Coffee Diet for Weight Loss

Coffee Diet Reviews: Can Coffee Consumption Help in Weight Loss?

Are You A Cup Of Joe?

Then, there’s good news for you. With the all-new Coffee Diet for Weight Loss, you can enjoy the flavor of your favorite caffeine while reducing the number on your scale.

Coffee cannot just knockdown your drowsy eyes  and sleepyhead but your weight too!

That’s why the New Coffee Diet is getting new height in popularity. The diet involves several coffee cups intake per day which attracts the coffee lover. Moreover, this restricts your calories intake and helps you reduce the extra fat you are irked of.

Well, we have reported several users to experience with the newly introduced diet plan. Some folk have claims astounding short-term weight loss success with the diet however; some has also confirmed a few signified downsides.

In this blog, we will be having an overlook on Coffee Diet for Weight Loss. This detailed blog includes its potential benefits, downsides, and whether it’s healthy.


What Is the Coffee Diet?

Well, the diet plan hit its popularity by the book “The Coffee Lover’s Diet” by Dr. Bob Arnot.

In this book, the author claimed drinking coffee at specific times can help you lose weight. Further, he explained it because of some awesome properties of the caffeine. This included improved metabolism, burning fat, blocking fat absorption and reducing appetites

Coffe Diet

The inspiration of the book came from a study of people living in Ikaria, a small Greek island. Here, a large elderly population was fit and healthy. And, that he considers the results of high intake of antioxidant-rich coffee.

Now, you know were the Coffee Diet for Weight Loss evolved. But, how the diet plan gonna make you lose the extra pounds?


How Coffee Diet Works?

Obviously, the diet excludes the sugary and milky coffee you are addicted too!

The author Dr. Arnot’s plan suggests a black coffee diet for weight loss, which excludes sugar, cream and milk products.

The first cup of coffee should be taken with the morn, according to him. After that, you can have as much as you want the entire day. However, he’s stated the ideal coffee consumption which is- three cups of a high-phenol coffee daily.

How Does Coffee Diet Work

In addition to cups of coffees, you surrogate a smoothie for one of your meals which are giving in recipes in his book. Moreover, the next two meals should be low fat and high-fibre. Also, he suggests that daily meals should contain about 1,500 calories per day.

This was a kind of statistics and working mechanism of Coffee diet for weight loo. You might be wondering what benefits this diet plan gets you?


Benefits of Coffee Diet for Weight Loss

Coffee is just not a normal beverage which is rich in caffeine and antioxidants called polyphenols. Interestingly, the compound has amazing health benefits, which includes reduced inflammation and free radical damage.

However, when it’s about weight loss, coffee seems to have two potential benefits which are:

#1: May Decrease Appetite

You have experienced that when you take a cup of coffee, your hunger is suppressed for a specific time. And this what the author has asserted too.

Moreover, some researches and studies also indicate this beneficial effect. Drinking coffee in a while before mean might led to a reduction in how you gonna eat.

Coffee Decrease Appetite

On the other hand, if you consume coffee 3–4.5 hours before having your meal appears to have no significant effects. Evidently, caffeinated coffee might help diminish calories intake in some people. However, this diet plan needs more research and studies to stand with the claims.

#2: May Increase Metabolism

Caffeinated coffee, particularly, ascends the number of calories and fat you burn. Obviously, this helps you to lose your weight at a faster rate.

In a study over 600 people, researchers concluded that bigger caffeine consumption was linked with reduced weight, BMI (body mass index), and fat mass. Moreover, it is going to boost the amount of fat your burn with workouts and training sessions.

Increase Metabolic Rate

Much research has been on past 1980s and ‘90s to see a correlation between coffee and metabolism. More recent studies would help strengthen the facts and figures. Furthermore, more research and evidence would support these claims.

Well, these benefits can be expected from Skinny Coffee Diet.  However, before sticking with a diet plan you need to check the possible side effects and downsides. Here, we have done Coffee Diet Reviews, to find some.


Drawbacks of Coffee Diet

Significantly coffee diet can boost your weight loss with several healthy antioxidants and with appetite suppressing and metabolism-boosting effects. However, the enticing and highly popular diet plan has its own downsides.

#1: Excessive Caffeine

Even after being the option of decaffeinated coffee, usually, people prefer caffeinated coffee. Plus, the metabolic benefits of coffee are associated with caffeine.

Excess Caffeine

However, excessive caffeine intake results in several health issues. This includes high blood pressure, hypokalemia, affects your muscle control and heart-health. Moreover, it leads to headaches, insomnia, heart attacks, osteoporosis, enlarged risks of bone fractures, and even depression.

Excessive caffeine intake is harmful, it shouldn’t be more than 400 mg per day i.e. 4 cups (960 ml) of coffee. So, if going for Coffee diet keeps these statistics in mind.

#2: Possibility of Weight Regain

The diet plan includes a drastic lessening in calorie intake which is 1,500 calories daily on the coffee diet. Often the weight loss associated with a drastic calorie reduction can result in quick weight gains.

Possibility of Weight Regain

Your body familiarizes to the number of calories you routinely eat. Thus, when you cause an excessive reduction in calories, your body adjusts with it by slowing metabolism and reduces the number of calories you burn.

Additionally, hormonal alternation which occurs sue to calorie constraint this might lead in an upsurge of your appetite.

#3: Not Safe for Long-Term

According to various testimonials, people normally go with the coffee diet for a time period of two to seven weeks. In fact, it might be very unsafe over the long-term diet plan due to several aspects.

Cofffee is not Safe for Long-Term

Taking larger amount of caffeinated coffee could result in extreme caffeine intake. Again, this results in serious health issues which also includes insomnia and depression


The Bottom Line

If you go for Coffee diet it would encourage you to drink 3 or more cups of coffee in a single day while reducing calorie intake. This is exactly why this diet plan can be beneficial for short-term but it’s not going to help in the long run.

This may also led to weight regain or some side-effects due to excessive caffeine. Still, you can enjoy the health benefits of coffee but stick to a safe limit or 4 or less cups.

Well, these were all the necessary details about the Coffee diet for weight loss. We hope that these entire details help you. Are you going for Coffee diet? Tell us in the comment box right below.


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