Amy Childs Weight Loss

Amy Childs Reveals the Secret Behind Her Impressive Weight Loss

Amy Childs Shows Off Impressive Two Stone Weight Loss!

The Reality TV star took to Instagram to show off her slimmed down frame and revealed how she managed to shed her baby weight with her new diet plan.

The Only Way Is Essex famed reality TV star, Amy Childs, shared her before-and-after photo on Instagram to show off her shocking weight loss results.

On her Instagram, she explains how she has been following a healthier lifestyle for past six months to achieve this transformation.

The star has reportedly managed to drop from a size 14 to a size 10 with her new diet plan. Amy’s before-and-after click clearly shows her amazing transformation.

Her first photo shows her wearing a black top while she looks away from the camera. Her second click shows a clear difference in her body and confidence while she is looking at camera and smiling.

She wrote: “I’ve been quiet over the last few months as I’ve been working hard on myself. I was trying to get myself fit and healthy again.

My body had been through a lot having two babies in 2 years and I didn’t want to give into the pressure to bounce back into my skinny jeans straight away.

She then said: “My youngest is now 1, I’ve still enjoyed the odd Prosecco here and there (you know I love it!). But, I’ve been working out at home for 30 minutes most days over the last 6 months. I was eating healthy and I’m so proud of myself for what I’ve achieved.”

Amy Childs Weight Loss post on Instagram garnered a lot of compliments from her fans. It received thousands of likes from people complimenting her transformation.

One fan said: “You look amazing Amy. Congratulations on your achievement.”

Many people were also encouraged after seeing Amy’s results. One person said: “I’ve three boys and now I want my body and shape back.”


Amy and Her Personal Trainer Launches a New Post-Natal Fitness Plan

Amy also reveals her new weight loss venture,, which she and her trainer Katie Bulmer Cooke created to help all mums feel amazing, whether their child is 3 months or 3 years old.

The website promotes a post-natal fitness plan that includes workouts and lifestyle hacks for busy moms. It delivers down-to-earth and sustainable results with helpful health advice that can be easily implemented in everyday lifestyle.

Amy Childs

Amy has been quite busy in promoting this fitness venture. She openly reveals how she has tried different things over the years. But, training with Katie was the only thing that seems to be working for her.

She says: “I’ve learned that post-natal specific exercise is so important and diving straight back into your old exercise routine after you’ve had a baby is definitely not the right thing to do.”

Complimenting her personal trainer, Katie Bulmer Cooke, she further wrote: “Katie is a post-natal exercise specialist and has literally trained hundreds of women through their pregnancies and after giving birth. She’s helped me and taught me so much, and I know you’ll feel the same when you follow the plan.”

Both Amy and her trainer are mums to two children. They share their mind-blowing results from following the fitness plan on the website.


Amy Childs Diet Plan

Amy Child divulges that she used Academy plan to lose a stone in five weeks. The Academy plan seems to consist a low-calorie diet that offers weight loss benefits.

Amy says she also indulges in treats twice a week and is still able to maintain her weight. She stresses that she makes sure that she has her breakfast each day and never skips it.

Amy further adds: “I used to skip, but now I eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day”. She reveals that she also takes pancakes in her breakfast.

Chicken Fajita Nachos

Explaining her meal routine, she says: “ It’s banana pancakes for breakfast. I had 2 bananas crushed two eggs .

“They have chicken fajitas, a nacho dinner. It’s literally less than 200 calories and twice a week chicken pie, lots of vegetables in it. I have never eaten so much in my life. ”

Her diet plan is pretty healthy that helps her in keeping her shape. After starting her day with a simple breakfast, Amy likes to have a chicken salad or chicken sandwich with orange juice or some tea. She eats salads that usually includes tomatoes, lettuce, goat’s cheese, cucumber, and a little bit of balsamic.

Amy Childs Workout Routine

Amy is pretty vocal about her healthy lifestyle and explains that she trains for about four times a week along with a healthy diet.

Amy Childs Workout Routine

She has released a fitness DVD too to help people in making exercise a fun activity.

Amy admits that she commits to spinning classes three times a week. She didn’t prefer running earlier but now she admits to have developed likeness for it. Running helps her specifically in building a lot of muscle mass.

She further advices young girls to start training while they are young. She emphasizes on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle from a young age to look and feel good.

Amy believes that if gymming isn’t possible for someone, they should at least start eating healthy and take daily walks. Moving around can be a natural workout.

Conclusion: Amy Childs Weight Loss

After her transformation, Amy Childs says: “I feel the best I’ve felt literally in years and I know that if I can do it anyone can.”

Ever since her massive transformation, Amy does not shy away from flaunting her new slimmed down body.

The television personality also shares how she is glad she didn’t rush to lose her weight after having two children. Instead she preferred to enjoy her time with her kids.

Amy is mum to a one-year-old boy and a baby girl named Polly. She also happens to have a booming nursery collection with the famous nursery furniture brand, Obaby.

Amy Child’s fitness routine is clearly centered on long-term weight loss with healthy eating and regular exercise. And she promotes the same with her fitness venture.

Well, Amy Child’s diet plans and workouts surely seem to be working for her fitness goals.


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