Buy PhenQ in Singapore

Where To Buy PhenQ Diet Supplement In Singapore? Quick Guide!

Where To Buy PhenQ Diet Supplement In Singapore?

Can You Buy PhenQ in Singapore Stores?

No! You cannot buy PhenQ in any Singapore Stores, including Guardian Chemist, Unity Pharmacy, Watsons’store, weight loss stores or any health food stores.

In short, PhenQ is not available at these local pharmacy chains. These products are phony solutions and are also not PhenQ.

Even Though there are several websites like AMAZON, WALGREENS, WALMART, GNC, eBay selling this product, but DO NOT TRY to order from these websites in the hope of saving on the purchase price.

The only place we can get the Genuine PhenQ product is from its official website

Buy PhenQ Online in Kampong Glam, Jurong East, Tampines, Bukit Batok & Woodlands Singapore.


PhenQ Price In Singapore

Well, PhenQ is available for purchase through several package options. Thus, making your buy easy and hassle-free.

You can pick any of the packages based on your requirements and budget.

Though, if you’re a regular user of the supplement, it’s always better to go for a larger pack.

It can offer several months of supply and can save you hundreds of dollars.

With that said, here is a table with all the details on PhenQ price and package options:


Free Trial




Your Text



Savings: $10.00

Retail: $79.95



60-Day Money Back Guarantee



Savings: $100.00

Retail: $239.85



60-Day Money Back Guarantee




Savings: $210.00

Retail: $399.75




60-Day Money Back Guarantee


So, it’s quite easy to get closer to your dream body. You just have to head on over to the official website to place your order.

The manufacturer also offers multiple payment options for people from different countries.

Furthermore, as soon as you buy any PhenQ package, you’ll receive ten bonus guides as free downloads.

NOTE: For those who have a lot of weight to lose, it would be better to buy the biggest package with 3 PhenQ bottles along with 2 free bottles. It will also avail you Advana Cleanse that aids fast weight loss.

Besides, you can also get refunds if you do want to return your package. Read on to know the details.


PhenQ Money-Back Guarantee 

The makers of PhenQ make your purchase more amazing by offering a risk-free money-back guarantee.

This offer avails you instant refunds in case you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Well, there are very few users who ever find problems with their purchase.

Though, some who do have issues can directly get in touch with the customer care and ask for a refund.

Guess what!! You have a 60 days window to return any unused supplement bottle in case you want refunds.

Remember not all sellers offer money-back guarantees.

A supplement manufacturer who doubts the efficacy of the product will never offer you such facilities.

Because they are just out to get your money.

On the other hand, legitimate sellers like PhenQ offer this facility without any fear as they have trust in the efficacy of their products.

Furthermore, the money-back guarantee offer is available for anyone who buys from the authorized PhenQ seller.

This is where people get confused as they usually don’t know who is the legal seller of PhenQ.

In the absence of the right information, many times they end up buying a fake supplement.

This carries an increased risk of you wasting your money and risking your health as well.

The popularity of the supplement has given rise to many illegitimate sellers in the market.

These frauds are just after earning extra money using the established name of PhenQ.

And, surprisingly, PhenQ is also available on many of the established retail stores.

PhenQ Fat Burner Official


The next section will tell you whether you can buy PhenQ from these stores or not.


Is It Possible to Buy PhenQ in Stores?


PhenQ is not available to buy from any of the third-party sites. And if you do happen to find it on other sites, then you’re really in for a scam.

Read on to know all the details.

As previously stated, PhenQ is only available on the official website –

Still, our readers were enquiring about other third-party stores saying they found PhenQ on these stores as well.

This was highly suspicious as we were not aware of any such sites selling PhenQ apart from the manufacturer.

So, we conducted our little research to find out whether PhenQ was available with other sellers or not.

What we found was mind-boggling.

Not only was PhenQ available on several unknown sites. But the weight loss supplement was also considered by many to be on the following popular portals:

  • Amazon
  • GNC
  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • eBay
  • CVS

Well, this does give you many options to make your purchase. But the thing is these stores don’t have the genuine supplement.

As shocking as it may be, you need to know that these sites don’t have the right to stock or sell PhenQ.

Still, if you insist on making your purchase from these sites, you may be risking your health. Not to mention, you may also lose your money.

Why do we say that?

Well, the next section will specify all the reasons why we never recommend our readers to buy PhenQ from the above-mentioned sites.

Based on our team’s research, here is a full list of reasons for why you shouldn’t buy from these third-party sites.

Let’s get straight into the discussion.



PhenQ Amazon

PhenQ Amazon

PhenQ Amazon has been one of the most asked about topics by our readers. And the reason is quite obvious.

With a large customer base, Amazon rules the majority of the FMCG market. This makes people think they can buy any supplements from the site.

This cannot be farther from the truth. You really can’t buy PhenQ Amazon as it’s simply not the real supplement.

Customers searching Amazon will also find many PhenQ Amazon Reviews are not real.

Besides, we conducted a thorough overview of PhenQ availability on Amazon. And below are our observations.

Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t be investing your money in PhenQ Amazon:

  • Fake sellers: There are tons of fake sellers registered on Amazon selling different products under their brand name. And PhenQ Amazon happens to be one of those sales.
  • Inconsistent customer support: People buying from Amazon often find they are not able to get personalized attention when they have a query. All of them get the same robotic response. That’s not enough to solve PhenQ related queries.

Well, not so long ago, we found many searches for “PhenQ Reviews Amazon”.

This is a cause for concern as people increasingly fall for such scams and lose their money.

Besides Amazon, there are other sites, from where you shouldn’t be buying PhenQ.




Are you also one of those people who feel assured that GNC will offer an original PhenQ supplement?

Hate to tell you, but that’s not the truth.

Well, GNC is one of the best sites to buy sports nutrition and health supplements.

And many of the top brands are available on the site.

So, we have searched the whole site to find real PhenQ composition. What we found was shocking!

There was not a single bottle of PhenQ available on the site that had the real composition.

Just have a look at the predominant reasons why we don’t suggest GNC PhenQ:

  • Heavy Shipping Charges: We know for a fact that PhenQ sells without charging any extra shipping. But GNC charges extra just to ship supplements to other countries.
  • Absence of Worldwide Shipping: PhenQ makers offer PhenQ weight loss supplement in any part of the world. The unavailability of this facility on buying PhenQ GNC is a huge loss.

Moreover, the site has a large range of supplements you can buy from. But if you do want to try PhenQ, GNC is a complete no-no.

The above reasons should satisfy those who were planning to buy PhenQ GNC.

Now, let’s move forward and see some other sites and why they are not the right buying place for you.



PhenQ Walmart

PhenQ Walmart

The big US giant, Walmart, does not need any introduction. It sells almost everything you can imagine to buy.

This is the reason why you shouldn’t be buying supplements from the store or its site.

You see, selling health supplements is not their specific forte. They sell anything and everything, not just medications.

Still, we searched the site for PhenQ Walmart on our reader’s request.

And what we found was pretty astonishing!

Walmart seems to carry similar Phen related products and that could be the reason why people think they can buy PhenQ at Walmart.

Here are the main reasons for not buying Walmart PhenQ:

  • Sold and Shipped by Third-Party Sellers: Supplements at Walmart is sold and shipped by sellers of different names. This makes the product doubtful as none of these sellers are allowed to sell PhenQ.
  • Higher Pricing: Walmart sells different supplements at a price that can be more than the real retail price. This is a clear sign that you shouldn’t buy PhenQ at Walmart. And you should rather stay away from it to save your money.

Moreover, we observed that the site also offers free and fast delivery options.

But that shouldn’t seduce you into buying PhenQ from them even if you find it at discounts.

As you’ll most certainly be getting a counterfeit copy of the real thing.


PhenQ Walgreens

PhenQ Walgreens

Now, this is one site that’s the place to get medications for many people.

And the people’s trust in it is quite justifiable as this is the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the US.

Well, you can find a whole range of supplements on the site and at good prices.

But our research tells us Walgreens is not eligible to sell PhenQ.

Even if you find PhenQ at Walgreens, it cannot be a genuine supplement.

Further, many such supplements are starting with the word “Phen”.

This can get confusing and you may end up buying something completely different from PhenQ.

So, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t be investing your money in PhenQ Walgreens:

  • Limited Deals: Walgreens doesn’t offer the same deals you would have if you buy PhenQ directly from the official site. So, buying from Walmart will be a total loss even if you find the supplement on the site.
  • Unavailability of Online Selling: Many times the supplements at Walgreens are only available in its stores. This makes it hard for international customers to access the supplement.

Well, compared to that, the official site offers free shipping in any part of the world.

This will make it easier for you to buy PhenQ from anywhere, even Singapore.

So, we highly recommend you to not go for PhenQ Walgreens and instead make your purchase directly from the official portal.


Kickstart Your Journey To a Healthier You With PhenQ


PhenQ eBay

PhenQ eBay

So, you’re wanting to buy PhenQ eBay in the hopes of getting discounts. Our team strongly disapproves of that.

We searched the site for the supplement but were unable to find any product with the real formulation.

And listen up! What’s concerning is people search the online site to find all kinds of supplements.

This tells us that people are unaware that some supplements are not allowed to be bought from third-party retailers.

As we already know, these sites don’t have the permission to carry or sell PhenQ legally.

If you do find the supplement on the site and decide to buy it, you’re risking your health.

Check out other reasons for why you shouldn’t buy PhenQ eBay:

  • Unreliable delivery time: If you do buy Phenq from eBay, know that the delivery of the product may not be guaranteed. You may end up losing your money.
  • Fake copies with unknown ingredients: There are many similar weight loss supplements on eBay with different ingredients. But they are not the real PhenQ.

Thus, buying PhenQ from eBay will be a total loss for you.

As the supplement is not available here legally, we strongly suggest to not buy it.

And don’t fall for the huge discounts and offers on the eBay site.

That may cost you more in terms of your health and well-being.

Many users who buy fake supplements often complain about side effects.




Well, this popular online pharmacy store also doesn’t carry any original PhenQ package.

Buying PhenQ here is not possible because the manufacturer doesn’t allow the site to stock the supplement.

Moreover, it’s impossible to find a pharmaceutically tested PhenQ even at CVS.

That’s because only the real manufacturer holds the right to conduct research and testing on the weight loss pill.

Well, buying a supplement that is not tested for safety can be a big risk for your health.

Here are other reasons you cannot buy PhenQ CVS:

  • Non-availability outside of the US territories – Yes, even if you find PhenQ in CVS stores, you won’t be able to buy it. Because CVS online store doesn’t seem to be available for customers outside of the US.
  • Unreliable product support – CVS store doesn’t have a dedicated team to support you in case you encounter any PhenQ related problems. So, if you do buy PhenQ lookalikes from the site, there is no guarantee you’ll get refunds.

So, thinking to buy PhenQ from the CVS store is a complete waste as the real thing was never available on the site.

Instead, you can make your purchase directly from the official site.

It has many benefits to it. Read on to find out all the details for a hassle-free purchase right from the official portal.


Benefits of Buying PhenQ from the Official Website

Well, you don’t have to buy the weight loss supplement from any other third-party site.

Especially because the supplement is available from the official portal with huge offers.

You just need to go to the PhenQ website and place your order.

Here are some of the advantages of buying PhenQ from the official website:

#1. Money-Back Guarantee – As mentioned earlier, you’ll be getting 60 days no questions asked money-back guarantee on buying PhenQ directly from the official site.

#2. Multi-Buy Savings – The official site offers its customers multiple packs. As evident from the above price table, you get to save on the bigger packages. No other third-party site will offer you savings on buying multiple packages of PhenQ.

#3. Numerous Payment Options – The official site of PhenQ offers its customers multiple gateways to make payment for their PhenQ package. So, even if you live in Singapore, you’ll be able to buy the supplement with available payment methods.

#4. 100% Original Weight Loss Supplement – Yes, that’s true. Contrary to the fake copies of the supplement being sold at third-party sites, you’ll get only the real deal on the official site.

#5. Free Worldwide Shipping – PhenQ offers its customers free shipping in any part of the world. Thus, you’ll be getting the weight loss supplement without any extra shipping or handling charges.

These were just some of the benefits of buying PhenQ from the official source. People still have queries before making their purchase.

Let’s have a look at some of the most commonly asked questions by those who want to buy PhenQ.

Buy PhenQ


#1. Where Do You Ship to and What is the Delivery Time?

Shipping is available in any part of the world from our warehouses based in the UK, US, and Germany. Your order will be shipped from the warehouse that’s closest to you. All orders are dispatched within 24-48 hours of your order placement.

#2. What Are the Available Payment Methods?

You can place your order by paying through Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit card. Plus, you can also use Skrill to make payments.

#3. Is Placing Order and Making Payments Secure on the Site?

Yes, absolutely. All orders are processed using a 256-bit encrypted checkout process. So, every order placed on the official site is fully secure and safe.

#4. What Kind of Discounts and Offers I Can Expect?

Apart from the multi-buy savings, you’ll also be getting free bonus guides. These ten free bonus guides will include nutrition and workout guides, diet and detox programs, and meal plans.

#5. Where Do I Contact If I Face Any Order Issues?

You can call the support team directly at +1 (646) 513 2632. Or you can leave an email at Or message them directly using the contact form available on the official site.


PhenQ – Powerful New Dieting Formula


PhenQ weight loss pill has been known among men and women for quite some time now. Its users are present in every part of the world.

The official site mentions the user base to be more than 190,000 satisfied customers. This must speak volumes about its popularity.

So, what makes PhenQ stand apart from the crowd of weight loss supplements currently available in the market?

The answer lies in its composition and safety. The supplement doesn’t contain Phentermine, which is a popular drug for weight loss but not without side effects.

With PhenQ, you don’t have to risk your health for getting weight loss benefits. All the results are safe and assured of its use of natural ingredients.

Further, one of the main reasons behind weight gain is overeating or eating junk. This accelerates calorie intake making it hard for your body to use up all the extra calories for energy.

PhenQ tackles the issue by helping you to manage your diet plan. So, you’ll eat less and lose more fat.

Well, to know the real potential of PhenQ effects, you’ll have to take a deeper look into its composition.

Check out all the details of PhenQ’s unique combination of ingredients in the next section.

Buy PhenQ

What Makes PhenQ So Effective?

All the ingredients used in PhenQ are 100% safe and natural.

The ingredients of this diet supplement work effectively on the weight loss process. All the ingredients of PhenQ work differently in the weight loss process.

PhenQ is primarily produced in the UK and US in FDA approved labs.

This is the reason all the ingredients are backed by scientific studies.

Whereas several other studies have proven the effectiveness of its natural and powerful ingredients.

Let’s look at PhenQ Ingredients in more detail.

  • α-Lacys Reset

This are the major ingredients of PhenQ that are formulated and developed by modern science.

α-Lacys Reset has scientifically proven to boosts thermogenesis and to speed up the metabolism in your body.

Further, it breaks down the fat for the production of energy and heat.


  • Caffeine


This is a legal and psychoactive substance that can be extracted from 60 different types of plants.

In the context of weight loss, it enhances the breakdown of lipids.

That involves the breakdown of fat to use as energy in the body.


  • Capsimax Powder


This substance is the formulation of capsicum, caffeine, piperine, and niacin.

Capsimax powder has a strong burning capacity.

It enhances metabolism and body heat to produce energy.

The overall process causes the breakdown of stored fat that results in fat loss.


  • Nopal


This substance is a species of cactus that is hard to digest.

It stays in your stomach for a longer period than any other food item.

That means it helps you make you feel fuller the entire day as well as curb your food cravings.


  • Chromium Picolinate


This ingredient work with insulin to metabolize carbohydrates in the body.

Chromium Picolinate trigger metabolism and more calories get burnt while only fewer are stored in the body.

Moreover, it increases the weight loss process as well as improve weight maintenance & control.


  • L-Carnitine Fumarate


It’s a naturally occurring amino acid originally found in foods such as green vegetables, nuts, and red meat.

This component helps your body turns its stored fat into energy.

This means you’ll not only burn fat but also fight tiredness caused by dieting.


Getting the Slim And Sexy Body You Want Is Just A Click Away!


How Does PhenQ Work?


Any weight loss pill works by triggering certain psychological and physiological responses.

This results in the body getting the signal to burn accumulated fat stores for energy.

Likewise, PhenQ also stimulates these effects.

Let’s have a look at how PhenQ helps in weight loss through these pointers:

  • Increases the Metabolic Rate – PhenQ has specific fat burners in its composition like capsicum and L-Carnitine Fumarate. These work to increase the rate of fat conversion into energy.
  • Keeps you, Fuller, for Longer – This weight loss supplement has notable compounds that are high in fiber. One example is Nopal. As fiber keeps you full, you won’t feel the need to binge eat often.
  • Cures Your Sugar Addiction – One of its ingredients, Chromium Picolinate, helps to control blood sugar levels. This means your cells would be able to take in as much sugar as required. And you’ll stop craving more making it easy to lose weight.
  • Keeps You More Active – As you curb the habit of overeating, you’ll automatically feel more alert. And with reduced fatigue, you have more energy to perform daily chores and weight loss exercises.

Through these effects, PhenQ not only helps you get to your desired shape but also maintain it.

And you’ll eventually begin to feel the difference mentally and physically as well.

Moreover, here are the main benefits of PhenQ you’ll likely experience with regular use.


PhenQ Benefits

Weight Loss Image

As a matter of fact, the main hindrance to weight loss is often the absence of a proper diet and an unhealthy lifestyle.

PhenQ helps improve your entire lifestyle by keeping you more perceptive of your eating habits throughout the day.

Check out the main benefits of the PhenQ weight loss pill below:

#1. Stops the Production of New Fat Cells

The main reason for weight gain is fat cells.

PhenQ has powerful ingredients to tackle this issue by helping put a stop at the production of these cells.

So, while you’re losing the existing weight, you don’t have to worry about gaining any more.

#2. Suppress Appetite

Do you often feel the need to reach for that cookie jar?

Well, most of us have little to no control over our eating habits.

And today’s market laden with pre-packaged snacks makes it even more difficult.

PhenQ will help you control these hunger strikes that are the primary reason why you gained weight in the first place.

#3. Burns Stubborn Fat Deposits

It’s hard to lose fat on your belly and thighs. As the fat tends to accumulate in these areas.

But PhenQ makes it easy to melt away fat stores on these body parts.

This is possible because your body is not storing fat anymore.

#4. Enhances Energy Level

PhenQ has specific compounds to help feel an energy surge at all times.

Thus, you feel more fresh and energetic to pursue more physical pursuits.

This helps you keep up with weight loss goals.

Not to mention, you’ll also make better decisions for your health when you’re more alert.

#5. Keeps Mood Swings Under Control

As is common with dieting, you feel cranky and irritated most of the time.

But because PhenQ has mood-enhancing properties, you can expect to feel much better in mind and body.

Even when you eat less, you won’t feel like you want to murder someone (pun intended).

It’s now clear, PhenQ has many things to facilitate your weight loss journey and make things easier for you.

So, are you going to get PhenQ to make your weight loss journey a success story?


Get The Power of Multiple Weight Loss Supplement In PhenQ


The Feasible Side-Effects of PhenQ

Side Effects

If we talk about the PhenQ Side Effects, there aren’t any harmful and dangerous effects.

However, some mild negative effects might occur during your starting phase.

However, saying that there are no side effects of using PhenQ is not right.

There are some feasible side effects of PhenQ that might cause due to its improper consumption.

Besides this, PhenQ contains caffeine, the substance found in carbonated drinks and coffee.

Thus, caffeine allergic people can experience some of the minor side effects.

According to users, they have noticed (it may vary from person to person):

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Feelings of unease and nervousness
  • Digestive problems (stomach pain, bloating, gas, diarrhea and stomach cramps)

Keep in mind all the aforementioned side effects are minor.

Thus, it can get resolved either on my own or after a few days of proper and use.

However, those side effects can be reduced to minimal, once you start following these few steps.

You may avoid experiencing all the above-mentioned side effects completely.

All you need is to follow these few steps while using the PhenQ weight loss pill.

  • Reduce your caffeine intake.
  • Take as recommended on the bottle.
  • Those who’re allergic avoid PhenQ.
  • Take the suggested dosage only.
  • Take it before 3 P.M.
  • Under 18 don’t use PhenQ.
  • Its use is strictly restricted for breastfeeding and pregnant women.

PhenQ will now pose any minor effects also if you will use PhenQ with healthy diet, sensible lifestyle habits and moderate exercise.

And you may count in a majority of customers who haven’t experienced any of these mild side effects.


Is PhenQ LEGAL in Singapore?


YES! Of course, unlike other weight loss supplements, PhenQ does not has any adverse side effects and it is completely safe and legal to purchase in Singapore.

PhenQ has helped a lot of obese people to lose weight when obesity has reached epidemic proportions in past few years. For them, it has been a powerful way to change their lifestyles by changing their weight.

If you are looking for a safe, legal and effective diet supplement in Singapore, then PhenQ is the best dietary supplement that can help you lose weight in a very short time.

Now! It’s your turn to take-off excess fat and gets healthy, slim and fit.


If you are still confused, you can read the PhenQ Singapore positive testimonials below.


Get A Lean And Toned Body Naturally With PhenQ Weight Loss Pill


PhenQ Singapore Reviews

You might be thinking: Does anyone have experience with these pills?

Here you can view some of the Positive PhenQ before and after results from real customers of PhenQ.

There are some of the impressive PhenQ customer reviews and testimonials who got the results in a few months after using the PhenQ Diet Pills.


Amanda Testimonial

Amanda [Age- 31 years]

Saved my Life!

I was full of grief and found no way to treat this obesity. My social life was getting ruined and I was afraid of approaching people.

In such a desperate situation, PhenQ came into my life as a gift of nature.

With a single month of use my family and I started to notice some remarkable changes in my physique, it gave me a whole new energy burst and its effect of elevating mood is just fantastic!


Axelle Before and After

Axelle [Age- 39 years]

Worked like no other!

There are no diet pills online that do the job as PhenQ did. Speaking of the diet pills, I tried around 10-12 different brands, but none of them impressed me as this diet pills.

Apart from an effective weight loss, it gave me a chance to finally mingle with people, which I used to dread because of my overweight body.

The confidence level has immensely enhanced and I will continue it for more than 3 months to transform my body completely.


Valeria Results

Valeria [Age- 41 Years]

Really impressive results!

Being a mom, it’s really difficult to maintain and manage a fitness lifestyle for belly fat.

Like other moms, I also used to run in the parks with my kids. But, that wasn’t enough to lose weight fat.

This dream comes true with the help of the PhenQ weight loss pill. As a result of this diet pill, I lost 20lbs of my weight in just 5 months.

And now, it would be glad to recommend PhenQ to all who want to lose weight.

That’s it! If you are also struggling with your weight, then start your weight loss journey with this amazing weight loss pill.

Buying the PhenQ diet pill is risk-free.

More than thousands of users used it, while a majority of them are satisfied with the results they got.

It can help you start your journey combined with diet and exercise that provides great results to a healthier lifestyle with absolute confidence.


Buy PhenQ


We really hope you got something out of this blog and now know where you can get your PhenQ bottle.

As previously mentioned, PhenQ is only available through its Official Website with huge deals and offers.

Just head on over there to place your order and see it get delivered at your doorstep.

Furthermore, while you wait for your PhenQ package, you can check out some exercise videos.

Because as soon as you start using PhenQ, you are bound to feel more encouraged to be active and fit.

Though, don’t expect the results to come overnight. But do wait out a few months to see results.

There are real users who achieved their weight loss goals with consistent use.

You can even check out some of the PhenQ Before and After Pictures (above) to feel more motivated.

With that, we leave you with the hope that you’ll soon hit your weight-loss mark and achieve the body you always dreamed of.

Do share your thoughts in the comments section below if this article helped you in any way.


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