How Can You Lose Weight With Apple Cider Vinegar?

How Can You Lose Weight With Apple Cider Vinegar?

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Wonder to lose weight? It can be done with the Apple Cider Vinegar bottle in your kitchen.

The use of the vinegar for slimming down hasn’t been started today. The use of apple cider vinegar has long been done for several health purposes including weight loss.

Numerous researches have been conducted to identify diverse medical benefits of the tonic. In those countless advantages of the vinegar; it can help you cut down some fat.

Weight loss can be easy with the certain change of diet and including ACV can be one.

Here we are sharing the article about apple cider vinegar benefits that will help you to lose weight loss.

What’s Apple Cider Vinegar?

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is made up of apples which are crushed, distilled and then it is fermented. The fermentation process takes place in two steps.

In the first step, apples are crushed and mixed with yeast. The yeast in the mixture converts their sugar into alcohol.

In the second step of fermentation, bacteria are added. This addition in the alcohol ferments it into acetic acid which is known as ACV.

The traditional production of apple cider vinegar takes about a month time. However, the manufacturer has significantly hastened the whole procedure and making the 1 day sufficient for production.

The major component of ACV is acetic acid. The organic compound is also known as Ethanoic acid which has a sour taste and a strong odor.

The tonic contains acetic acid about 5-6%, water, malic acid and some acids. The presence of acetic acid in higher proportion is the reason behind the amazing health benefits of ACV.

Diverse Fat Loss Benefits of Acetic Acid

The main responsible factor behind the numerous benefits of apple cider vinegar is acetic acid. Let us have a look over the various advantageous factors about acetic acid.

Fundamentally, acetic acid is a short chain of fatty acid. It completely dissolves into acetate and hydrogen in the body.

Several studies on animals reveal that acetic acid which is present in ACV can boost weight loss in several ways.

  • Drops blood sugar levels: In a study on rat, the acid improved the ability of sugar absorption from the liver and muscles.
  • Decreases insulin levels: In the same study, it also descended insulin level of the body. Again a positive factor in favor of weight loss.
  • Improves metabolism: Another research revealed that acetic acid boosts metabolism. It increases the AMPK enzyme which elevates fat burning and descends production of fat and sugar in the liver.
  • Reduces fat storage: Regular intake of acetic acid protected obese and diabetic rats from further weight gain.
  • Burns fat: the study also concluded that acid helps in fat burning. It was found that it boosted genes responsible for fat burning which reduced the natural fat building.
  • Suppresses appetite:

Another analysis suggested that it is effective in suppressing appetite. The acid sends signal to the part of the brain which controls hunger and descends the food intake.

Meanwhile, the research done on animals seems promising, but the examination needs to be done on human.

ACV Upsurges Fullness and Lessens Calorie Intake

Small researcher was made on a group of 11 people which yield wonderful effects of apple cider vinegar. The conclusion was outstanding, it was found that ACV may promote fullness and decrease the regular calorie intake.

People who had taken it during their meal had 55% lower blood sugar level than who had taken it an hour later.

Further, there was a reduction in their regular calories intake. The report stated the consumption was reduced by 200–275 calories.

Having ACV with a starchy meal had an unexpected effect. It elevated the feeling of fullness, reduced blood sugar and insulin level.

The prescribed recommendation of dose varies upon the individual. Mostly it t of 1 to 2 teaspoons is advised before or with meals.

However, people with certain medical conditions can have a worse effect on their health by consuming ACV. So, you need to discuss with your health concern with a doctor before adding this is your regular eating habit.

Weight Loss Study on ACV

Some analyses were made on humans to research the weight loss effect of Apple Cider Vinegar. The outcomes were astonishing and impressive.

The 12-week study was made on 144 obese Japanese adults who consumed vinegar on a regular basis.  They took either a tablespoon (15 ml) or two (30 ml) of ACV or a placebo drink every day.

During the analysis, their alcohol intake was restricted while they continued their regular diet and activity.


Factor To Analysis1 Tablespoon (15 Ml) Daily2 Tablespoons (30 Ml) Daily
Weight loss2.6 pounds (1.2 kg)3.7 pounds (1.7 kg)
Decrease in body fat percentage0.7%0.9%
Decrease in waist circumference0.5 in (1.4 cm)0.75 in (1.9 cm)
Decrease in triglycerides26%26%


However, the placebo group results were drastically different. They were found to be gaining about 0.9 lbs (0.4 kgs), eventually, their waist circumference marginally increased.

From the study, we can conclude that by adding 1-2 tablespoons of ACV in diet can lend us with weight loss results. Not only that, but it can also lessen the body fat percentages. Besides that, you would find reduced belly fat and descended blood sugar levels.

The results were based on one of the human studies that analyzed the effects of ACV for weight loss. However, more researches needs to be made on an extensive level to get detailed information.

Some Additional & Incredible Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

You may want to add ACV in your meals due to its weight loss properties. However, it has several other health benefits that can turn out to be good for your body.

Here, are the advantages which you can get with every sip of apple cider vinegar.

#1: Regular intake of ACV maintains a healthy PH balance of body helping proper digestion and functions. This helps in improving digestion and proper functionality of the body.

#2: Unfiltered ACV can lower blood sugar level. It maintains a healthy blood sugar level, which can turn out to be beneficial for two type diabetes patients.

#3: The vinegar can boost the good cholesterol level. This can help your body manage a healthy heart and cardiac system.

#4: It also detoxifies the liver to improve overall health and body functions. ACV also enhances the lymphatic system encouraging proper circulation of lymph.

#5: Consistent consumption of unfiltered apple cider vinegar can reduce belly fat drastically. If you have extra bulked up body fat in your mid-section, then this vinegar type is your solution. Scientific research has shown clearly that it suppresses appetite and makes you feel full. This keeps a check on your eating, again boosting your weight loss results.

#6: Apple cider vinegar protects you from various harmful bacteria. It reduces the number of pathogens as E-coli and other precarious foreign entities. ACV contains acetic acid which prevents and blocks bad bacteria from dispersing in your body.

#7: ACV inhibits the growth of cancer cells and owns anti-cancer properties. It not only protects one from cancer but this is effective in shrinking tumors.

#8: It also encourages bone density. ACV prevents the bone from becoming brittle. Apple cider vinegar strengthens your skeletal system and helps bone to absorb more calcium.

#9: ACV also avert premature aging as it has possesses potent antioxidant abilities. It can actually slow down the aging process and make you feel more youthful. This phenomenon is only possible because of its exceptional PH balancing effect.

#10: Apple cider vinegar is effective in managing the free radical in your body. This helps you fight numerous health issues like immune diseases, arthritis, and even emphysema.

These are some of the numerous advantages of ACV. If you want to lose weight, you can sip some tablespoon of apple cider vinegar on a regular basis. This won’t only help you slim down, but improve your overall health.

Whether it is digestion issues or some cardiac problem, with ACV in your diet it will be soon resolved. So, if you want a fit, active and healthy life, start assimilating ACV in your meal from today.

The Bottom Line

From the above discussion, you have known everything about ACV. You know the process of formation & its benefiting factors. The tonic has been used for thousands of years for its several advantageous aspects.

Apple cider vinegar benefits are countless. If you have a different health concern, you can use it as a tonic. You will soon feel the aids you would be getting with few sips of ACV on a regular basis.

If obesity is your problem, apple cider vinegar can help you fight it too. Several types of research and studies have shown the weight loss properties of ACV. If you want to lose weight proficiently, apple cider vinegar can turn out to be too favorable.

If you have any insights, questions or comments regarding apple cider vinegar benefits and weight loss effects, please share them in our Comment box below mentioned.

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