Leaving Behind Other Health Issues, Dull & Saggy Skin Is All Your Concern?

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